——The Tangshan, Hebei, goes in depth to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions for transformation and development with the goal of “three efforts to build”

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The annual rotation of each city has a profound imprint.


Tangshan, Hebei, was built by coal and promoted by steel. It is a typical resource -based city. It once created the “seven firsts of China”: the first mechanized coal mining ore, the first steam locomotive, and the first barrel mechanism Cement, the first sanitary ceramics, the first standard railway railway, the first stock of the existing stock, and the first professor of Chinese universities are known as “the cradle of modern Chinese industry”. After the founding of New China, Tangshan gradually formed leading industries such as steel, cement, and chemical industry with its deep industrial foundation. It is an important energy and raw material base in China. It has long made outstanding contributions to national construction and development.

In the 21st century, Tangshan came to the crossroads of economic and social development: the disadvantages of resource dependence were appeared, the economic structural contradictions were relatively outstanding, the open economic competitiveness was low, and the problems of overcapacity and serious pollution troubled the city.

During this historical critical period, Comrade Xi Jinping inspected the two times in Tangshan in July 2010 and July 2016 to diagnose the pulse, point out, and draw a blueprint for the city. Efforts to build an important instructions for building an important instructions for economic cooperation window cities in Northeast Asia, new industrialized bases in the Bohai Rim region, important fulcrum in the economic circle of the capital “and” strive for development mode, adjust the economic structure, and promote supply -side structural reforms in the forefront ” For Tangshan, it proposed the goal of high -quality development and the practice path of transformation and upgrading. From a strategic and global height, it pointed out the direction for the transformation and high -quality development of the old industrial city in Tangshan.

Ten years pass by. What kind of answers did the city of Tangshan hand over on the road to practicing the “three efforts to build”? What are the experiences and revelations in exploring the transformation of resource -based cities? Recently, the Guangming Daily Investigation Team rushed to Tangshan to go to the port, enter the factory, and take the construction site to conduct in -depth investigations of Tangshan’s achievements, practices and experiences-

In 2021, Tangshan Port cargo throughput continued to rank second in the world’s coastal port. Photo Li Lei/Guangming Picture

Ten years of answer: Xianghai Matuqiang builds a “blue engine”

In the nodes of the global economic downturn and the national economic development facing speed shifting, Tangshan’s economic growth not only did not appear “hard landing” and “cliff -like decline”, the city’s economic scale also realized the “four -level jump”: the regional gross regional production in 2011 In 2014, 2018, and 2020, more than 400 billion yuan, 500 billion yuan, 600 billion yuan, and 700 billion yuan, respectively, ranking first in Hebei Province for ten consecutive years. In the first three quarters of 2021, the total GDP of the city reached 5920.08 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6%year -on -year, and the total number ranked first in the province and the country.

Xiang Haitong and the transformation and development are the most deepest sentence in the research team to hear the most and feel the most. The research team witnessed that the old impression of Tangshan’s “Steel City” and “Coal Capital” has gradually faded, and it is replaced by a more international modern port city.

First of all, the opening and breadth of the openness expand, and the role of economic cooperation windows in Northeast Asia is manifested.

The Winter Bay Bay is blue, and the sea is blue. In the ore pier of Caofeidian Port area in Tangshan Port, two giant wheels stopped quietly, and a large -scale unloading machine with tens of meters high was waving a “giant arm” operation.

“Tangshan Port’s deep water, wide ports, freezing and not stagnation. It has the only diamond -grade port that does not need to excavate channels and port pools without excavation channels and port pools.” According to the introduction of the coastline with a length of 229.72 kilometers, Tangshan has continuously opened up domestic and foreign trade routes since 2010. Until now, there have been 232 international routes and more than 190 ports in the world. In 2021, Tangshan Port’s total cargo throughput increased from 246 million tons in 2010 to 722 million tons, ranking second in the world’s coastal ports. Up to now, Tangshan Port has become the world’s largest iron ore connection port. The largest steel, coal export port, and important oil and gas import bases and reserve centers in China have further consolidated the position of the main hub of energy and raw materials that serve major national strategies.

“In 2021, the trade volume of Tangshan Port actually completed 330 billion yuan!” Mentioned this data, Zhang Gujiang, vice chairman of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference and secretary of the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee, was full of pride. He said that the achievement of achievements was due to the painting of a blueprint in Tangshan City, and one year’s continued struggle for a year.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Tangshan Port’s comprehensive trade port potential has been accelerated, and Tangshan’s attractiveness to Northeast Asia, especially Japanese and Korean companies, is increasing.


