Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Dahui News On the afternoon of October 12, at the section of Dading Village, Shenxiang Town, Chaojin Road, Jianjiang District, Wuhu City, a car collided into two electric vehicles driving ahead. The vehicle lost control. After hitting a sign on the side of the road, the four rounds lying on the road in the sky, almost fell into the ditch below.

At 14 o’clock that day, the Shenxiang Squadron of the Qiujiang Traffic Police Brigade of Wuhu City received an alarm saying: One car hit two electric vehicles, causing several people to be injured, and one of them was unconscious. After receiving the alarm, the squadron police quickly went to the scene and found that two young people on an electric vehicle were injured and the elderly on an old man on an electric car were in a coma. At this moment, the 120 ambulance came to the scene and sent all several wounded to the hospital.

Through further investigation, the police learned that in the afternoon of the same day, Yuan drove the car from Shen Xiang, drove west along the nest two routes, and was ready to go to Wuhu. When the car was driving to the section of Dading Village, Shenxiang Town, Chaohari Road, due to the inconsistent attention when driving, the road situation was negligible to observation, resulting in a two -wheeled electric vehicle riding a two -wheeled electric car ride in the same direction in front of the car and the same direction ahead. , Collided with a two -wheeled electric vehicle riding by a young man, then the car lost control and collided with a sign on the side of the road, causing the four wheels of the car to lie on the south side of the road. The accident caused serious consequences of Jinmou, Xiao, and electric vehicle passenger Wang Mou, and the three cars and signboards were damaged.

安徽芜湖:轿车连撞两辆电动车 四轮朝天躺路边

After diagnosis of the hospital, the elderly had a fracture of the clavicle and Wangmou’s leg fractures. They were all in the hospitalization. At present, the accident is being dealt with further.

Yin Ming Xin’an Evening News Dahui Journalist Sun Rui

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