The little girls usually feel a little restriction on the wear. Many long or long single products often wear a kind of effect. Therefore If you want to wear a sense of fashion, in addition to the fashion you want to wear, you should also pay attention not to step on the pit. Female star He Jie is the negative wearing textbooks of the small men, and wearing a large size shirt with jeans, it looks too rounded.

He Jie’s styling analysis:

Stacking a T -shirt with a checkered shirt -too many layers are not suitable for small children

He Jie is really the negative textbook of the small man. Wearing a large size shirt and jeans, it is short and fat. He Jie’s upper body uses a large size shirt with checkered element to stack the basic white T -shirt. In color matching, the basic color combines the bright color system to wear a relaxation effect. It is not very suitable for small children, because the more layering, the easier it is to show a fat effect.


Large size shirt -pull low waistline and short legs

He Jie’s upper body wearing this shirt uses a large size cut to present enough casual and comfort in the design of the style. The sense of restrictions on the shape is not very strong, although this comfortable single product is better Used, but the design method of large size is usually not suitable for small children. It is easy to lower the waistline on the body and wear the effect of the five or five avatars, so that the leg shape that does not look long looks shorter.


Bringing jeans -wear out of leisure

He Jie is paired with a fitted jeans in the lower body. The jeans are refreshing with a 9 -point length. For girls who are not very tall in height, it is more friendly. sense.

However, this jeans look a bit too tight in the thigh part. This tight style design is usually very friendly for girls with slender legs. The design will amplify the shortcomings on the leg shape.


Flat -bottom sports shoes -comfortable but not increased

He Jie wore a bright -colored flat sports shoes on his feet. The flat -bottom style design can ensure sufficient comfort. It is very suitable when walking the airport, but for small children who do not have the advantage in height itself, This flat -bottomed style cannot play a role in raising height and long legs.

Other matching methods of shirts:

Bright color shirt+high waist split pants


Bright -colored shirts can wear a full sense of brightness. It is very eye -catching in color matching. The lower body is paired with high -waisted black trousers, and the dark color matching method is used to show the complementary sense of color matching. High -waisted pants are designed with high split style to present a distinctive sense of design, and the shape is very distinctive.

Printed shirt+same -colored wide -leg pants

The matching method of the same color is usually relatively suitable. The color and style of the upper and lower body shows sufficient sense of harmony. Liu Tao’s combination of this printed element and wide -leg pants on a pajamas style is made. Lazy and fashionable.


White shirt+skirt

Classic black and white matching is usually the simplest and best basic color matching. Simple and neat. The basic white shirt with short skirts with a slightly exposed leg is used to show the charm of the leg shape. This kind of matching method is very friendly for girls with good -looking legs. Through the matching of exposed skin, the charm can be presented perfectly. In the simplest way to show the melancholy sense of body, the more advanced, the more advanced.

The shirt is actually a very versatile item. It is very friendly to the tall girls or the young girls, but the young girls are best to try the short version when wearing a shirt. Don’t want to do not need to In order to pursue a sense of fashion, we deliberately choose a loose size to avoid wearing a fat and short effect.


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