In November last year, Coolpad Group established a new independent sub -brand IVVI to position high -end fashion routes. The main fashion appearance and strong camera ability are certainly under the premise of performance guarantee. Since the establishment of IVVI, three products have been released. The first product is the IVVI K1 with double glass mirror, and the second model is the IVVI S6 with a metal ceramic body. The third product is the recently released IVVI K1mini.

Like the first two products, IVVI K1mini also focuses on the stylish appearance, but it is lower than the previous two products in terms of configuration. For the characteristics and appearance of this phone, there are many media reports in the media. Today, I will take you to see some small features of this phone. Although it is a small function, the surprise is not small, let’s take a look together.

Care mode

This phone is designed on the system and designed a caring mode. After using the caring mode, the mobile phone desktop has become a big font and a large icon. This advantage is that it is a touch, and it is easy to operate. The entire desktop arrangement is very neat and the handling is very strong. By.

ivvi K1mini小功能彰显大智慧

Turn off the screen and shoot

Beautiful things always happen for a moment. When you see your favorite instant, you want to record it with your mobile phone, you need to ask for a fast speed. At this time, if you use traditional mobile phones to take pictures, it will undoubtedly delay time and miss the moment without good. At that time, the IVI K1mini had the function of turning off the screen. As long as the settings were set, the camera can be quickly turned on when the screen is turned off, and the fastest time can be afraid of the most beautiful moment.

Awakening mobile phone

ivvi K1mini小功能彰显大智慧

Personally think that jewelry awakening is a very good design. On the one hand, it can increase the entertainment of using mobile phones, and it is also very convenient. On the other hand, it can reduce the wear of physical keys, and there is no need to press the key to turn on. IVVI K1mini has this function. For different gestures, different applications can be opened. For example, you can set up the “W” letter to open WeChat. This is very convenient and full of technology.

One -handed mode

The current mobile phone screen is getting bigger and bigger. Correspondingly, one -handed operation becomes more and more difficult. IVVI K1mini is aware of such a problem. I designed a one -handed operation mode. By setting the one -handed operation mode, most of the interfaces can become small. Human nature is undoubtedly a gospel for consumers with small hands.

Brush your face unlock

IVVI K1mini also has a very fun feature, that is, brushing face unlocking. Users can unlock the mobile phone as long as the face blinks through the face. Full of sex.

For IVI K1mini, there are many small functions like the above. Although it is a small feature, it makes the phone very comfortable and very intelligent. The small feature shows the intention of the IVVI brand phone.

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