It is really understandable to choose warm and thick items this season, especially for women who are older, and they have long passed the age that wants to be atmospheric and not temperature. For them, dressing is still mainly warm. In order to pursue the so -called trend, it will lose your essence and choice of thick and warm items, which will not reduce the charm of styling.

Yu Mingjia can also be regarded as the old drama bones in the entertainment industry. Although it is not red and purple, everyone is still very recognized for her acting skills. In addition, in the dressing concave shape, Yu Mingjia is also very pragmatic. In the seasons all year round, dressing is clearly divided.


Wear small knowledge: down jacket+vest, keep warm but not losing fashion sense

It is really appropriate to choose a thick warm -keeping jacket this season, especially for middle -aged women. They are mainly worn in this season. In the process of dressing, do not make yourself into a dumplings, increase the sense of volume, but also have no charm.


You can see the season when you take out the work photos. Wearing a black vest down jacket. In terms of warmth, Yu Mingjia really achieved the extreme. Line, I have to say that in the effect of keeping warm, Yu Mingjia is really too grounded and very real.

Putting on small knowledge: short and short inner long and outside, stacking wearing rich shapes and getting rid of thickness

Dressing in winter is really unavoidable, but it can have a weakening effect. For example, our common stacking is a good way of dressing, especially in the face of the style of warm vest, internal and external, the inner and outer and external style The short dressing method can not only enrich the shape, but also weaken the thickness of the shape.


Although Yu Mingjia’s work is mainly kept warm, the sister’s clothes are also unambiguous. While choosing a solid color down vest, the inside placine shirt is short and the color is short, and the colors are different. Therefore, it seems that the shape is extremely rich. It does not have a low sense of warmth because of the warmth effect. The clothes are simple, but the fashion effect is full.

Putting on small knowledge: Use clothing attributes to wear long legs in winter


Many women think that dressing in winter should be the one that wraps themselves very thick. In fact, otherwise, winter dressing can still present the good figure of the controller, that is, in the choice of clothing, it should not be too casual. For example, in the face of a heavy jacket, women should be installed in the lower style, especially pants, which should be slimmed. Essence

This point Yu Mingjia is very good. The loose and thick down jacket is stacked to wear a shirt, and the chosen on the bottom, the old drama bone direct -light pants, the slim style outlines the slim leg shape, plus the top of the shirt, the figure of the figure, the figure of the figure Even five or five points are very slim. In addition, the black -based accessories details, the seasonal skin is more white and beautiful, the baby’s skin is particularly young, which is too young.

QS: What clothes do Yu Mingjia like?

Choose TIPS: Charming temperament type

It is inevitable that some basic clothing is inevitable in life, especially those who are single and bad streets. You must learn to combine the advantages between yourself and clothing. Monotonous. Yu Mingjia is the best demonstration. The ultra -low -necked sweater is tightly dressed to avoid the sense of vulgarity of the dresses, but it also looks very layered.


Choose TIPS: capable temperament type

Compared to the little girl, the suit -style dress, especially like a suit, is a burden. One is to appear old, not matched with itself, and the other is that the fashion experience is limited to the style. In addition to such a woman, it is too suitable for the capable of the capable workplace in a suit. In addition, the set is saving time and effort, which can show the charm of women to the extreme.


Choose tips: mature femininity


In fact, the simpler clothing in life, the more it can reflect the charm of a person. However, when facing these basic items, you must distinguish it up and down to maintain the most basic visual effects. Whether it is color, it is good. It is not necessary to give people a more casual look. Yu Mingjia’s body is tightly combined, and the color is also very chic. With Erlang’s legs, he just put the basic model with a high sense of sense.


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