On January 7, 2022, on the construction site of only 1.4 kilometers from Pier 4 of the Tang and Tanggang District of Tangshan Port, the high -end carboard joint venture projects jointly created by Hesteel Group and South Korea Po Xiang officially started. The total investment of the project is 4.125 billion yuan, which is the largest foreign joint venture project in China’s steel industry in recent years. “The project started to inject strong kinetic energy into Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry from black to green, from the old to new, and from the big to strong.” Tian Guoliang, deputy secretary of the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said in his speech.

According to statistics from Tangshan City Commerce Bureau, as of the end of 2021, there were 96 Northeast Asian investment enterprises such as Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and Russia in Tangshan. Similarly, the enthusiasm of Tangshan companies’ “going global” is also increasing. As of the end of 2020, Tangshan has accumulated 175 overseas investment enterprises, and has spread to 48 countries and regions around the world. Among them, in the “Belt and Road” countries along the “Belt and Road” cumulative filing (approved) foreign investment enterprises, the “Belt and Road” gradually became a hot spot in Tangshan’s foreign investment cooperation along the “Belt and Road”.

Secondly, the development of the development of kinetic energy, the new industrialization base of the Bohai Rim region has been taken shape.

In the cold days, in the Chemical New Material Industrial Park of the Caofeidian South Fort Development Zone, the workers were busy living. Here, the first phase of the first phase of the 1 million tons of chloride titanium pink powder project invested by Tangshan Yanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is under intense construction. According to the person in charge of the project, the chloride titanium pink is an emerging material. After the project is completed, the domestic market share of Yanxia chloride titanium pink powder will reach more than half, and the tax will be 1.2 billion yuan.

In the past, the well -known steel companies entered the emerging industries, which was not an example in Tangshan. Tangshan, which was once known as the “Steel City” and “Coal Capital”, has developed rapidly in the emerging industry “out of nothing”. High -tech products such as robots, lithium batteries, and urban rail vehicles are gradually growing from scratch. “new ambience.

In September 2021, the “Future Series” new urban express train developed by CRRC Tangshan Company was offline in Fengrun District, Tangshan City; in December 2021, Tangshan Aerospace Equipment Industrial Park project successfully signed the contract in South District, Tangshan City; In January 2022, in the Kaicheng Robot Production Workshop in High -tech Zone in Tangshan City, various special robots arranged neatly are ready to be released … According to statistics, during the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” period, the value -added of Tangshan High -tech Industry increased by 120.7%, which was higher than higher than that of the high -tech industry. The average annual growth rate of industries above designated size was 7.0 percentage points. At present, Tangshan High -tech enterprises have reached 1,415, an increase of 1,357 over 2010, which is 24.3 times that of 2010; the value -added of strategic emerging industries accounted for 14.2%of the industrial proportion above designated size.

The development of momentum for development, Tangshan’s dependence on local resources has decreased rapidly. The original iron ore production production has been reduced from 110.207 million tons in 2010 to 49.834 million tons in 2020, and the output of raw coal has been reduced from 44.048 million tons in 2010 to 20.31 million in 2020. Ton. Not only that, Tangshan continued to promote the products of the steel industry to the mid -to -high -end, from the steel market to the steel strong city. Data show that the proportion of high value -added products in Tangshan Iron and Steel reached more than 38%in 2021, an increase of 30 percentage points from 2010; from January to October 2021, the steel industry achieved profit of 35.49 billion yuan, which was 6.7 times the same period in 2010.

Not far from Tangshan Port and Tanggang District, Tangsteel Group Tanggang Company New District came into sight. This is a modern steel company. From March 2018 to September 7, 2020, the blast furnace was ignited. Today, with low -carbon, green, and intelligence, Hesteel Tang Gang has become a “Future Factory” that has risen on the Bohai Sea, and it has also become the best example of Tangshan’s transformation and development.

Third, it is integrated into the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei urban agglomeration, and the important fulcrum status of the capital’s economic circle is stable.

