The weather in winter is really cold. If there is no thick “down jacket” on their bodies, the boys will definitely be frozen in the cold wind. When it is cold, down jackets are the most suitable clothes. This dress is relatively warm, the clothes are light, and it is particularly comfortable to wear on the body.

Although down jackets are more popular, they cannot be worn casually. When some boys were cold, they piled up clothes on their bodies, and finally wore a dumplings. In fact, wearing a down jacket is already warm enough, and I don’t use any other clothes. Pay attention to some matching. So how do boys wear “down jackets” in winter? The following 6 sets of matching, just wear it.

Look1: Camel down jacket+black sweater+white T -shirt+clover sports pants+VANS shoes


Outdoor in winter, it would be a happy thing for boys to wear warm down jackets on their bodies. The camel’s down jacket is closer to the color of the earth, and it looks very comfortable; it is paired with a black sweater to ensure the temperature; and then use a white T -shirt as a personal clothes, and the longer corner of the clothes instantly creates a sense of layering. Choose the classic trousers of the pants, which is very fashionable. Vans shoes make your dress look younger.


Look2: Gray down jacket+white sweater+high -neck shirt+black suit pants+white sneakers

The favorite color matching of boys is probably “black and white and gray”. These three colors are more versatile and do not pick people, so it is also suitable for most boys to wear. The gray down jacket is light and comfortable, white sweaters and turtlenecks make you wear more warm and windproof. Black straight tube suit pants are particularly slender to show figures. This mixed style looks particularly handsome and beautiful.


Look3: White down jacket+white sweater+rice white nine -point pants+white thick shoes

Most of the boys’ down jackets are black. In fact, we can also try to wear some white clothes, which will look better. The white down jacket looks fashionable and young, with a white printed sweater, which is simple and neat. The pants are selected from rice -white nine -point pants, which are particularly long legs, and they are more uniform with the overall combination. The whole set is clean and neat, and the sun is handsome.


Look4: White down jacket+rice white sweater+black casual pants+mixed sneakers

Boys wearing white down jackets can also brighten their skin tone, and they look better when wearing clothes. The white short down jacket has no bloated feeling; it is equipped with a rice white sweater, fashionable and warm; black casual pants and black and white sneakers are more harmonious with the overall dressing and look simple and fashionable.


Look 5: Black down jacket+rice white sweater+black suit pants+black leather shoes

Boys’ favorite down jackets, I am afraid it is black. Black is relatively low -key and dirty, boys can wear longer. Black down jacket, with a rice -white sweater, has a strong sense of layering. The pants are selected in black suit pants, which shows more figure. Black leather shoes also ensure the warmth of the feet, and the low -key is also full of tide.

Look6: Black down jacket+black T -shirt+gray sports pants+black casual shoes

In the choice of style, we can choose more individuality, such as the black down jacket inlaid with white collar above, which looks unique in shape. Pants choose the most popular gray pants this year, which is particularly handsome. If you don’t want to be abandoned by the current trend, hurry up and try this set.

How do boys wear “down jackets” in winter? The six sets of handsome combinations above allow you to easily create a tide male model.

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