How to identify the Fritillaria you bought is the Fritillaria Fritillaria? teach you



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Before identifying, let’s learn about the efficacy and source of Sichuan Fritillaria:

来源:本品为百合科植物川贝母Fritillaria cirrhosa D.Don、暗紫贝母Fritillaria unibracteata Hsiao et K.C.Hsia、甘肃贝母Fritillaria przewalskii Maxim.、梭砂贝母Fritillaria delavayi Franch.、太白贝母Fritillaria taipaiensis P.Y.LI or Wabo Fritillaria Fritillaria University Hsiao ET K.C.HSIAVAR Wabuensis (S.Y.TANG et S.C.yue) Z.D.LIU, S.WANG et S.c.chen’s dry bulb. Different according to the character

“Matsome”, “Qingbei”, “Fangbei” and “Cultivation”

Essence After the melting of summer or autumn or snow, remove the roots, coarse skin and sediment, drying or drying at low temperature.

The “efficacy” of the Pharmacopoeia describes: clearing the heat and moisturizing the lungs, reducing phlegm and cough, and dispersion.

Pharmacopoeia’s description of Matsopo

: Pine shellfish are conical or near -ball -shaped, 0.3 to 0.8cm high, and 0.3 to 0.9cm in diameter.

The surface is white. The outer layer of the outer scale leaves is 2 petals, the size is disparity, the large petals are tightly hugged, and the part is not holding the crescent moon.

The top is closed, with a cylindrical shape, a slightly pointed heart bud and small scales at the top; the apex is blunt or slightly pointed, the bottom is flat, slightly concave. Beard. Hard and crispy, white section, rich powder. The qi is slightly bitter, the taste is slightly bitter.

A set of pictures of the image is visually displayed to you!

Matsusel of Matsusels with different sizes

The picture comes from the database of the Hong Kong Baptist University, with a ratio of 1cm

Combined with the description of the Pharmacopoeia, the four characteristics of the four characteristics of the picture of Mother Sichuan (Songbei) are summarized:

1. “Hold the moon in the arms”,

2. “Waiti black”


3. “Guanyin sitting lotus”,

4, close -ball shape, white like white

What is Matsome’s fake?

That is Xiaoping Fritillaria. First of all, the two producing areas are different. Sichuan Fritillaria (Songbei) is produced in Sichuan, and Pinglian is produced in Heilongjiang. Second, the effects of the two are different,

Fritillaria (Songbei)

: Clear heat and lungs, reducing phlegm and cough, dispersing the knot.



: Clear heat and lungs, reducing phlegm and relieving cough

In the end, the price of the two is far away! The price of Matsome is several times that of Pin Mother.

Illegal merchants often sell Xiaoping Fritillaria as pine shells to customers,

Will you identify it?

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