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I haven’t written shoes for a while, I want to talk about long boots today.


Alas, the main thing is to talk about boots with height below the knee. It has been particularly popular in the past two years, and various styles have been produced. ▼


I think it is also a pair of shoes in the winter shoe cabinet. I have been worn since autumn, and the utilization rate is high.

Keeping warmth is one aspect. More importantly, the cool style of long boots is very good -looking, and I feel that I am the most handsome cub on the street.

Essence This cool method is difficult to replace by other boots. ▼

Some people even have beautiful people, and it will wear its concave shape in summer.

Many actresses like the combination of short skirts/shorts+boots, cool and vibrant. ▼

Speaking of which, it is estimated that some friends will vomit. The female star’s legs are good -looking, but it is not the case to wear it on her legs …

When we discussed this topic, the small pumpkin of the studio said that because the calf is a typical muscle leg, I tried a lot of doubles that could not be stuffed, and some were stuffed in. Try to face a large embarrassing scene … (but she finally bought the first satisfactory boots in her life recently, and will write later)

In addition to being ca n’t plugged in, the friends have encountered problems such as stuck legs and tubes. ▼


I asked them to pass through the dissatisfied boots and analyzed them one by one. In fact, many inappropriateness was because some small details did not choose the right.


In the matter of choosing boots, I have always been very cautious, unless I feel that I must buy it

Essence EMMM is mainly because my shoe cabinet does not reserve how many positions are reserved for long boots, so after so many years, I bought it like three or four doubles. I have been worn for several years before, so I bought a double flat bottom this time, and the style is more handsome. ▼


Today, this article combines everyone’s problems to talk about how to pick up the satisfactory long boots:


Buy satisfactory long boots, you can’t ignore these 5 points!

There are many types and choices of boots on the market, but there are still some common selection rules, suitable for most boots:

Boots height

方️ 2-3cm below the knee


There are friends in our group that we wear long boots, and as long as we bend their legs, we will be on their knees, which is strangely uncomfortable. This is likely that the length is not selected.

Boots on the knee, or just stuck on the knee, are easy to have this problem. This is an anti -example. ▼


It doesn’t matter if you have bought the boots, you can do it, you can

Add height insoles to the boots to adjust

It can also be cleared quietly, but it is not recommended to do this.

Except for too high, the height of the boots is too low or not, there is a risk of “cutting legs”. If your calf is a muscular leg, you must avoid it. This blogger is already good -looking ▼


The more appropriate boots are 2-3cm under the knee. If you measure it with your fingers,


It’s about the distance between the two fingers


Essence My boots are basically this length, wearing squatting stand freely ~ ▼


Boot mouth width

围️ One to two fingers more than the calf

As for many people, they often encounter boots when they are hanging in the air.


I suggest you buy it

One to two fingers more than the calf surround

~ ▼


Pay special attention to the small details of the calf stars!

Before buying, it is best to use the soft ruler to measure the thickest dimension under the calf

Because most of the tube of the boots are fixed, if you buy online, the details page will usually be written, and you just pay attention to it.


It is best to be about 1-2cm as big as your own calf surround

, Like this with small feet pants, you can also clamp it in. Generally speaking, the larger the number of boots, the larger the tube wound.

Little pumpkin bought satisfactory boots with this method. Her calf surrounds 36.5cm, and the pair of two tube wraps started is 38cm, which can be stuffed. ▼

Qian Qian from the vision department also supported a trick. She said that the boots of wide -legged widening online can go directly to a treasure search “


Big size boots


“The retrieved style is more targeted on the rough legs. The disadvantage is that the selected models are relatively limited.

In addition, you can also see if there is a loose band design for the boots, the tolerance of the legs is higher. However, if the elasticity is too strong, wearing the risk of deformation for a long time. ▼


Although the boots are a bit width, it should not be too wide, and it is easy to divide the legs into two sections. This pair is a bit exaggerated. ▼


In addition, the boots may be too wide.

This pair of meow is a bit wide. She is a bit O. Every time she wear it, there is always a large piece of the outside of the boots, and it feels more obvious. ▼


In addition to the width of the boots, I found that the boots with a bit of feet have the effect of showing long legs.


What do you think of the bag? Focus on

Ankle position

The wrap is better,

On the side, there are arcs

It is equivalent to “exposing” ankles visually and fixing their feet. ▼

These ankles are straight. The calf may be stretched by the boots. It is not so comfortable to wear, and it is not enough to repair the leg type. ▼


Boot design


好️ Better and removed the zipper


Friends with thick calf beside me have a distress. Every time I take off my shoes, it is a test. It takes the power of nine cows and two tigers to pull it out …

It will be much better to choose a zipper design, and it is best to have this


Long zipper from the mouth mouth to the end

It is less difficult to wear and take off. ▼

This zipper that is pulled from the middle is also available, and it is not so laborious. But it is not as convenient as the above. ▼

Leather of boots

更️ Tompling of more leg repair


There are also many friends with thin lower limbs complaining to me that her pair of long boots often fall into the tube, and she is almost idle. emmm … It is likely that the leather of the boots is too soft and is not stylish.

In many leather, the choice of strong cowhide is not easy to make errors. ▼


Soft cowhide, harder, and different styles.

