Enter the “safe” on the search engine, and the Apudio safe always appears in front of the homepage. Just like when it comes to mobile phones, people think of the iPhone, talking about the safe, and Ai spectrum is two words that cannot be turned. The predecessor of Aide was founded in Ningbo Huali Humanarian Box Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1991. In 2001, Ningbo Aidu Industrial Co., Ltd. was officially established. From unknown to well -known, from well -known to well -known, Ai Jing has gradually become the leader of the industry with his efforts, professional attitude, and innovative spirit.

Today, Ai spectrum safe is widely used in commercial, family, security engineering and other fields. The market share has reached more than 16%, especially in the high -end product field. Ai spectrum has become a series of supporting business institutions such as anti -theft boxes, fire boxes, gun cabinets, and a series of supporting business institutions such as safe research centers, safe research centers (cabinets) inspection centers, and brand promotion centers in China. Safe cabinet manufacturers and export foreign exchange bases.

安全时尚便捷 艾谱重新定义保险箱

From design to manufacturing, Ai spectrum always focuses on the long -term interests of users, and strictly controls the quality. Each of each of its safe has national 3C certification, which meets the Ministry of Light Industry standards, and some products even exceed the standards. Ai spectrum uses many innovative technologies and materials such as laser cutting, invincible locks, diamond door embolism, armored protection, stealth handles, mechanical electronic composite locks, etc. to upgrade the anti -theft performance of the safe, making it a truly reliable security guard.

安全时尚便捷 艾谱重新定义保险箱

While meeting people’s demand for the basic function of security, Ai spectrum continues to upgrade the product value of the product, making the safe to become a part of high -quality life. The unique appearance design, high -end color matching, and precision box manufacturing, each detail reveals unparalleled texture. The design emphasizes the integration of functions, aesthetics, and space. It is both a safe and a bedside table. It can also be used as a corner in the corner. From the appearance to the color matching, it can be perfectly integrated into the home.

In response to the situation with few valuables and many varieties, the internal space design of the Audi safe also considers more comprehensive consideration to provide users with convenient storage space. There is a password inner door inside the safe, a space box on the top, and the development key pendant area, certificate area, credit card storage area, and more storage functions of the door panel. The interior of the safe is also very sophisticated. The combination of a variety of materials such as peach, leather, stainless steel, and velvet, which takes into account the flexibility and safety.

Ai spely practiced the brand proposition of “safety, wisdom, and good life”, keeping pace with the times, and continuously launched new products to bring new experiences to users, and successfully led round -round product iteration and consumption upgrade. With the increasingly fierce market competition, Ai spectrum actively practiced technological innovation strategies, increased investment in technological development, improved its technology, moved towards high -end roads, and strived to provide users with more personalized and intelligent solutions.

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