#What to wear today#


Many people have always had a “misunderstanding” about leather clothes, thinking that its style is too tough, and the upper body is cool, breaking the original charm of women. In fact, the evolution of leather coats is perfect. It combines the current model and elements of the current trend, becoming more and more audience, not only to make everyone show unique femininity, but also prominent style and easily become the focus of the crowd. Han Xue’s short style of leather clothes made him look fashionable and chic, and also showed a sweet and cool atmosphere. With his long hair blessing, the whole person was super clear.


Modeling analysis


Han Xue’s image has always given the public more gentle and generous, and her long hair fluttering naturally, adding a gentle atmosphere. Now changing the image of the past, choosing leather clothes for matching makes people look bright. The slightly shiny leather fabric makes her style strong, and the short style leaves enough space in her legs. With a pair of high -waisted loose pants, the style is very stylish. The jacket draws on the design of the suit collar, adding overall interest, and the modification of personal temperament and dark brown hair, making the shape more soft and unintentional.


Neckline design

The lapel design of a suit jacket is the reason why many people like it. Many suit styles are simple and generous. Sometimes, the design and jump of color jumping by the neckline alone can highlight personal charm. When combining it on the leather coat, the attributes of the two are the same, reducing the tough atmosphere and it looks very natural. At the same time, the popularity of the shirt collar is also very high. This design upper body has a strong “locomotive style”, presenting the sense of vision of the rebellious girl.


Shoulder treatment

The style of the shoulder pad provides a lot of “convenience” to many sisters with a slim body. With the support of the shoulder pads, the personal aura will be stronger. Han Xue’s leather coat is almost completely combined with a suit version, full and full of shoulders. When you face some more important occasions, you want to present a domineering and cool style, and you don’t want to look too lazy. You must choose this style.

Short top characteristics

As the saying goes, “Three points, seven -point dress”, in addition to showing personal tastes to present fashion wear, everyone can also use the items cleverly to achieve the perfect figure proportions. Long -legged effect is a shape that many people like and desire to present. If you want to highlight the legs of the legs, you can choose the short model as much as possible, leaving enough space for the legs. Effect. This kind of matching concept is suitable for any styles, and even if the legs have meat, you can choose loose pants, and the effect will not have the slightest effect.



The overall style of the leather coat towards it is chic and cool, and the gentle and generous Han Xue’s upper body gives it a touch of sweetness. When matching this very strong item daily, the accessories can find a overall tone. The large chain is more in line with this kind of chic. On this basis, adding some mild attributes will make the shape more attractive. The texture of the metal makes Han Xue look more advanced, and the action has a atmospheric style.

Unlike the gentle, generous and elegant image that everyone likes, the style of leather clothes makes women feel another breath and jumping out of the “comfort circle” is a new experience. I have to admit that Han Xue’s leather coat has a very good -looking body. There are some men with a strong man. If you want to be more fashionable, you must try more styles, and leather clothes are definitely a style that everyone likes and likes very much.


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