When it comes to Paris’s clothing style, many people can only think of coats or relatively ordinary berets. In fact, as a fashion capital, how can popular clothing be so few. It turned out that wearing this dress in Paris, the simple design is cool and retro, too personal, this costume is

Leather jacket

There are many people who wear clothing and leather jackets.

The bones of Paris women are retro temperament, even if they wear leather clothes, they can be matched

Very literary

In the hearts of many people, leather clothes belong to the more fashionable and cool clothing, but the popular time of this type of clothing is also very long. In the environment of Paris, the environmental factors of Paris will seem very


Retro match of short leather jacket

The version of the leather coat is also very special. The design method of the leather coat is through the long design

Scheme the atmosphere

The effect is replaced with a short model



After that, the cool fan in the leather fabric will be large. Many short leather clothes have silver chains


It is to enlarge the coolness.

Put this cool short

Leather jacket

With a bigger jeans, and a little sunglasses, it will naturally have a little retro effect. Choosing a straight jeans will be more fashionable. If it is replaced with flared pants, the retro charm will

More stronger and cooler.

Simple leather jacket retro design

It is also a short leather jacket. If there are not so much on the leather jacket


In the case, temperament can be more simple, and the relatively simple design is more mature. If it is matched

Black suit pants even show a capable effect of business style.

Paired with the pure version of jeans, and

Brown messenger bag,

It is a design that facilitates the retro effect. The color of jeans and bags is the opposite,

Light blue jeans

Suitable with dark brown bags, light brown bags are suitable for dark blue wide -leg jeans to play a role in complementation and maintaining a refreshing effect.

Suit style leather jacket

As long as the leather coat is designed slightly longer, the temperament will follow

Cool wind

Transforming into a handsome style, if you change it directly to a more classic suit style, the handsomeness and sense of clothing

High -level fan

It will also be more prominent. You must choose a men’s model wearing a western -style leather jacket.


This kind of suit size is smaller and bloated, and the size becomes sloppy.

When matching, it is also recommended to choose a handsome combination, such as black pants, sexy suspenders, etc., and directly match the gentle

Light blue jeans and

The brown sweater will unexpectedly present a soft and generous effect, and it is particularly good -looking.

Soft large -size leather jacket

In most people

In my heart,

The leather clothes are all designed a little bit


It is made of fabric, with a high -end fan and refreshing effect. In fact, there are some soft styles in the leather.


After that, it will not be so positive, it is even cooler than ordinary leather clothes. At the same time, it has a point.


Feeling of casualness


This kind of leather jacket is more likely to be fat, so many people will wear a little

Micro -larger style

Essence The clothes on the lower body can wear blue jeans and gray sports pants, and the fat style passes


The matching can combine more comfortable effects. If you like to wear black pants, you must choose a relatively tights

Black pants.

Unique color leather jacket

The black leather temperament is cool and handsome, brown leather clothes are just

Change a color,

The effect that can be presented becomes retro and gentle, and the texture has become different. even

Dark brown

When the clothing is matched, it will be old when the match is not good.

Preventing the old age is also to increase the method of retro models. Of course

Wide -legged jeans

It’s better, especially the light blue, which is more gentle than the dark blue, and more


Warm and cotton leather jacket

Wear when the weather is cold


Enough, add a little cotton on the leather coat, the warmth effect has improved, and the temperament is even more unique. It’s just this

The unique feeling looks more retro,

But a little bit


Erotic feeling.

It is okay to match the white base and blue jeans. I replaced it with white wide -leg pants and



There is no problem with pants, and the retro fan is particularly advanced. Once you put on the black wide -leg pants,


It will be too old, and even old. Especially the choice of tops, it is best not to wear dark brown or the like

Be old -fashioned

s color.


The unique leather jacket

There are more unique design of leather jackets, even though


There are no patterns in leather clothes, and this does not mean that the leather jacket with patterns is not good -looking. Simply embroider some

Retro pattern

After that, the western -style clothing of leather clothes will highlight the charm of the oriental.


This type of design must not be matched with the national style



, Clothing such as the national wind skirt and cheongsam, which is more suitable for simple black clothing to enlarge

In the leather jacket

The unique retro texture, accessories can choose retro beret, European style and national style fusion

Special unique


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