On March 20th, in the beautiful southern coastal city Shenzhen, the 8 -bit pure tram owner drove a car to complete the extreme challenge from full power to party nests. At 9 pm that day, after 12 hours of the 16th season, Completely ended!


After strict screening, eight most representative models were finally selected, which not only included new forces such as Tesla Model Y, Weilai EC6 and Xiaopeng P7, but also traditional power players BYD Han EV and Geely geometry C and GAC Aion LX. In addition, it has attracted the participation of the Red Flag EHS9 and Jihu Alpha T! This is exactly the All -Star lineup!

This is a battle that fights for the last trace of energy until lying on the nest. The comparison is not the farthest battery life, but the ratio of the actual battery life with the NEDC mileage of the manufacturer. The true limit of the do.

What are the final results of the 8 star models this time? Reveal for everyone immediately!

The champion of this season is Geely Geometry C. The results are very bright. The actual battery life running is higher than the manufacturer’s nominal battery life!


The runner -up is BYD Han EV, and the actual battery life has reached 95.7%of the nominal battery life.

What is more surprising is that the Fox Alpha T, the first competition has achieved the good results of the third place, and 95.1%of the results are very close to the runner -up!

It is worth mentioning that the same first participating Red Flag EHS9. Although it only achieved the 7th place, it has countless fans with its domineering shape and huge body!


Also surprisingly, the current popular model Tesla Model Y, Tesla, who occupies an important position in the field of new energy vehicles? It turned out to be the last place? How many people can’t touch it.


But it doesn’t matter, Teacher Bang will analyze the results of each model next week to analyze the results of each model in detail. Please continue to pay attention to the official platforms such as electric Bang WeChat public account and website!

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