“Professor P, recently I found that the underwear is always wet, and even the private parts are a bit wet. Is there a problem with the body?” Not long ago, Professor P received a private message like a netizen, and the phenomenon of wet panties is sometimes wet, about the phenomenon of humid underwear. I believe many female friends have experienced such experiences.

So, the underwear wearing on the body is often wet, does it mean that it has a gynecological disease? To figure out whether this is strict, let’s take a look at these reasons that may cause the underwear to wet.

Wet panties? It may be these 4 reasons

The doctor introduced that under normal circumstances, there will be a little leucorrhea in women’s vagina, but because there are not so many, women’s underwear should be relatively dry, and there will be no obvious secretions on the underwear. And if women suddenly find that their underwear is always wet, and after the following three cases are discharged, then be careful that gynecological diseases may be in their work.

1. Before and after menstruation

In the ovulation during ovulation, the amount of estrogen and progesterone in the body increases, which will promote the secretion of leucorrhea than daily, which will cause the phenomenon of humid underwear. However, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. Women do not need special treatment The amount of leucorrhea secretion often decreases slowly with the end of the menstrual period.

2. During pregnancy

There are also some women’s phenomenon of humid underwear, which may be related to them during pregnancy.

Because the pregnancy period will be the same as the ovulation period, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body will increase, and then leucorrhea will increase. At the same time, with the increase of pregnancy time, the leucorrhea will gradually become water, so that the underwear will be easily wet. If there is no odor, it will be normal without excessive nervousness.

3. Sweat in private parts

On our bodies, sweat glands are everywhere, and women’s private parts are no exception. There are also a large number of sweat glands here to help the body sweat.

Therefore, when the external environment is too hot or exercise violently, when the body needs a lot of sweat, the sweat glands in the private part will leave sweat on the panties during sweating, so that women feel the wetness of the panties, especially in summer.

This phenomenon is naturally normal, but in this case, women must remember

Patriotic underwear with good breathability

, Prevent the possibility of inflammation caused by infection in private parts.

4. Gynecological diseases

If women’s underwear wet is not the above three reasons, and the abrupt leucorrhea is increased in ordinary days, and at the same time, we must be careful of gynecological diseases!

Because when a woman suffers

Vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease or cervicitis


If you have a disease, you may have abnormal health in the private parts, and it is easy to find that leucorrhea is increased, causing the wet panties.

Therefore, in order to prevent the worsening of the disease, it is recommended that women must not be neglected at this time. It is best to go to the hospital to check as soon as possible to see if they have a gynecological problem.

Cleaning private parts, most women didn’t do it right

Regardless of whether the underwear is normally or gynecological, in order to keep the private parts clean, avoid the cause of bacteria and germs above or aggravate vaginal infection.

Wash the private parts regularly every day

is very important.

But in the cleaning piece, many women have done wrong.

It is understood that in order to prevent gynecological diseases, most girls will clean the interior of the private parts in addition to cleaning the vulva. For this line,


Qiang Sufeng, attending the obstetrics and gynecology department affiliated to Tongji University

Professor P had told Professor P that women’s private parts cannot be cleaned, because the interior of the private parts is in a balanced acidic environment, which can inhibit the growth of germs and maintain internal cleanliness by itself, thereby avoiding the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

If it is blindly cleaned, it is easy to break this balanced acidic environment, causing the internal flora dysfunction in the private parts to cause a variety of gynecological problems. Therefore, pay attention to this problem while talking about hygiene.

Of course, the vulva can be cleaned regularly every day, but in the way of choosing to clean, doctors recommend women not to use those fragrance products or soap Local resistance decreases, and gynecological diseases have occurred.


The best way to clean is to gently wipe the vulva with their hands or towels with water

You can also use the shower directly to clean it, but you cannot rinse directly at the vulva with the shower, but remember to use flowing water to slowly wash.

You need to change the underwear. Don’t pile up together

In addition to simply cleaning the vulva every day, the underwear that is inseparable from women’s private parts must also do a good job of sanitation.

And on the cleaning of the underwear,


Li Ye, Director of Gynecology, Beijing Hospital

To Professor P, underwear must be replaced and washed in time. Do not wash the panties to wash it. If you want to kill the bacteria on the underwear better, you can use it first


Neutral disinfection

Come to soak for a while.

It is recommended to use warm water or cold water during cleaning.

The best hand washing

Then dry in ventilation and sunlight. In addition, in order to further ensure the cleanliness of the underwear, everyone can also use an electric iron to iron the dried underwear to be ironed to kill the potential bacteria and fungi in the underwear.

In addition, in the choice of underwear, it is recommended that women best use

Loose, cotton, light -colored underwear

Because this type of underwear is more comfortable and sweat -absorbing, and breathability is better, which can create a more comfortable environment for private parts. Light color can better distinguish the abnormal secretion, which is conducive to the early discovery of the disease.

No matter how good the quality is at the same time, you need to be in

Replace it after 3 months

, Avoid the influence of women’s health on the above.

In the end, many women have the habit of using pads, especially when the underwear and private parts are humid, but this behavior is also extremely bad.

Because there is a layer of impermeable plastic film under the pads, it is easy to make the private parts imbalanced, make the private parts more humid and breeding bacteria, which may cause related gynecological problems. therefore,

It is recommended that women change their panties in order to keep their private parts from drying in their private parts.


Having said so much, now female friends have some understanding of the moisture of the underwear. Usually pay attention to physical changes. If you find problems, go to the hospital for examination in time without excessive anxiety and nervousness.

In addition, the cleaning of the private parts and the change of underwear should be correct. Do not cause trouble to the body because of your own kindness.



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