Hello everyone, I am a poached egg mother.

Sleeping good is very good for health. For example, our adults can only feel good the next day, and the work efficiency will be higher the next day.

For babies, it is more important to sleep well.


If the child’s sleep is particularly bad, it usually occurs obviously in terms of height for 3 months or half a year, and


All development indicators may also have abnormalities.

The growth hormone of the human body is secreted during deep sleep, so if you want your baby to maintain a normal level in development,

To ensure that children’s sleep quality is very important.

Speaking of the baby sleeping, in fact

Sleeping bag is a “artifact” that has to be mentioned.

The baby loves to kick the quilt, so it is easy to cool. The use of sleeping bags can be said to reduce this probability well.

Do you still remember that at the end of last year, did we start the brand of this brand?

From the birth of the egg to the present, the most wearing is their sleeping bag. For sleeping bags, I generally recognize that one is not easy to change.

The iBaby’s brand itself is relatively famous. Their sleeping bags are not only comfortable and breathable, but also maintain the constant temperature to prevent the baby from cooling. In addition, the soft and cute little animal pattern is very popular in the mother circle.

What I want to recommend to you today is their summer models,


ibaby grass coral antibacterial gauze sleeping bag sleeping bag.


Let’s show the Moms first to choose from this time.

There are 4 patterns in the opening group this time

, Baoma see the picture below ↓↓ ↓↓

Zebra- ——

Cat Eagle model–

Squirrel model–

Giraffe model-

Each one is very cute. Sister Egg because she prefers pink, this time I bought her giraffe.

Now every time the egg sister is conscious, she said that she is going to take a bath, so she is ready to take a sleeping bag and sweat back at night.

There are five sizes in sleeping bags,

There are 80-120, children aged 6 months-8 years can be worn

Moms can choose according to their children’s height.

Sister Egg is 93cm tall, and I wear 90, that is, the smallest size. You can see from the picture. It is still very long. It is no problem for two years.

And as long as you buy a sleeping bag, you will also give Disney’s authorized toys. It is worth 428 yuan a blanket, and the blanket size is 120*100cm.

Through the communication between me and the brand, I also won very affordable prices.

The original price of 80/90/100 is 298 yuan, and the group purchase price is only 198 yuan.

The group purchase price of 110/120 is more expensive, the original price is 328 yuan, and the group purchase price is 218 yuan.

The fabric is super comfortable, without fluorescent additives


Can be worn in spring and summer


Children’s sleeping bag is a baby’s good pajamas. Bao moms have chosen sleeping bags. The materials must be skin -friendly and comfortable. They ca n’t sleep and turn around and night sweats. When they wake up, they wake up and cover them.

And this sleeping bag solved this problem very well, because it was wearing it as if she didn’t wear it, and it also solved the greedy problem that Bao Ma worried.

Grandma’s suffocating sheets

The fabric of this sleeping bag is particularly soft, using 69.2%cotton+30.8%sticky fiber;

The composition of sticky fiber is grass coral fiber, which is collectively referred to as sticky fiber in physical names.

It has good effects of hygroscopic perspiration and antibacterial and antibacterial.

Adopt a multi -layer stereo network compilation technology, weaving to form a unique air partition,

Create a strong breathable water absorption gauze layer,

Quick effect, fast drying, moisture absorption and drying,


Give your baby to sleep.

The outer layer of the sleeping bag is cotton, and the inner layer is gauze texture


The touch of the touch is obvious, and it is very comfortable to touch the skin.

Because it is too hot in summer, sweating is inevitable, especially when the back and bedding are most likely to sweat for a long time;

Turn over and lying cold and cold alternate. Children with low immunity are particularly easy to grow up, and they also give mites a lot of breeding.


And IBABY sleeping bag should deal with the baby’s physique of being afraid of sweating,


Due to the characteristics of light and breathable, sweat -absorbing and drying, gauze is most suitable for the baby to wear it in summer.

The breathability is very good, and the heat and sweat of the child are quickly discharged when the child sleeps.


