Haikou, Hainan Daily, September 3 (Reporter Zhao You) On September 3rd, on the opening ceremony of the 8th Sichuan International Tourism Trading Expo, the results of the 2021 Chinese characteristic tourism product contest were announced. Hainan selected tourism products for 8 gold and 17 silver and 10 copper, with a total of 35 awards, ranking third in the country, of which the total number of gold awards ranks second in the country.

This time, more than 20,000 pieces and more than 1,600 tourism products entered the national preliminary competition. Finally, 100 gold awards, 200 silver awards, 200 bronze awards. After fierce competition, eight sets of (pieces) and other 8 sets of (pieces) of the Haihui Hall · family portrait package selected by our province stood out and won the gold award.

8 works in Hainan won the gold award

Haihui Hall in Hainan, a family portrait gift package, Hanyi Hanyi life · Hainan volcanic Dendrobium dendrobium herbal hot compress eye mask and warm neck belt, magic plan, Lijin handmade fashion bag series, north latitude 18 degrees · NFC red heart fire juice series Bamboo dyebaging series, ride tower · tropical style coconut powder series, ancient cliff red · island series black tea, coconuthouse · coconut hometown fruit flavor snowflake crisp for 8 sets (pieces) works, won gold awards.

17 works in Hainan won the silver award

2021中国特色旅游商品大赛获奖名单揭晓 海南获8个金奖

Coconut Golden Merchants · Tea Confidant Thousand Cups and Shao Series, Coconut Gege · the most Hainan series incense burner, SummerCoo · coconut shell series cars, SummerCoo · travel day throwing products, coconut gold craftsmen · strong god myth silver jewelry series, coconut Zhizhi Love · Coconut Coconut mobile phone rack, Chuanyi Occupation Niangli Lijin Best Bidding Jixiang Key Small Pendant, Jibei Multifunctional Weaving Belt, SummercoO · Chao Island Series Travel Storage Eight Set Traveling, Xisongtang · Light Witcoma Put, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Plaza, Yaoxiangtang · Coconut Oil Yingrun Hair Essential Oil Series, Tourism Island · Island Love Earrings Series, Wuli Road · Yixin Organic Li Tali Tea, South Guo I · Coconut Breast Series Drinks, One Saint · Travel Pepper Sauce, Traveling Chili Sauce, Traveling Pepper Sauce China (Hainan) Nanhai Museum · Agarwood Box Series, Coconut Gege Ruyi Xiang Furnace Series A total of 17 sets (pieces) won the silver award.

Ten works in Hainan won the bronze award

Nanguo Tasan Coconut Coconut, coconut culture · coconut carving incense series, Azhan Alan Shanlan wine, coconut culture · coconut tea jar series, island incense tree · agarwood healthy fragrant set, original hometown · fallinlove series bottle, tick effect · Little crispy series, writing, scent of incense · Zen Yizhen Xiangli, full language, sweeping translation C503, Li Cao Ji · daily chemical series, a total of 10 sets (pieces) won the bronze award.

2021中国特色旅游商品大赛获奖名单揭晓 海南获8个金奖

The award list is as follows (the ranking is not divided):

Original title: 2021 The winning list of the 2021 Tourism Commodity Competition of Chinese Characteristics revealed 8 gold awards in Hainan

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