In daily wear in winter, jackets are essential to wear items, and because the winter climate does not exist in static, in addition to warm down jackets, thin coats are also often worn.


Especially when the climate is mild, a thin coat will make you more comfortable, showing unlimited vitality and youthful atmosphere. The thin coat can be said to be as many stars, but the most common is the denim jacket full of retro elements.

Today, I recommend you a embroidered denim jacket, allowing you to get rid of passers -by, wear your own personality, and show the charm of classic fashion in the daily life of winter.


[Aesthetic in appearance]

In terms of appearance, this denim jacket completely inherits the classic elements of retro, giving people a sense of historical charm, a simple style personality, and no doubt it is cleaner and textured. At the same time as versatile and fashion It’s also full.


The classic version and color system will not give people a unique feeling, and the embroidered pattern on the chest becomes a dazzling embellishment, which makes the simple -winded denim jacket add a lot of design.

The short version, loose and moderate, has the effect of modifying the thin body. For girls with small people, they also have a high role. In addition, they are full of three -dimensional sense. It is a youthful and vitality style, which is even more young.

【Design features】

In terms of design, this denim jacket has chosen the most simple design. The clean and neat layout gives the most intuitive comfort. It will not be like some denim jackets. , Without the main level design.

The entire coat uses the most classic design features in various designs, retaining the original classic retro style. While wearing it, it is more comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

The most eye -catching design of this denim jacket is different from some popular denim jackets, that is, the embroidery pattern behind and the chest position. The embroidery shows a sense of artistic art, which is full of literary atmosphere. The simple version can show a sense of personality and freshness.

[Randomly wear]

For denim jackets, because of its original versatile attributes, it is also very casual and casual to wear. It can be suitable for various casual life scenes, such as shopping, friends gathering, or home.


The most common dressing of casual style is a simple T -shirt as an inside. In addition, the denim jacket has a certain warmth effect, and it can also show the sense of layering. However, it is important to note that the inner T -shirt may choose a solid color and simple style, because the color is too much, which will make the whole dress more chaotic.

For the choice of the next dress, you can look at the style of personality needs, such as fresh style, then choose a gentle skirt. Or do you want cool and handsome style, so choose a pair of jeans to show your figure, then the whole shape will be more cool.

【Full Text Summary】


In the daily wear of winter, especially the mild climate, choose a versatile denim jacket, which is more comfortable and effort to wear. At the same time, it can wear a youthful style of personality to make the daily daily daily.

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