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Friends turn the bottom of the porcelain cup.


If the depth is deep, it belongs to the blue and white porcelain tea cup. The Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty appeared, and then it was imitated. It is also known as the “Four Treasures” of Lingnan Kung Fu Tea with Yushu 潮, Chaoshan furnace, and Mengchen pot. The jade book, also known as the sandy, is a long -handed pottery pot, which is used for boiling water. The capacity is about half a catty. It is boiling. The Chaoshan furnace is a stove of burning water, which is small and exquisite, and uses charcoal as fuel; The Mengchen pot is a purple sand teapot. It is produced in Yixing, Jiangsu, and is expensive as a small; Meng Chen is Hui Mengchen, the famous pots of pots in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, and the bottom of the pot has more poems and “Meng Chen” inscriptions. If Shen Su Su is characterized by “small, light, thin, white”, small drinks, shallow without leaving tea bottom, thin to help Fan Qingxin, Bai is easy to show soup color.

Choose a good moment, invite two or three confidants, in front of Dongli Chrysanthemum, under the west window bamboo, sitting in the case table, the four treasures are prepared, divided into goodness, talk about ancient and present, experience the Tang poet Lu Tong “Seven bowls of tea” Poetry’s artistic conception: “A bowl of throat kisses is moist; two bowls of lonely stuffy; three bowls of stuffy intestines, only five thousand rolls of text; four bowls of sweat, unhealthy life, all the pores are scattered; five bowls of muscles are clear; Six bowls of fairy spirit; seven bowls can’t be eaten, but I feel that the two armpits learn the breeze. “

(Author Unit: Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Source: China Social Science Network-China Social Sciences Author: Di Yongjun

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