#What to wear today#


Speaking of the details of wearing,

Stockings seem to be a very extreme existence,

Especially in recent years, it has disappeared more or less in everyone’s vision, not because it is not fashionable, but because it is a bit disobedient.

Especially when the bottom pants are popular in the fashion circle, and even without ending, stockings have no good destination.

Except for some occasions, you can see its figure, in daily life, most girls will not wear this item anymore, probably still feel a bit awkward.


But what you can’t deny is that women who know and even wearing stockings are really very


And very much

There is a charm.

In the previous time, most of the stockings will be well matched with well. With skirts with high heels, it is still very emotional in dressing.

But with the development of fashion and the improvement of everyone’s aesthetics, stockings are no longer single, and it will form

A variety of styles and multiple details

And the matching is not so limited, no matter how you look, it will look good.

In fact, the advantages of stockings are quite a lot. It can shrink our thighs and calves, and it can also

Shape the sense of firming.

Especially some black stockings can make the legs look more


Therefore, it is more suitable as daily wear.

So today we will take a look, how to wear those love and hate!

How to choose stockings

Fishing net socks: unique, personality, fashionable

Recommended crowd: girls with well -proportioned legs

There are many forms and display in stockings, so wearing will be different, but if it is more individual, then it must be

Fishing net socks



Through large and small grids, a one formed

Sense of detail

It is also very worn on the body

Fashion and trend

Feeling, there is also the temperament of Bag Girl.

However, because this kind of stockings are formed by a grid. If it is worn by a strong leg girl, it may highlight the flesh of the legs and it will have a tight effect. Therefore, it is recommended that girls with well -proportioned legs wear.

For the wearing of fishing net socks, girls who follow the sexy route can take

With high heels

In addition, daily match

Sneakers and sneakers



Black stockings: daily, versatile, not picking people

Recommended crowd: All figures can be controlled


For black stockings, it is the most versatile and the least picky person. No matter what figure, it can be controlled, and it does not step on the thunder every day.

The sexy and charm it formed is also the poison that most girls cannot solve the poison.

Very sexy and elegant.

And in wearing, whether it is matched with a half skirt or long skirt, it can show a certain female charm, and it can also be


Function, wearing a stature.

Light stockings: personality, highlights, difficult to control

Recommended crowd: tall and beautiful girls with beautiful legs

In fact, stockings are not only conjoined, but also long stockings, as well as short -legged stockings. In the past two years, this type of socks are also loved by everyone.



,also very


However, the disadvantages of this socks are also there. It is not suitable for those girls with small or thick legs to wear, which will expose their own defects. It seems that their legs are thick and short, and they are not visually not beautiful.

Regarding the matching of calf socks, there is actually no sense of picky. Whether it is paired with high heels or sneakers, it will look good.

About the matching of stockings


This combination of wearing is already very old -fashioned. It is also the most common and practical way. Whether it is a long skirt or a half skirt, it can show its own

Temperament and fashion

It is also very elegant.

And the weather is getting warmer now, and a stockings can satisfy everything you

Need to wear


, With a floral skirt or printed skirt, it is also a good choice to shape one

Exquisite and fashionable.

Sports shoes+stockings

I don’t know when it started, sports shoes with stockings have also become a fashion, probably witnessed that sentence,

Earth to the extreme is fashion!

Regardless of the conjoined stockings or short stockings, when putting on sports shoes, there will be a mixing effect, and it also looks ugly and elegant visually, but I have to say that fashionables love this way.

And in the wear, there is also a very casual texture, and there are also

Sporty charm

Therefore, even daily wear, it will look good.


It is more suitable for the combination of autumn and winter or early spring. Boots and stockings can set off a fashionable texture and wear more elegant atmosphere.


And whether it is short boots or mid -boots, or even over -the -knee boots, when matching stockings, a series of chemical reactions can occur. It looks very feminine.


Personality has a sense of accent.


In fact, although stockings are not very important, they can play some pivotal role in dressing.

It can make wearing more detailed and meticulous, and at the same time, it is more layered, and it can also show the charm of women. From a visual point of view, it is also more sexy.

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