Modern light luxury decoration design, finally found ~ comfortable, practical and personalized

At present, the hottest decoration style is light luxury style. It is presented to the modern “light+luxury” style that is true to simple to simple.


That’s right, light luxury is not luxurious, but the connotation of luxury, abandoning luxury external performance,

Use mild manifestations to make it have a connotation without publicity.


Let’s take a look at today’s sharing!


First of all, as soon as you enter the door, you are integrated with the dining room. The decoration is a high -end atmospheric atmosphere of fashion, light luxury, and high -end atmosphere. The indoor is mainly warm -colored. This makes the entire space look warmer.

The living room is based on dalite, white, and light blue. The color matching makes the whole space appear atmospheric and textured, and it looks bright and spacious. In addition, the large floor -to -ceiling windows are fluttered.


The background wall of the sofa is simple blue frame+metal color stripe design, coupled with the minimalist style of Nordic, the entire living room is very overall, with green and pink fabric sofas, metal legs coffee tables and edges, modern and fashionable It revealed a full and luxurious atmosphere.


The restaurant is next to the living room. The rectangular dining table is paired with light blue+pink fluffy dining chairs. It is exquisite and stylish, showing the owner’s pursuit of quality of life. Metal ceiling, tableware, beautiful flowers, exquisitely with a trace of warmth. The white+log -coutable passing wine cabinet increases the storage space.

The master bedroom is white+beige phase to create a warm and comfortable sleep space. Under a single color tone, a metallic ceiling is highlighted. On the quiet night, the warm light is the only color, warm and comfortable.


Light extravagant style decoration,

Is it low -key and fashionable?

Welcome to comment [Smile]

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