It’s Friday! Suitable for relaxation and active atmosphere of the studio.

In the work group, it was initiated

#May May Best Photography#

Voting, the highest voting will get a gift selected by this dish personally ~


as predicted! The group exploded directly.

Even the classmates who diven at usual came out and said: children only make choices, and adults want to choose.


Under my gentle persuasion, everyone finally voted for a valuable vote.

Wait for me to count, embarrassing.

Tickets are flat! There are two maximum tickets!

Alas, is there this matter? Row! Let me come!


As a result, it was too good to draw a few times. It was really excellent, and I couldn’t choose it.

Well, the gift will be added!

In addition, give me a good partner, all of them are delicious, so as not to pay attention to the corners of others ~

Guangzhou has been sultry recently, hurry up! The entire cool special drink-

Mangomang lemongrass lemon tea

Cold green tea is based on the base, and then piled fruits, peppers, and vanilla to form the unique flavor of this drink.

At first listening to this match, everyone immediately rejected the three consecutive consecutive.


Don’t blame them, because of this match, it sounds like a dark dish I am spoofing.

But I couldn’t hold me Amway and tasted it.

Waiting for the cold touch of ice, the tip of the tongue is spread out, and the layers of fragrance are referred to.

This was so satisfied that he squinted his eyes with satisfaction: eh? Even so delicious!

Haha, that’s natural!

The inspiration of this drink comes from: Taning The new product of the spicy lime tea and the happy tea of ​​the spicy mangmeng tea and the happy tea.


The two came out alone, blindly focusing on the hotness of millet peppers, and the aroma of mottling mottling, each with its own characteristics.

The combination of the two has the effect of 1+1> 2.


The spicy millet pepper converges the spleen, the freshness of lemon and lemongrass is perfectly fused.


On the bottom of the mellow green tea, from the tip of the tongue to the rhyme, they all collided with a refreshing and moisturizing experience!


The finishing touch of Cai Cai lies in Nan Jiang.

I have always loved the light but full aroma of Nan Jiang. I thought of this drink, I listed it on the list.

The southern ginger was boiled into the syrup together, and it was like the smell of cinnamon and pepper, and injected a soul into the tea bottom.


The whole drink becomes fresh, the flavor is more compliant, and it makes people want to drink it!

The bottom of the tea, it is best to choose the fragrance type.


The soaked color is shallow and the entrance is hearty. It has its own flavors and no troops to win the limelight of lemon and spices.


No need to buy separately. The idle green tea bag/cold tea bag at home can be sent in handy ~

If you are too lazy to make tea, you can also replace it with bubble water.

When you make cold instant noodles a while ago, you also asked me, how to make Dongyin in the background map?


In fact, the tea bottom is replaced with bubble water.

The taste of drinks is strong, and it has become a new explosion that all major beverage shops are following the wind. If you are interested in this mouth, quickly follow my recipe ~

-Muomang lemongrass lemon tea-


[ Ingredients ]


Xiaotai Nong Mango 2 yellow lemon 1 lime 1 Xiaomi Millennium half -rooted lemongrass 2 south ginger 1 small piece of rock sugar 100g water 150g green tea bag 2


This recipe is 2 people

1 big spoon = 1 table spoon = 15ml

1 small spoon = 1 tea spoon = 5ml



1. Cold tea: Put green tea bags in the bottle, pour the right amount of cold water/mineral water, refrigerate the refrigerator for 6-8 hours


2. Symbolic: Put 100g of rock sugar, 150g of water in the milk pot, cook in medium and small heat until slightly yellow

The lower half of the lemongrass, the chopped Xiaomi, and the south ginger are chopped


The lemongrass of the remaining half can be made into a lemongrass pipe


Turn off the fire to add lemongrass, Xiaomi spicy, southern ginger, stir and mix well, cool the syrup for cooling and settlement


3. Lemon tea assembly: peel the mango to nuclear, cut into small diced, lemon sliced


4. Add ice cubes, lemon slices, lemongrass to the cup, and make the fragrance

Add mango diced, cold tea, syrup, shake evenly

5. The shaking lemon tea is poured into the cup, and additional lemon slices and mango are added. The taste will be better, and the finished product will look better.

Making a glass of summer special drink, from the first step to the last step, you can feel infinitely happy


Recently, “Battle” lemon is too hot on the Internet, and I can’t help but show a big show ——

The blessing of the photographer Miss Sister, across the screen, you can also walk together in this lively and extraordinary “splashing water festival” and bathe in the cool summer ~

There are sweet fruity aromas in the air, passing through the entanglement of lemon fragrance, lubricating and sweet small mang, waiting for the field under the cup.


Hurry to turn on the Haidilao mode. The sinking fruit is first railled up and handed it to the tip of the tongue. The aftertaste is full of sweetness.

Guru hurriedly solved a cup quickly, and finally felt that it was not enough to play.

I simply used the remaining fruits to squeeze into a cup of Jiuzhen Bing.

A spoonful of smoothie in the hot day, I can still get air -conditioning when I talk, my happiness is back again!

Outside the window was the hot summer, and the cicada was bursting, indicating that the midsummer was approaching.

And my kitchen is at this moment cool and hearty, laughing.

Life is impermanent, every moment of joy, try to hug and enjoy.


Looking back later, I won’t make an unusual emotion at that time.

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