Not only that, the material of gauze is breathable and skin -friendly, and sweat -absorbing and drying quickly, so even if the baby is playing, you don’t have to worry about the tide of the back. The small back is always dry and it is not easy to cover the cold.

at the same time,

This sleeping bag contains natural antibacterial plants -grass coral

The bacteriostatic rate of E. coli, Candida, and Staphylocococcinius reached more than 99%.

Antibacterial level is AAA level

From the inside, build a barrier for the baby to resist various bacterial invasion.

and also


Sleeping bag uses the first four and the second two design

The first four layers of belly protection design is very intimate. In front of the sleeping bag, a double -layer breathable fabric is used to allow the baby to be the easiest part of the cold and can be tightly protected.

At the same time, there is a second -layer ultra -breathable design at the back, so that the child’s sleeping process, don’t worry about it.

Children can be used in spring, summer and autumn, and air-conditioned rooms with a room temperature of 23 ° -28 ° in summer are very suitable.

This sleeping bag has passed the EU certification. Without fluorescence additives, Baoma can rest assured to wear it for the baby.

Here I have a word with the Bao moms,

You can also wear undergoing clothes in the sleeping bag

Bao Ma should change flexibly according to the local temperature.

Small detail design is just right

The touch of the sleeping bag is very comfortable. It can be used as a long -sleeved or disassembled into short sleeves. Not only does it make children more convenient to move, but no need to worry about freezing. This design is just right;


It feels cool in summer, but it is not the kind of transparent cold. It happens to be a soft and natural cool feeling needed when the child sleeps.

in addition,


The adjustable design of this trouser leg is also great!

Many Baoma buy clothes for children, so that the children are more loose and comfortable to wear, and they can wear it for one year.

This sleeping bag fully considers this demand, and adds trousers function buckle to the side of the leg, so that when the baby runs in pajamas, you don’t have to worry about being tripped.

The design of the whole sleeping bag is to be loose and comfortable, and do not restraint the child, so the elasticity of the trousers and the sleeping bag itself is very good.


The length of the sleeping bag can be adjusted with the child’s age.

If the pants tube is slightly longer, there is a pants tube function buckle on the side of the two legs to put short trousers, and no longer need to be improved.


Even if the child grows taller, you can continue to use it. It is not big to wear 2-3 years.


Sleeping bag is a two -way zipper adopted, and the dark buckle design adopted at the same time

This is a good solution to the child’s problem of peeing ~

The pinch is neat and dense, and the details of the zipper butt are exquisite. It is completely the workmanship and quality of the big -name children’s clothing, but the price is very real.

In short, after buying it, it will immediately want to give the baby a sleeping bag on your body ~

Therefore, this sleeping bag is really recommended. Except for professional and detailed attitudes, from the selection of fabrics to the work of details, it is detailed to the baby everywhere.

Alright, the sleeping bag is introduced here, the inventory is also very limited, don’t miss the mother you like!

Group purchase information


product name:

Product discount


Buy a gift

Disneyly authorized toy mobilization, worth 428 yuan blanket, one bed


Buy two pieces to give two beds, so on.

Appropriate age


: 6 months-8 years old

Product style


: Giraffe, owl, squirrel, zebra

Product specification

: 80-12020

product price

① Size 80, 90, 100


Original price 298 yuan,

Group purchase price 198 yuan


② Size 110, 120


Original price 328 yuan,

Group purchase price starts from 218 yuan


delivery information

: Shipment within 48 hours of working days, delivery of XX, Zhongtong Express, free shipping nationwide (Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas

Special Note

: It does not affect the secondary sales, support for 7 days without any reason to return and exchange, and the personal items cannot be tried. Once tried, it cannot be returned

Dear Bao Ma, Children’s Day is coming, I am prepared for everyone

A minus of 20 yuan over 109 yuan

Value value -for -money benefits, don’t worry about buying anything, it is all the gifts I have carefully selected, which can definitely satisfy them ~


ibaby grass coral antibacterial gauze sleeping bag sleeping bag.




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