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Some time ago, the weather was so hot. I bought a Zhimi fan 2S on Xiaomi Youpin. The original fan was mainly because the appearance was relatively simple and fashionable, suitable for young people’s eyes. In addition, it comes with a battery. It can be used for a whole day even if it does not plug in. It is very convenient.


However, the Zhimi Fan 2S also has a place that makes me unhappy, that is, the original machine does not have a remote control. If it controls it, you can only use the mobile phone app or control it on the fan. Although this does not affect the use for me, for the elderly, I used to get used to the remote control, and suddenly I was unaccustomed.

This small thing to talk about today is the Zhimi fan remote control. This is a small accessory that Zhimi has just released recently. It is matched with the Zhimi Fan 2 and 2s, which are sold separately.

It is very small, and it is more mini than most of the remote controls at home, similar to the recording pen. Although “small” is an advantage, in my opinion, it is actually a slot. Too small things are really not easy to find.


There are only two buttons on the remote control, which controls the gear and turn of the fan. The button below can switch the natural wind and normal wind. The main functions of the fan cover.

There are also 4 green LED indicators on the remote control to display the fan gear.


Zhimi Fan remote control also sent a dry battery. You don’t need to buy it by yourself. You can use it directly with the fan.

The two buttons are very large, and the elderly and children use it more smoothly. In addition, the Zhimi fan remote control is connected to Bluetooth, which is more convenient to use than the infrared remote control. You don’t need to point the fan and press the wall.


From the actual perspective, the pairing of the Zhimi fan remote control and the fan is very simple. At the same time, press and press the two keys on the remote control. After the indicator lights flickered, press the fan button to pair it, and it can be solved in 3 seconds.


From the usual control of the reaction of the fan, the matching of the remote control and the fan is perfect, the response is rapid, and the use is stable. The fan at home is Zhimi 2S, I don’t know what it will be on Zhimi 2.


In general, the Zhimi Fan remote control is a mini -appearance, which is very simple and practical. After all, it is the original factory, and there is no need to worry about quality problems and matching. Except for the small body, it is not easy to find, there are no other slots, it is a delicate and practical small accessory! For the elderly or children, the remote control is still more smooth, so if you also have the fans of Zhimi 2S in your hand, you may wish to understand this small accessory.

This article (including picture) dissatisfaction evaluation was original, and reprinting without consent!

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