In only 22 seconds, the industrial exhaust generated by steel companies was processed into “grain”, which has become a reality in the area of ​​the Steel Jingtang Iron and Steel Company in Caofeidian Industrial Zone, Hebei Province. Adopting the world’s leading gas biological fermentation technology, Hebei Shoulang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shougang Group, is processing the 360 ​​million standard cubic meters of industrial tail gas generated by Shougang Jingtang into 5,000 tons of new feed protein and 45,000 tons of fuel ethanol for 5,000 tons of fuel. , Reduce carbon emissions by about 180,000 tons each year.

As early as June 26, 2010, the main equipment of the first phase of the Shougang Jingtang project was fully completed and put into operation in Caofeidian. Since then, Shougang has become a demonstrator, leader, and practitioner of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei coordinated development.

There are deep grooves facing the sea, and a shallow beach on the back of the land. Cao Feidian with obvious location advantages has opened the curtain of cooperation with Beijing’s industry since the relocation of Shougang. Driven by Shougang Demonstration, more and more Beijing -Tianjin industries are transferred to Tangshan. According to statistics, since 2014, Tangshan has implemented 796 projects with more than 100 million yuan with Beijing -Tianjin, with a total investment of 493.72 billion yuan, of which more than 60 % of advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, and modern service industries.

In March 2021, Tangshan’s second batch of 30 medical institutions were included in the “Direct Clearing of General Outpatient Clinic for Medical for Medical in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei,” and. Earlier, 26 hospitals in Tangshan joined Peking University People’s Hospital Medical Union, and have achieved direct settlement for medical treatment in different places, creating a new situation in the cooperative development of the public service field. In the field of education, Tangshan connected to the Beijing -Tianjin contracting projects for 140 items, and nearly 400 schools carried out cooperative schools with Beijing -Tianjin high -quality schools; in the field of transportation, the Beijing -Tang Dynasty Cao Dian Auto Group was officially opened. The high -speed speed, Jinqin guest Tangshan section and Beijing -Tang Cao train are opened to traffic. At present, it is actively planning to promote the high -speed rail Cao Duan project of the Bohai Rim high -speed rail, and further build the Beijing -Tianjin Tang Tang half -hour traffic circle.

High -quality projects come to Tangxingye, and the outstanding talents are developing in Tang. At present, the urban area of ​​the city has increased from 281 square kilometers in 2010 to 517 square kilometers in 2021. The city’s permanent population increased from 7.582 million in 2010 to 7.717 million in 2021, and the urbanization rate of the permanent population reached 64.32%, an increase of 13.47 percentage points from 2010.

At the same time, with the strong advancement of ecological projects and people’s livelihood projects such as the restoration of mines, Qingshui Runcheng, revolving iron, and the first “water transfer” terminal construction in Fengnan District, more and more blue sky in Tangshan has become more and more. Essence In 2021, Tangshan’s excellent air quality reached 256 days, accounting for 70.1%. Tangshan has also been awarded the honorary title of “National Garden City” and “National Forest City”, adding “livable” chips to the integrated Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei urban groups.

In Tangshan High -tech Zone, technical workers are debugging robotics. Data picture

Struggle path: Innovative transformation leads high -quality development

Comrade Xi Jinping’s important instructions for the “three efforts to build” made by Tangshan, focusing on the general trend of world economic development, conforming to the trend of regional economic cooperation, and based on the actual development of Tangshan’s economic and social development. Tangshan Development provides “golden key”.

The research team learned that over the past ten years, Tangshan has not been relaxed, and strives to break the “one industry” pattern of steel, promote the structural reform of supply -side, accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and make every effort to promote the city’s road to high -quality development.

First, the total amount.

Data show that since 2016, Tangshan has reducing steelmaking capacity of 39.378 million tons and 26.35 million tons of ironmaking capacity, and the total volume is ranked first in the country. At present, Tangshan City has smelting steel companies, which has decreased from 54 in 2010 to 30. Due to the vigorous implementation of the traditional pillar industry upgrade and reconstruction, cultivating strategic emerging industries and high -tech industries, it ensures that the output capacity is not available.

Second, excellent layout.

Tangshan has promoted steel, heavy equipment manufacturing, chemical industry, ceramics and other manufacturing industries to gather in coastal areas to create characteristic marine industry clusters. At present, the relocation of steel companies such as Hebang Tang Steel has completed the coastal relocation; all 280 ceramic companies in the main urban area have shut down and relocated. Major progress.

Third, promote transformation.

