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One year is in spring, one day is in the morning. With the arrival of spring, walk in the streets of the city, you will see that the past people are in colorful light and spring, and the feet wear comfortable and fashionable spring shoes, full of spring atmosphere.

Compared with the public’s vigorous spiritual face, all major businesses in our city will not be able to follow the footsteps of spring, put the spring clothing to the shelves, for the public to buy.

1 spring dress opens the consumer prelude

A wide variety of spring clothes.

On March 22, the author visited, the major shopping malls in the urban area have long been “full garden spring”, the cabinet of the counters in the spring, and the color is more beautiful and pretty yellow, green, pink.

Walking around the mall, short windbreaker, denim jacket, dress, nine pants, wide legs … all kinds of spring clothes make people look dazzling.

In the big business new Mart, a brand women’s counter, seven or eight customers are picking up spring.

“Is this dress look good? Will wear it will be fat?” A citizen wearing a bright yellow windbreaker in front of the mirror, asking questions from time to time.

“Very good, simple and generous, and you can put your skin color.” This citizen said.

After listening to my friends, the citizen bought the clothes on the spot.

Subsequently, the author came to the clothing area of ​​the love home department store. A brand sports salesman told the author, in the middle of February, there was already on the middle of the box, but the citizens purchased at the time were less. As the temperature increased, the public will come to buy spring clothes.

“Most of the brand counters in the supermarket is a label of ‘new listing’. Most citizens may worry that the spring price is high, no discount, in fact, after walking into the store, it will find that most spring clothes have discounts.” Sales staff said.

2 men and women spring shoes listed

Take off the thick cotton boots, lightly installed, a comfortable single shoes can have a lot of color.

The author visited the Shangda New Mart, Leshan Shop, Beijing Shopping Mall, and Xinbaihui and other shopping malls. Single shoes have been fully listed in the spring of 2016, whether it is fashionable pointed shoes or comfortable Loofeng shoes, A bright. In numerous new single shoes, the shallow mouth shoe is still the main style.

In addition to being well worked, the style of the new single shoes is not much change in the style of the new single shoes, still with the head layer of cowhide, sheepskin, and some single shoes are fiber material.

The author interviewed that the new list of Belle, Tianmeiyi, Carlochi, Pierrekan and other brands, the price is about seven or eight hundred yuan, and some appearances plus the rivets, the pattern decorated single shoes, the price is more than thousand Yuan, the price of men’s new single shoes is higher.

A citizen who is trying to say: “I bought a pair of shoes in Belle last year, it is 4500 yuan, at least 700 yuan this year.”

The author visited a circle and found a lot of customers, but there were not many people to buy.

“The newly listed single shoes are not discounted, I am going to buy again, then the summer shoes are listed.” Ms. Liu said, last spring, she saw a single shoes, the price of 899 yuan, when she was too expensive did not buy. After a period of time, the new listing, the shoes will be privileged immediately. In the end, she took the pair of shoes away from 200 yuan.

3 sunglasses, masks and other small items hot

Last weekend, Ms. Sun bought 3 glasses in the optical shop: a flat glossy, a framed sunglasses, a pair of myopia mirrors that automatically regulate colors.

“It took more than 500 yuan. This is my spring ‘equipment’.” Ms. Sun said that spring often blows, sometimes accompanied by sand dust, if not glasses, it is especially uncomfortable.

“For more than half a month, our sunglasses and flat light glasses are particularly good.” Dennis’s second floor, a salesperson soldier said this year’s popular big box, especially the color, many people buy two or three vice.

In addition to sunglasses, the mask is also a must-have for the people in spring. The author saw in the Tianlong Market, many stores are selling a wide range of masks.

A doctranator tells the author: “The temperature difference between spring day and night is very easy to catch a cold, and the door is wearing a mask not only isolates the virus, but also wind the wind.”

Subsequently, the author came to a pharmacy in the northern section of the city to understand the sales of masks. “The mask wearing in winter is too thick. I came to the pharmacy to transfer, I want to buy a few breathable thin masks.” A citizen who is picking a mask said.

The pharmacy sales staff said that with the arrival of the spring, many people buy a mask. One of the one-time medical masks are best sold. “The filtered mask is relatively thick, and the comfort is moderate. One-time medical mask is both convenient and hygienic, but the wind is not particularly good.” The sales staff said that all masks have excellent disadvantages, and the public can be based on their own The actual situation chooses to buy.

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