Each year,

Star Dad is here with this year’s Valentine’s Day Limited Cup!


Transparent Bear Prsor Cup

Show love

King Queen Mark Tape Cup


High -value love password gift box, small night light …

Even more

The hot network, the release is not the second

Big -name replacement


Velvet bow!


10+ star cups, full of love, crown, rainbow and other elements

You don’t allow you to miss each one!

Starbucks 2021 Valentine’s Day Limited Star Cup is here

10+ Star Cup Mengkong Blood Tank!

It comes here, and Star Dad is here with 2021 Valentine’s Day Limited Cup! This year’s Valentine’s Day series, not only

The star cup has a high value, and it also launched a set of sets of cup gift boxes with bags

, I have to say that Starbucks is really too good!

10+ Valentine’s Day Star Cup,


Love, Crown, Rainbow


The degree of cuteness is comparable, and every one is greedy, you don’t want to miss it! Match

Supporting explosive bags or small night lights

, Send in the ticket circle, keep you

Versailles C position this year!

There are only 10 days left to the holidays, and those who are not ready to be prepared. When most of them are available now, hurry up after watching it!

Love password insulation cup love gift box

Price: 459 yuan

Love password gift box with high face value


The exquisite packaging as a gift is not suitable ~

In the small bag of red love,

There is a hidden


The Steel Magic Insulation Cup with a crystal ball!

In addition to the pearl chain that comes with, there is also a long chain that can be replaced


GET hand/oblique back two back methods!

On Valentine’s Day, wearing a white sweater to go out and date with it back to date

Xianxian’s PLMM is very suitable for Japanese style!


Love is full of crown bear glass straw cup

Price: 239 yuan

Holding a loved little bear glass straw cup,

Don’t look a little embarrassed, it’s enough to install 532ml of water!

Red love is still hand -colored,

The halo surrounded by love is said to be real gold!

Valentine’s Day Graffiti CONTIGO Stainless Steel Lock Fastening Cup

Price: 359 yuan

The cooperation of Starbucks and CONTIGO still has no absence

Graffiti insulation cup+red and white color matching small square bag

It is just on the aesthetics of the girl!

The capacity of red and white velvet square bags is quite enough,

Quality touch is even more nothing to say.

no matter how


Used as a handbag, washing storage bag, or a cosmetic bag

Hundreds of follow -up, super practicality!

King Queen Mark against a cup gift box

Price: 339 yuan

This main

Couple Cup -The King of the King of the King

It’s not just a simple black and white color matching,

The bear’s head is respectively

Two different “crown cup lids”

Cup body still

Hidden scrub printing

It can be seen that it takes a lot of thoughts in the design!

There are still printed behind the cup

“His Queen” and “Her King”

Wherever there are dog foods, they are full of care!

One pair is taken out

Obviously beautiful show affection,

Please check the first dog food from the New Year!

Love Bear CONTIGO Direct Pure Straw Cup

CONTIGO Water Cup with Crown Pendant

There are still rubber straws

Cute and loving bear and love element

It’s too eye -catching!

Crown surface is

A layer of bling bling starry sky

It is still a practical coin purse to remove it alone,

You can install headphones, coins and small lipsticks.

Of course, you can also install the cuteness of the fairy haha ​​haha


Foodian Love Planet Straw Cup

Price: 259 yuan

Every time Starbucks and

Thermal insulation cup for the Word of the Steel Magician

They are all beautiful and practical,

The Valentine’s Festival this time is no exception!

There are transparent straws printed with graffiti

Courses from the cup set

The “Black Bear” plug -in of the magic sticker


Exquisite little crown+red collar knot

Special suitable for children ~

Phantom Crown glass straw cup

Price: 189 yuan

Phantom straw glass body+golden ceramic cup lid

The girl’s heart is bursting!

There are still engraved on the cup

Rich and cute Valentine’s Day element

The details are full, and straight men can also give gifts to zero errors!

New Year Valentine’s Day Wastener Winning Bear -shaped Lantern

Price: 399 yuan

In addition to Valentine’s Day Star Cup series, this time is more

A light night lamp

Essence The cute bear on the surface of the feldler, holding the crown, holding the Starbucks cup; pressing the top of the head, the coffee cup in your hand will light up. As a gift for boys, it is also very warm ~

New Rainbow Series Star Cup

Returned from February 2nd


Rainbow Love Cup, Rainbow Flash Diamond Style Colorful Plastic Straw Cup, Rainbow Flash Diamond Style Malker Cup. The rainbow gradient cup is dazzling as diamond in the sun!

New Year Limited Blessing Bag

Price: 358 yuan

Part of the 2021 New Year and Valentine’s Day are not participated in this Fubuka event

I also found two uses

Pink/brown suede plush bag

Installed the Star Cup Blind Box! There are some star cups of treasures, all of which are not available in stores!

As long as 358 yuan, you can get a star group worth of 500 yuan+258 yuan new year travel package

Gifts are super cost -effective!

Price: 239 yuan


New Rainbow Series Star Cup

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