New products will be launched every few months, but what is unchanged for thousands of years is that each brand will always launch several classic black banking every season. What is the charm of black banking?

To choose a durable, visible, versatile and fashionable banking bag, then black train bags will not make mistakes. The classic low -key design makes the black banking bag popular. Of course, the most important thing is that its style is full of storage functions. This editor selected 15 stylish brand black cockpieks. If you just want to change a coin bag, don’t miss this promotion!


Select black long coach


The long -designed banking money can be put in multiple banknotes at a time, and it is clear at a glance. It is easy to put it in multiple card positions. You are often “explosive” for the cockpit.

The appearance of all black silver bags is opened but the pink 3 % off card position and scattered silver position. The design comparison has a surprise. The playful pink is collected. The white lines and metal buckles outside are also fashionable and neat!

The granular calf leather diamond grid and double C twist metal buckle form a sense of luxury. There are multiple card sleeves in the inside. The zipper scatter silver bag is added in the middle. The more independent banknotes on both sides have a large capacity.


CHANEL zipper train bag


BV’s classic weaving leather model is calm and restrained. If you like simple long silver bags and neutral styles, you can choose it.

Selected black zipper silver bag


Triomphe dark flowers are printed on the black banking, adding a sense of fashion to the banking bag, and there are zipper and cockpacks that can ensure that the inner silver and receipts are not easy to lose.


Celine TriomPhe canvas small coin -$ 3,550

If you like the simplest style, you can choose a large metal LOGO with black -colored sewing train bags. The configuration of the card position and zipper pocket is more clear and clear.


Select the black flip short coin

Black -faced goatskin and red inner color matching, the reversal style color brings a different style to the whole black, which is small and exquisite.

CHANEL 19 trumpet stamped wallet $ 7,400

The intellectual atmospheric girl must not be missed. The all -black skids with metal stripes and zippers are full of personality.


Bottega Veneta metal decorative leather silver bag $ 5,450

If you feel that the long co -bag is too large, and the short banking is not enough, then this Burberry turns into a long medium -sized style after opening it horizontally.

Burberry Horseferry printed leather folding silver bag $ 4,100. After $ 2,460

Black banking with noble decorative decoration, some girls’ favorite Chloé lock -style bank bags are younger and more durable than ordinary black banking.

Chloé Logo Padlock Sinkin $ 3,166


Pressing the leather leather with double F large metal buckle, high -quality design, simple inside, with small handbags, it is best to go out.


Fendi crushing flower leather coin $ 4,430

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