Is there a coolness in the north?


It’s time to prepare for autumn

Make a good -looking long -sleeved shirt for your children

Follow a shirt for yourself

What is this style?

The ribbon is tied to a bow,

A little more gentle in the handsomeness;

Wearing alone and inside is extra colorful


Pick the drawings that are suitable for your own size

Try it

Autumn high streets

The autumn wind is brushing, cool and comfortable


Size Description


The drawing is the European code, from 36 to 56 yards, the bust from 94cm to 134cm,


After adding loose


Breasts are selected for drawings.

Loose quantity explanation: decent: net bust+7 ~ 10cm

Loose: clean bust+11 ~ 14cm


Fabric recommendation: chiffon, silk hemp, house silk, denim, etc.




36 yards, bust 94cm


38 yards, bust 98cm

40 yards, bust 102cm


42 yards, bust 106cm

44 yards, bust 110cm


46 yards, bust 114cm


48 yards, bust 118cm

50 yards, bust 122cm

52 yards, bust 126cm


54 yards, bust 130cm

56 yards, bust 134cm

Recommended models in this issue

S0105 Multifunctional Package Machine

Daily handwork, professional sewing, and torture production are indispensable and good helper


S0105 electric bag sewing machine, the new generation model has been greatly improved, and the seam effect is greatly improved.


Ahead of the edge and sewing.


Transfer of the thread upgrade

Compared with the previous generation sewing machine, the thread is upgraded, and the sewing thread is firmly locked. The effect of the seam is more perfect. At the same time, the clipper has also been improved to improve the problem of poor penetration.

LED large -scale area lighting

The fuselage has a clear colored threading instruction. The threading process is clear at a glance according to the figure shown, and it is not easy to take detours. Intimately increased the light in the bending needle area, and no longer need to be discredited. The thread is no longer a problem.

Free arm double -use seam ultra -high pressure feet increase height

Baby clothing, sleeve cage, cuffs, trousers and other small and cylindrical parts, the torture operation is a bit difficult, S0105

Bring the two -purpose seam of free arm


You can easily solve this problem, and the copied seam edge

Smooth and flat without fold.


There are various types of clothing fabrics, not only light and light silk, cotton and linen cloth, but also woolen clothing and other winter clothing. At this time, mention

The height of the booster foot can easily cope with the sewing problem of the thick material or the multi -layer fabric. The humanized ultra -high -pressure foot design is more ease of the clothes torture.


New switch protection function


The new S0105 is added at the panel

Switch security protection function

Essence The front panel is not sewing when it is opened, which greatly protects user safety.

2021 Shengjia celebration

170th anniversary

Commemorative, you will launch multiple models according to your own advantages

Heavy DUTY Heavyweight Electric, Electronics and sewing machine models


In accordance with market demand, with the new sewing concept Stitch Applications, MySewnet, etc., and launching various activities, focusing on the public account of “Shengjia Sewing Machine”, we will bring more sharing.

Shengjia has always insisted on unremitting efforts: teaching people to learn sewing around the world, attract customers with advanced sewing machine technology, and make customers enjoy the fun of sewing!


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