Tangshan continues to target the international advanced steel industry standards, and combines the current status and requirements of the development of the local steel industry, focusing on optimizing the technological innovation system, implementing industrial extension strategies, implementing low -carbon green development, and promoting intelligent manufacturing, etc. In the middle and high -end, the steel market has steadily moved towards the strong steel city. Through the implementation of chain, extension chain, supplementary chain, and strong chain, Tangshan quickly promoted major industrial extension industrial chains such as coal, steel, cement, and coking, carried out cross -border transformation, moved towards high -end, and further expanded new development space. At the same time, the “40 Industry” is introduced, and the municipal finance will arrange 700 million yuan of special funds each year, strongly support the technology transformation of enterprises, enhance the technology innovation of enterprises, and promote the gathering of high -quality elements to the new type of industrialization.

Fourth, emerging.

In order to build a modern industrial system, Tangshan aimed at building a new industrialized base in the Bohai Rim region, targeting emergency equipment, robots, rail transit equipment, electronic intelligent manufacturing and other industries, implemented emerging industries multiplication plans, and attracted a number of high -quality industrial projects to operate.

Fifth, deep melting.

Since 2014, Tangshan has taken the initiative to fully implement the national Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei coordinated development strategic planning outline, adheres to the integration of Beijing -Tianjin, docking Beijing -Tianjin, and serving Beijing -Tianjin, especially by giving full play to the Beijing -Hebei Cao Feidian, Tianjin -Hebei (Luhan) coordinated development demonstration zone platform gathering The effect allows the undertaking the Beijing -Tianjin outsourcing project from scattered, dotted, to chain layout, platform gathering, Beijing -Hebei Cao Feidian, Tianjin -Hebei (Luhan) collaborative development demonstration zone, as well as Yutian Old Industrial Park, Jingtang Smart Port, etc. The “micro -center” gathering effect is highlighted. While making breakthroughs in industrial construction, Tangshan focused on accelerating the integration of transportation, closely connecting to the construction of a world -class high -speed rail intercity network, transportation highway network and port group, airport group, and the interconnection of the Beijing -Tianjin transportation interconnection. In order to make up for the shortcomings of urban public services, Tangshan has worked closely with Beijing and Tianjin in medical and education, and vigorously implements people’s livelihood projects such as ecological restoration to create a livable environment in the city.

Traditional “Steel City” becomes modern “Hong Kong City”

6. Scientific expansion.

The Sixth Plenary Session of the Ninth Session of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee put forward the development ideas of Tangshan’s “one Hong Kong and two cities” to accurately locate the functions of Tangshan Port, Main City and Caofeidian City, and achieve a breakthrough, improvement, and development of urban construction. The “one port and two cities” is the first. Tangshan actively explores the reform of the Greater Port management system and establishes the Tangshan Marine Port and Port and Airlines Administration to implement unified planning, unified construction, unified operation, and unified brand on the port resources of the port. With the continuous improvement of the construction level of the port and the function of the port, Tangshan has accelerated the gathering of the port industry. Adhere to planning and leading, continue to implement the strategy of developing to the sea, and use “blue thinking” to rewrite the history of coal capital. With the rise of Tangshan Port and Tanggang District and Caofeidian Port Area, many of the Hong Kong industries have accelerated and gathered, achieving gorgeous turns from Yisha Island to World Grand Port. In the main urban area of ​​Tangshan City, promote the development of key areas to enhance the capacity of the city; strengthen the construction of infrastructure, improve the quality of the city; implement fine management to show the charm of the city’s image. In Caofeidian City, we will focus on improving the degree of industrial agglomeration and make it a new growth pole to accelerate the rise of the Bohai Rim region.

Enlightenment: “Three efforts to build” are the most powerful ideological weapons

The transformation of resource -based cities is a profound revolution. Tangshan’s transformation on the road of high -quality development has gone through pain and full of hardships. In just over ten years, Tangshan has realized the gorgeous turn from “silly big black and thick” to “high -tech light green”, exploring a path of active transformation and connotation development, providing useful regions and cities to provide beneficial inspiration and reference. Essence

First of all, the direction is correct.