Hard -stiff boots are more handsome and softer softer, which is easy to produce folds. ▼


Crocodile patterns are also quite hot, most of them are relatively stiff, and there are several small partners in the studio. ▼

The suede fabric is relatively soft, and you should pay special attention when you buy it.


Packing folds in the calf and ankle position below, it is slightly procrastinating, not recommended. ▼

This kind of stiff suede boots will be much better. ▼

Boot color


色️ Black, the most versatile of the earth color


Let’s briefly talk about the color of the boots.

Black is the first choice, which is thin and versatile. Buying boots is preferred to consider this color. ▼


If you have a lot of black shoes in your shoe cabinet, you can also come with a pair of large -colored boots, brown and khaki. ▼

White and beige boots are relatively hot this year, and it is quite common in street shooting. After trying it on, I found that it was not difficult to make. Generally, it can be used for denim items or the same color items. ▼

Buy long boots, these pairs of popular models are worth considering!

Alright, let’s take a look at which pair of specific pairs of buying.

The following are relatively popular styles. ▼

They have their own styles and choices:

Knight boots

In the boots, the most classic Knight boots.

This kind of boots have actually evolved from the horse boots worn by the Cavaliers. The earliest knight boots are usually low -heeled+wide boots.

And now the popular knight boots, some boots will be slightly taller, most of the heels, and the boots are not so wide. In addition, the upper is wide, and the toe is generally a little tip in the round. Its overall style is still. Properly stylish. It is comfortable to wear, even if you want to go far away, you don’t feel tired. A picture summarizes. ▼

In the knight boots, the tie -up models also have a small traffic. It has a street feeling than the knight boots, which is very suitable for the sweet and cool women’s group wind route.

Cheng Xiao, Chen Xiaozheng ▼


Also, it

The strap design is also very friendly to the calf coarse star

Essence Before the calf pumpkin, I went to the counter to test the boots. I couldn’t get in a few pairs of knight boots, and the sharpness was frustrated! Later, Sales took out a pair of belts, which can adjust the width of the boots appropriately, and barely stuffed it. The strap is a bit not long enough, and it must be equipped with a longer one.


High -heeled boots


Many people will mix the high -heeled boots and knight boots, and they are quite different.

The toe of the mid -to -high heel boots generally has square heads and pointed heads, because the heel is higher, and the aura is enough, which is very suitable for wearing to go to work. ▼


There is also a difference between the two in terms of style, and the boots that are higher will be more feminine. ▼

Buy medium high -heeled boots, focus on the heels, I recommend more than the heels, I recommend it

Rough heel

Yes, it’s better to walk. The height of the heel should also be selected well. 3-6cm is a height that most people can control. ▼


Western boots

For more personality, you can also consider Western boots, and the style is even more unruly.

When it comes to Western boots, the first thing you think of is the Western denim. Haha, yes, it was designed for the convenience of denim.

The tilted wedge -shaped heels allow the denim to stepping on the horse’s stables steadily when riding. The V -shaped boots are relatively loose and better. When you encounter an emergency like a horse, you can quickly break away from the boots to avoid injuries. These pairs of traditional western boots are more fancy. ▼

However, the traditional western boots are not real enough, so now everyone is more often wearing improved models.

It is very distinctive, the most common is this

V -character boots+wedge heel

(Generally 2-5cm), there are low-key carved patterns on many uppers. ▼

British blogger Lucy Williams’ feet


There is a loose band design on the flat mouth and side

It is also a kind of western boots.

Unlike ordinary loose band, the surface of the loose band of western boots usually sews another layer of leather, and uses a needle line to produce lines. ▼

Wearing western boots, other items should be selected as simple models as much as possible, which can highlight its style. ▼

Thick -soled boots

Finally, let’s briefly talk about thick bottom boots. The thickest and thicker at the bottom can be said to be the trend of boots in the past two years. In the past two years, BV burst into fire, and there was any place in street shots.


The characteristics of thick -bottomed boots are very distinctive. Generally, the uneven Panama bottom is generally called. Many people call it the tire bottom. Its style is also cool, and it can be quietly increased by a few centimeters. ▼

Of course, the thicker the better.

In addition to being easy to lower the center of gravity, it seems that people are not light enough, but they are also particularly heavy. I tried a pair of thickened points before, and I went forward. New York blogger Claire Rose is also a test of people. ▼

In addition, the bottom should not be too hard. Before buying, I still recommend that you try more on your feet.

That’s how to choose boots.

Finally, simply mention the match.

Although the styles of these pairs of boots are different, their matching roads are actually similar, and there are three moves.


The first is to appear with tight pants and legging ~ ▼

The second is to wear a long skirt, which is more suitable for commuting. ▼


The third is when a short skirt is suitable for warm weather. ▼

Ribeca’s words:


What kind of satisfactory boots you have bought recently, you can also share with me the comment area ~

Last night, how to choose a hair color for hair dyeing (click the blue word to review), I received the hairstyle “homework” sent by several readers in the background. Share with you:


Sandy: My pink hair this year (need to drift), haha. ▼


Zhao Yuehua:

Come here, the first time in my life in my life in the first half of my life, the first half of my hair was dyed half a month ago, and I felt that Jio didn’t poke. ▼

Xiqiu: Share it with Kaka ▼


I wish you all buy satisfactory boots this year. See you tomorrow good night:)


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