The British naval shoes of the retro canvas shoes are blueprints. The canvas use the re -work -style beige white, which retains the original design of the shoe brand


On this basis

About design:

The bottom of the shoes was outlined with the original rubber, and the cotton fish bone laces were uniquely used. In terms of senses, its fabric is comfortable and breathable, and the soles and shoes are made of native rubber material soft and comfortable to the beef. How long will it not be tired!

About color matching:

Mi Blue casual retro style with dark color clothes is full of retro

White -green trend small fresh wind with bright color clothes is full of girls

Beige is simple and versatile requires the unique vision of potato baby to buy.

About shoe code:

I usually wear sports shoes 38 or 38.5. The 37 -buying feeling of this pair of shoes is just right, but wearing thick socks will be a bit squeezed (personally I feel that my feet are quite thin), so shoes Code, let’s weigh it yourself

Men just shoot according to their standard size.

Inside the shoes is also very comfortable and soft

Some younger sisters are so comfortable when they are playing in 10,000 steps. They will not be tired.

These are not the point. The point is that the feet of these shoes are really fried chicken sticks. When I just bought it, I just tried the mentality. As a result, I found that the soles were really soft after receiving the goods. It ’s a lot soft, there is really a sense of stepping on the road

The shoes are thicker than Converse canvas shoes. The soles of the shoe are very non -slip on the beef tendon, and the overall workmanship is quite good. The shoes are very good with clothes, especially now in spring and autumn, it is almost easy to make up, and the color is very retro. The same style of men and women can also be worn as a couple shoes (but I always feel that the boys are weird, not strange and cute)


The most important thing is that the cost -effectiveness of this shoe is super high, even if the student party has no pressure

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Feiyue Dafu leaps canvas shoes Women’s shoes men’s shoes sulfid shoes retro Japanese Harajuku street students casual shoes

¥ 108


There is now an activity now, the lowest can be won at 68, and I can only help you get here

$ 4L5A1HOSFT2 $




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