For more than ten years, no matter how complicated and changing the situation, no matter what difficult challenges have encountered, “three efforts to build” have always been the most fundamental political leadership, the most powerful ideological weapon, and the most important action guide for Tangshan. Tangshan has unswervingly follow the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s guidance. Under the leadership of the banner of “three efforts to build”, the city’s high recognition of the transformation of old industrial cities, highly unified ideology, and highly conscious action. A strong atmosphere of deepening reform, transformation and upgrading, and condensing the powerful joint force of transformation and development, and the magnificent blueprint is accelerating to a beautiful reality.

Secondly, the wind is good.

If an industry and a city must be invincible in the development of the competition, we must observe the trend, understand the overall situation, and seize opportunities. In the more than ten years of Tangshan’s transformation and development, Tangshan keenly grasped China’s development and transformation trend, unswervingly connected to the major national strategic deployment, deeply participated in the “Belt and Road” construction, actively integrated the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei , The important fulcrum construction of the capital economic circle has achieved remarkable results; unswervingly implement the strategy of turning to the sea to achieve the expansion of the economy from the inland economy to the coastal economy; firmly unswervingly win the battle against environmental pollution prevention, high -pressure situation controls environmental pollution, transformed cities to transform cities Sore scars, various environmental indicators continue to improve. Tangshan’s practice proves that in line with China’s new requirements from high -speed development to high -quality development and conversion periods, accurate understanding of changes, scientific response, and active changes can successfully realize the shift from “quantity catch -up” to “quality catch -up”, from “scale expansion” from “scale expansion” The successful transformation of “structural upgrade”, from factor -driven to innovation -driven.

Third, take a step ahead of the world.

Everything is predicted, and all the industry is prosperous. The core of resource -based cities is industrial transformation. For more than ten years, Tangshan has decisively shut down and transferred to coal mine and iron ore in the mature period of resource mining to realize the use of resource development and utilization from extensive to intensive type; during the prosperity of the steel industry, the courage of the strong man’s wrists actively actively actively actively actively actively actively actively actively actively actively. Only the excess capacity and abandoning short -term benefits will have the pride of selling boutique steel today; in the growth period of economic volume, we will actively adjust the structure and adhere to the development of the sea. The coastal economic belt that supports future development. Tangshan’s transformation practice proves that early transformation and early active, early upgrading and early benefit. Resolutely go, take the initiative, and speed up the transfer. What is given away is the benefit of the moment, and the blue sky and high -quality development are obtained.

Fourth, the stone of other mountains can attack jade.

The transformation of resource -based cities is a worldwide problem. There are both successful examples and failures at home and abroad. Only by taking the length of others and closely combining their own actual bold innovation can we get out of the success of transformation and upgrading. During the ten -year transformation process, Tangshan has released the horizon, and the industrial transformation has fully borrowed from the experience of the Ruhr district in Germany. Lessons in the failure of the transformation of Detroit, always prevent problems such as reduction of population, loss of tax base, imbalance in fiscal revenue and expenditure, and weakening infrastructure; the transformation of the development model has fully learned from the mature practices of advanced coastal cities. The new road of land economy towards the coastal economy. Tangshan’s practice has proved that the transformation of resource -based cities must be scrutinized in the Five Lakes and Five Lakes. It can learn from experience and learn lessons in order to find the gap to make up for shortcomings faster, stimulate innovative vitality, and achieve new breakthroughs at a higher starting point.

Fifth, the people’s supreme aggregation power.

Jiangshan is the people, and the people are Jiangshan. Tangshan insists on taking the people’s longing for a better life as a unsatisfactory goal, adheres to the people’s position, and always feels for the people’s livelihood. Focus on the prominent problems and short -board pain points in the field of people’s livelihood. “, Make Huimin’s answer sheet more” thick “.

Tangshan’s practice has proved that the spirit can be transformed. The people in the city will be active in inner identity, and will be inspiring to stimulate the new vitality of the officer to start their own business. Essence It is because of the continuation of the people in the city and long -term work that in the journey of practicing the “three efforts to build”, Tangshan has embarked on the road of transformation with its own characteristics.

(Members of the research team: Geng Jianyu and Chen Yuanqiu of Guangming Daily; Chen Wei, a second -level investigator of Tangshan Social Sciences; Gao Minjie and Li Xia, a professor of the Party School of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee, writing: Geng Jianyu, Chen Yuanqiu)

“Guangming Daily” (05, January 21, 2022)

Editor -in -chief: Gu Wanquan Zhangwu Text Editor: Li Linwei

Source: Author: Guangming Daily

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