I just went to work these days,


Don’t you want to go to work,


Is it sleepy and hungry at work?

Here is a trick to let you go to work moment


The detective analyzed it. If you buy a bag now, then you will be very happy. Walking at work is winding, work is not a small Case. Even if you just look at it, setting the small goal of chopping hands in 2017, work is more motivated, which can really cure it.

Summary of the big names at home and abroad, which country is the cheapest and most money? Please open your eyes!


Louis vuitton


A few days ago I saw a data, 10 handbags in the world and 3 girls from Chinese.

Paris is the lowest price in the world, and the next batch of tourist cities may be France.

Louis Vuitton Twist Small Handbag

Material: EPI leather

Colour: Black


Twist handbags have two major pleasures. One is the metal knob on the front of the body. The “L” rotates to the angle of completely reunited with V -shaped. The reason for Twist. Another pleasure is that it looks bigger than the actual. In other words, Twist looks small and exquisite visually, but it is unexpectedly installed. This is derived from the bottom -shaped bottom of the bottom, providing more internal space for TWIST.

Global price difference: 7568 yuan

Louis Vuitton Petite Maille handbag


Less than 5 years of time, it has become the head of the LV bag family. It is the famous “Petite Maille Box”. It not only concentrated the traditional craftsmanship of LV suitcases, but also the first bag launched by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière after taking office, representing LV’s new design language. In the picture, this small box uses calfskin edge, lambskin lining, and EPI leather bag. Although the box is small, it is expensive.

Global price difference: 12192 yuan

Louis Vuitton Capucines medium handbag

Material: taurillon leather

Color: light coffee color

A very suitable Louis Vuitton handbag that is very suitable for female executives: full -grained taurillon leather with the handle of the same color python leather, golden accessories, calf leather lining … indeed require more experiences and aura women in order to calm down Noble luxury and minimalist design. The name “Capucines” is taken from Rue des Capucnesss in Paris, which is the address of the world’s first specialty store in LV.


Global price difference: 15823 yuan


Gucci Dionysus GG senior artificial leather shoulder bag

The bag name was taken halfway, and it was half successful. After the launch of the wine god bag, the rapid popularity, except for its iconic weaving tiger head cutting buckle, and the poetic name of “Dionysus”. There are hundreds of types of wine bags, dozens of them are, so we chose the most out -of -decoration model for the price comparison for the guest officials who like the wine god bag for reference. The recognizable DIONYSUS wine bag is too good, but it is too high, a kind of embarrassment.

Global price difference: 4929 yuan

Gucci Sylvie Gucci Signature backpack

Style: medium, black leather

Sylvie is also very suitable for business women in the workplace. This black style using Gucci Signature leather is a good example. On the Gucci Signature leather with the thermal printing process, there are classic double G pressure flowers and thick texture. In addition, this bag also has a striking flame pattern decoration, which is more domineering.

Global price difference: 14916 yuan


GG Marmont

The GG Marmont series is a hot model of street shots this year. The newly designed double G LOGO is too highlights.

Differential price: 5056 yuan

China: 18,000 yuan

Europe: 1790 euros (about 12944 yuan)

UK: £ 1530 (about 13097 yuan)


Like Gucci

The new update speed is also making people finger

Every one wants

That is, the price is not very friendly

I feel bad for half a year when I buy one casually


Luggage smiley bag

Celine is well -known

There are few people who are back

Most people would rather spend the same money to buy a CHANEL LV

I won’t take too much to consider Celine first

Possible conceptual issues

After all, it’s still money after all



This luggage is not just a women’s bag

Many trendy men pay attention

Choose a large simple color matching, you can go out handsomely

This is a new model in spring 2017, and the color is very highlighting, especially the blue border. That’s right, see a bit of shiitake mushrooms.

Differential price: 6559 yuan

China: 25,000 yuan

Italy: 2550 euros (about 18,441 yuan)


Classic Box

Chinese girls’ favorite wine red, more than all kinds of out stock, also starts to distribute.

The color matching of the new season also shows the coldness to the extreme. The ore blue is very good, quiet, melancholy, and the price is more melancholy.

Differential price: 9582 yuan

China: 32,000 yuan

Italy: 3100 euros (about 22418 yuan)


The latest FRAME, bag, color matching, is my favorite bag, and the price is not too high.

Differential price: 6345 yuan

China: 19000 yuan


Italy: 1750 euros (about 12655 yuan)


Celine’s China -Europe difference is still very large, and the newer the model difference, the greater the price difference, ranging from 26%to 32%.


Bottega veneta

P i olimpia handbag

Style: Small, Chinese red embroidered woven lambskin leather


Bottega Veneta’s knitted bag is difficult to make people’s bright ideas, but this weaving handbag in the 2017 Early Spring Flower Series is quite surprising: the classic woven pattern is decorated with a dark mosaic pattern, inspired by the Roman mosaic in Sicily Essence The dark embroidery geometric patterns seem to be blooming on the bag, which not only makes this weaving bag a little younger, but also the effect of decorative art.

Global price difference: 9535 yuan

Pan Butterfly Family Weaving Bake Bag

Style: Small, Marine Blue Lamb Leather

This BV bucket bag is probably the most lady in the bucket bag. It has reinterpreted the bucket bag in terms of shape or functional aspect. Woven lambskin is refined, soft folds, and leather drawing with metal rings and chain decoration. Not only is the face high, but there are abundant internal space. It is also equipped with two handle and adjustable, detachable shoulder straps, or cross -body or shoulder backs.

Global price difference: 8543 yuan

After watching the price comparison of so many brands, I deeply feel that the pits of the price of the Da Tianchao, how can we blame us to go abroad to buy it? We have no time to go abroad, open the circle of friends, find out your purchasing 123, buy it Essence

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Material: EPI leather

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