Summer loves and hates most people. What you love is to wear light and simple models in hot summer, stretch your body beauty, and feel the cool breeze of summer. What hates is to go out to expose and sweat, so that although we are pursuing simple and cool models in summer, it is really difficult to wear a sense of comfort. There are many styles of cooling in summer, including shorts, skirts, and jeans. However, these matching styles do not have the style of “disappearing” to be directly and cool.

Some people say that the “bottom disappearance” is the old one, but this does not affect the daily wear of young people. You must know that the biggest advantage of this style is to highlight the slender legs. If the leg shape is not good It is not suitable for this matching style. You can choose skirts or jeans to cover up the lack of legs. Therefore, this kind of match is relatively picky, the leg shape is not good, and the figure is not tall or not. It seems that the simple and generous dress still belongs to the niche, but it can wear the beauty that the public likes.


“Disappearing”, as the name implies, is to cover up the downfall through the top, so as to achieve invisible purposes to highlight the slender legs. At the same time, you can choose a large -size short -sleeved shirt, shirt, medium -long cape Together with shorts or hot pants to achieve this beauty. It can be seen that this style is very popular with Volkswagen girls. You can choose different tops to wear different beauty. This style is very suitable for spring, autumn, especially in summer, cool, thin and tall.

You must know that the hot summer heat is baked. Therefore, in summer, for young girls, proper skin exposure, wearing small waist and slender legs can better feel the coolness of summer, and at the same time, it can fully show the advantages of their bodies, so that wearing wearing to wear It becomes fresh and youthful vitality. As long as you dare to wear it, the beauty effect will be felt for the first time, and you will continue to have your own style. To understand the same match, different people have different effects. Simple and generous and fresh beauty is more durable and flattering.

Just like this long -haired girl, her skin tone is fair and elegant, wearing another large -size white short -sleeved shirt, with black denim shorts, wearing the beauty of “disappear down”, boldly showing it. The slender legs are fresh and beautiful. This large -size white short -sleeved shirt, loose version, comfortable and thin, without too many colors to embellish, pure white brighten the skin color, which improves temperament, full of sweet breath, clean beauty, clean beauty Essence


The next clothes are worn with a short panties, because the loose clothes of the large size short -sleeved shirt cover the shorts, which directly highlights the beauty of long legs. This simple and simple dress style is very long -legged. For girls with tall figures and slender legs, such a matching style is worth trying. Let the overall match make it simple, fresh, and highlight the highlights.


In the matching of shoes, this younger sister is very confident and has a high proportion of her figure. Therefore, I chose a pair of white sneakers to echo the color of the white short -sleeved shirt on the color selection. The advantage of the legs. Sports shoes are the best match for girls who love shopping and traveling. Wearing lightness and relieving fatigue, with a leisure atmosphere, free and beautiful. (Match the picture source network, the invasion is deleted.)

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