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Volkswagen · Poster reporter Huang Mengna Liu Yuandi Linyi reported

Recently, Linyi men pulled a car and 1 coin to the car dealer to buy a video of the car, and became angry on the Internet.

In the video, a white truck was parked in the car dealer, and the back compartment was piled up with white, green woven bags. After the woven bag is opened with a small knife, there is a coin with a hair value, more than 170 bags. In another video, the photographer was a staff member of the car dealer. She sighed at a car coin while shooting: It’s so shocking that I haven’t seen so much hair in this life.

The public network · poster journalist contacted Mr. Liu, the person in charge of the car dealer. According to his description: The customer was sent to the store at more than 3 pm on December 29, 2021, and most of the coins were sent to the store. It is 1 hair value, and woven bags with rice and flour.

“He told me to buy a car before, but he was all the change in his hand. Ask me not to collect it, I said yes.” Mr. Liu told Volkswagen • Poster journalist that the man was an old customer and fancy the car and fancy the car. In the trip, SAIC Volkswagen Lavida, who asked him, had asked him if he bought a car with a change, because he himself did not have much concept of the change at that time, so he agreed. Until December 29, the client took the coin to the store and surprised him.

Now that mobile payment is getting widespread, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for people to use money. How does Linyi have so many coins?

Mr. Liu, a car dealer, told Volkswagen Network · Poster Journalist that the customer was the owner of the woven bag and provided a woven bag to the flour factory. The local elderly would spend two or three cents when they went to the flour factory to buy a bag to install noodles. Arrive these change to him as a payment. Every time I receive the coin, the customer will put the money into the woven bag and collect it so much.

The one -hundred thousand yuan coins are a big problem. The next day, Mr. Liu found a car and pulled some coins to the bank to deposit money. The rest was temporarily staying in the store. At present, banks are trying to count the money, and it is expected to be completed after New Year’s Day.

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