When the baby grows up, it is mostly when you are sleeping. So good sleep will directly affect the baby’s growth. Choose a comfortable bed for the baby to promote their sleep well. So what to do to buy the suitable solid wood children’s bed? Which brand of solid wood children’s bed is better? Let’s understand together.

Pay attention to the purchase of solid wood children’s beds

The most important peace

实木儿童床选购注意要点 实木儿童床品牌大全

Therefore, children’s beds should choose durable solid wooden beds with strong destructive power. It is also necessary to check whether the junction of the bed is firmly, especially the bed with a metal frame. The screws are easy to loosen. The height of the solid wood children’s bed for the baby must be in line with the height of the baby. The bed near the ground is convenient for the baby to get out of bed. If you accidentally roll off the bed, it will also minimize the damage.

实木儿童床选购注意要点 实木儿童床品牌大全

Follow the baby’s own vision

In fact, babies over 3 years old have begun to have their own ideas. Therefore, we must respect the baby’s preference for space, color and furniture, and will make him earlier to realize his importance and independence. Therefore, before the decision to purchase, parents must let the baby participate in the purchase of home decoration, refer to his rights, opinions and ideas, so that he has a sense of “respected”. This is more conducive to the physical and mental development of the baby.

实木儿童床选购注意要点 实木儿童床品牌大全

Color meets the baby’s psychological requirements

实木儿童床选购注意要点 实木儿童床品牌大全

Color meets the requirements of the baby’s psychology. For example, the young guys aged 3 to 6 began to understand the difference between gender and emphasized that they are boys or girls. Therefore, when choosing a children’s bed for babies at this age, we must fully consider the baby’s psychology! The color of the children’s bed can be unified with the color of the entire room. Children’s beds are best in color, relaxing, and pleasant in color. There is no way to contrast the color in the color.

Solid wood children’s bed brand Daquan

1 Love A-OK (including my love me mokki, professional leadership brand, Dongguan Evergrande furniture)

2 Colorful Life (Top Ten Brands of Children’s Furniture, Professional Brand, Hong Kong/Shenzhen Fupai Industry)

3 Ximengbao X.M.B (Top Ten Brands of Children’s Furniture, Matsuki Children’s Furniture Brand, Xiamen)

实木儿童床选购注意要点 实木儿童床品牌大全

4 Columbini (one of the top ten brands of children’s furniture professional, one of the top ten brands of children’s furniture)

5 Mickey-Limeng (Top Ten Brands of Children’s Furniture, Leading Brand, Guangzhou Limeng Group)

For the main points of the purchase of solid wood children’s beds and the solid wood children’s bed brand Daquan, we will introduce here. As a parent, have you already mastered it? In addition to the health of the baby’s health, a good children’s bed can also be used for a long time. I hope that through our introduction, you can buy a satisfactory children’s bed.

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