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If the spring and summer matching can make people enjoy the silk, then winter matching is to make people repeatedly experience the arrival of “death”. Although this statement is slightly exaggerated, it feels too real when matching the bottleneck.


Winter match

It is really a very headache season, so in order to prevent everyone from falling into this dead cycle, I deliberately found two particularly good matching pants. It can be paired with a variety of coats, including down jackets, coats, trench coats, and plush jackets, which is enough to deal with winter look.

TIPS1: The top seed player is coming, “jeans” launched an emoji to a bloated jacket: Seeing my performance

When it comes to winter matching, the first thing I think of pants first thinks is the first thing I think of




Because I personally like jeans very much, if I let me choose pants, I will definitely rank him first. Although this recommendation has a personal preference, aside from emotional factors, jeans are definitely players who carry handle, which can cope with all the matching in winter.

Jeans can actually not only cope with winter matching, but also four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, which can be described as an indispensable item. And the color of the jeans can be well neutralized and the dullness of winter items, so this kind of matching shape is properly not wrong.

So how should we match? In fact, it is generally recommended to choose a loose denim version. Because winter is different from spring and summer, too tight is not an advantage, because there is no way to add pants to it, it is not warm enough.

This slightly loose jeans can be added with some pants, and even in the northeast, you can deal with warmth.



Jeans also have a very exciting characteristic, resisting the wind.


Because its fabric is relatively thick, it is not only wearing it, but also very windshield. It can be isolated from the cold wind outside the pants. This is much more insulated than wearing leggings alone.

In addition, there are some special versions of jeans, such as

boot cut pant

Essence Although this kind of flared pants are not exaggerated, it is not so easy to match.

They have a characteristic, which is thinner on the upper part and the lower body is relatively loose. For the Chinese jacket and short routines, it is still a good choice. But if you match a long jacket, you may need to be more tall to control, so everyone needs to pay attention to this.

TIPS2: Covering the meat player is coming.


But most people choose pants are not just for good -looking fashion, and more importantly, covering meat. If you have this idea, then this kind of pants can definitely benefit you a lot.

This trousers are


Essence Compared with jeans, the concept of this kind of straight pants is more specific. It is not such an abstract noun. It has determined the version for us, so we only need to choose the right color.

Here we show you three colors of pants. It can be seen that the dark color is thinner, and the light color is slightly inferior, but it is very eye -catching and looks fashionable.


The more width, the fatter. So we need to choose the appropriate width. Generally speaking, it depends on our hips, plus about 10 cm, enough to add leggings, and it does not look bloated.

In fact, as long as you choose the right version of the pants, the color effect will not be too great, especially when pairing with a long jacket, and even the version can make the color matching. , Fashionable, so fashion sense is hand -in -hand.

So during winter, I prepared many straight pants of different colors in the closet.

Straight pants with unlimited color matching

There are also a lot of colors that can be selected, including blue, white, brown, and various contrasting colors. Use them to match coats and thin down jackets.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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