In these hotels, big -name fashion is worn on the hotel employees, and it is too gorgeous to stage a catwalk at any time; high -end sheets, furniture and porcelain that have always been seen across the window also become daily utensils in the hotel, allowing fashionistas and people and people The hotel controls the blood.

Armani Hotel (3) _1

爱时尚的你 一定要住进这些酒店

Armani Hotel

The fabric is almost demanding, rigorous, and advocating minimalist Giorgio Armani without a few cross -border (designing furniture, launching chocolate, and designing Mercedes -Benz cars). , Amani’s high -cold aesthetics and elite lifestyle.

The second Armani Hotel returned to the old Milan. Through this hotel, Milan and traceability of the fashionable tone of the 1930s are all wonderful.

As the most powerful designer hotel in the world, there are countless beauty in the world. The more expensive vacation and the more intense the room are, the most eye -catching people in the year. In addition, the hotel cuts ribbon + open -lighting by the world’s most fashionable and tasteful celebrities. Living in this hotel itself is a fashion behavior.

Baccarat Hotel & Residences (Pakara Hotel)

爱时尚的你 一定要住进这些酒店

Recently, the Crystal Family Baccarat blown Paris Winds into Manhattan, which has become the world’s first Pakara Hotel. The building where the hotel is located is a charming crystal sculpture.

The public area of ​​the hotel is made into the form of salons. 114 rooms have transparent glass curtain walls and crystal -clear Bakara crystal lights. “Collection” luxury house.

In addition, this hotel is managed and operated by the famous Starwood Hotel Group, and residents who are very strict for the hotel “software” can also completely rest assured its service quality.


爱时尚的你 一定要住进这些酒店

Although the Jewelry Emperor BVLGARI belongs to the LVMH Group, its Bulgari Hotel is the luxury hotel camp of the Marriott Group as Ritz-Carlton.

Bulgari’s hotel affection began in 2001. Its first hotel settled in the fashion capital Milan in 2004, with a large secret garden, and then settled in Bali and London in 2006 and 2012.

The fifth and sixth stops of the Bolgari Hotel are Beijing and Shanghai, respectively. Spring -shaped bar and emerald -like swimming pools are the standard configuration of the Bulgari Hotel. And Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, the gold medal partner, has become the only imperial designer of the Bulgari Hotel.

Cheval Blanc (White Horse Manor)

Many people did not realize until the end of 2013, the most expensive hotel in the Maldives, CHEVAL BLANC RANDHELI, suddenly realized that LVMH also opened the hotel (but there was no LV stack and a small cross flower).

In fact, the first LV hotel (Cheval Blanc Courchevel) opened at the Alps at Gaosi Veyville in 2006, and since its opening, it is difficult to find every day.

爱时尚的你 一定要住进这些酒店

The sign of Gao Xueville’s White Horse is a giant horse statue like the Trojan Trojan slaughter. Ski lovers can slide directly into the hotel (of course, you can also take the White Mara’s carriage directly). LVMH’s spare products, traditional ski houses are completely subverted by LVMH.

You can also enjoy the star handsome kitchen, Yannick Alleno, a fascinating feast ——

The same subversion is coming to the Maldives in October 2013. You can try to learn about the entire perfumes of Jiaolan on the island and the latest or unpublished fashion items.

At present, there are still four White Horse Hotels in Egypt, Oman, San Tempe and Paris.

爱时尚的你 一定要住进这些酒店

Among them, Paris White Horse will become the flagship of the White Horse Series Hotel. This hotel will be hidden in La Samaritaine, the legendary Samaritaine. The two masters of Edouard Francois and Peter Marino jointly make it the only French palace in Paris in Paris Hotels, hotels can overlook the Seine and set the restaurant in a large air garden.

Lungarno Collection

In terms of literally, it is difficult to distinguish which luxury brand Lungarno is related to. Well, Lungarno is a hotel series built by the Salvatore Ferragamo. The hotel advocates contemporary style and classic style, and is keen to trace the time and pay tribute to various fashion icons, such as Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel.

The details of the hotel are exciting. The desk can harvest the luggage, the elevator is equipped with a seat that can be sitting elegant, and even the leanca camera for you to leave the journey. Of course, there are someone to accompany the Fragus Museum and boutique store .. ….

LUNGARNO mostly lives along the Arno River in the hotel in Florence, while the Roman section is above the Spanish steps. The essence of Italy and the Ferragamm’s craftsmanship is exhibited in the LUNGARNO series hotels.

爱时尚的你 一定要住进这些酒店

Maison Moschino

The playful Italian brand Moschino fucks the boutique hotel Maison Moschino in his hometown. You can fall asleep on a stunning evening dress, or you can enter the dreamland in a playful space full of “snoring”.

The lampshade is a lantern skirt. The curtains are fashion fabrics and chair sleeves. Living here, it is difficult for you not to treat yourself as a fashion creative director of the design team.

Palazzo versace

Versace was the earliest fashion brand involved in the hotel. The first Versace Hotel was unveiled on the Australian Gold Coast in September 2000. The hotel wraps neo -classical space with a simple milky white shape.

After the night, the lagoon of Blu -ray, the deep old songs, and the dim crystal chandelier intertwined the blurred and sexy atmosphere. Versace’s home and tableware that often appear in the window have turned into daily necessities of guests, and the staff will be dressed in Versic uniforms throughout the hotel, perfectly interpreting the Versace’s lifestyle.

The Second Versor Hotel will be settled in Dubai, and the third Versic Hotel will be settled in Macau, China.

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