I don’t know when it started, nude underwear close to the skin color began to advertise in public. Compared to a hundred years ago, it was once a lingerie that people had shameful, and now trying to show our bodies better.

Behind the generous and more frank, the underwear itself has a new meaning.

For most people, the nude underwear on huge outdoor advertising is only an ordinary bottoming shirt, just because the person wearing it is an international supermodel. Not long ago, a underwear brand was still because of Li Xuan’s advertising word “turning the car”, but now it has turned the tide under the interpretation of the supermodels, and won countless praises and praise: “Really good -looking”, “Go to place an order immediately”; even There are also fans to check in before the advertisement during the holidays, just to see the beautiful idols above.


But today we are not talking about the charm of supermodels, but the popular nude underwear in recent years.

Since it is underwear, it must be close to the skin. In this regard, nude colors have a natural advantage: this delicate neutral color is between gentle pink and simple earth colors, with both simple and warm and warm genes, because it is similar to the skin color, and it can make people trust in trust. sense.

And nude underwear also has a functional position in terms of function: the color system that is similar to the skin, has a certain invisible effect, can avoid the embarrassment of underwear at some time. Therefore, when the underwear was invented more than a hundred years ago, the designers chose the nude color system. The hourglass underwear in the first garment series launched by Christine Dior in 1947 was nude Essence


Like the meat -colored stockings that have been criticized, nude underwear is also a good helper for women in summer. In addition, it is not surprising that it is favored to give the dress with the greatest freedom.

But today’s nude underwear has changed the posture: Ni Ni puts the fur+nude underwear behind the cover of the fashion magazine. More girls expose the sheep and jacket to the vest underwear in the jacket and wear it into a fashion.

In the West, this style is called AthFlow style.

Initially, this style combined the Athleisure and Flow (fashion), and at the same time met the needs of sports and fashion. After a few years of the fashion circle, it gradually extended to comfortable fabrics, simple design, and elegant and seasonal season. The total color tone.


The “wild spokesperson” that best represents this style is the Kardashian family.

Golden Katshan, who always wants to show the sexy curve, can wear nude colors on his body. In Xiaohongshu, some people even make nude colors into Kardashian color color -wearing sports vests and tight Leggings You are the walking Kardashian himself.

Of course, Sister Jin, the first Internet celebrity in the United States, would not miss such a traffic password. She founded Skims, her own body -shaping underwear brand two years ago. The SKIMS brand focuses on comfort and function, emphasizing tolerance, and provides products from sizes from XXS to 5X underwear, bodybuilding, pajamas, home clothes and other products. The color of the body is nude with 9 different color numbers from shallow and in total.

The minimalist style is equipped with a color of nearly skin tone or low saturation, which claims to allow any woman to easily choose products close to their skin tone. In Skims’s promotional photos, women of different figures are wearing nude underwear and confidently show their figure curve.

Skims, which is friendly with a friendly body, has achieved great success at a time after the release of the product, the sales reached 2 million US dollars after the release of the products. In the next few weeks, the customer waited for list. (Yes, you have to wait for your underwear.) It was ranked two million. Two years later, SKIMS even became the designated underwear brand of the Olympic U.S. National Team, and the brand was smoothly funded, with a valuation of $ 1.6 billion.


The older body -shaping underwear brand SPANX feels the pressure of competition, providing customers with “champagne”, “nude color”, “light brown”, “light brown”, “light brown”, “pink background”, “pink background”, ” “Soft sand color” and “nude color” products such as color.

Of course, this wave of nude color is not missed in China. The subway stations, shopping malls, airports outside some big cities mentioned earlier, seems to have a lot of huge posters from nude underwear brands. But this time, these models that often appear in fashion blockbusters are not first -line luxury goods, but a simple nude bottoming shirt.

Even without the blessing of Chinese clothes, under the background of the famous model gas field, nude underwear exudes a lazy and comfortable atmosphere in a casual state, making viewers inevitably began to secretly imagine: Maybe wearing the same paragraph, it can emit the same a feeling of?

It is true that the supermodels make the ordinary underwear become advanced in seconds, but it must be acknowledged that when it will start, the nude color system and the Morandi color system replace the high saturation color system and become the mainstream color of the underwear market. The underwear endorsed by the supermodels focuses on the comfort of no size, and is known as “like the second layer of the human body”. Since the skin is used as a selling point, it will naturally be more biased to the skin -friendly nude in the product design. The color system, the Tmall shop of the product looks at it, almost all nude colors.

The product is not the only brand that has launched nude underwear in the near future. In the mall not far away, singer Faye Wong wore nude home clothes and leaned comfortably on the chair. The underwear brand she endorsed also focuses on black and white nude gray. According to media reports, the founder of the brand believes that the coat may have to deceive the eyes, but the underwear must be absolutely honest with the body, preach the attitude of truth, nature, and confidence. The nude color that can show the body’s original appearance is of course the best choice.

Another underwear brand that focuses on the sense of technology, with the concept of induced underwear, has increased its popularity rapidly within a few years, and completed Series A financing at the end of last year. The publicity map is also nude.

In fact, the changes are inseparable from its ancestors. The reason why naked colors begin to appear overwhelmingly are likely to cater to the ultimate pursuit of contemporary people in the comfort of underwear and the trend of civilian fashion. Whether it is men or women, fitting the skin and different figures are important selling points for underwear. For example, the ice silk underwear that appears in the previous stage is the uncle who allows the slender waist to go to the big belly. The comfortableness can be said to be a very civilian characteristic.

In the social platform’s underwear sharing page, almost all nude underwear. Old domestic underwear has kept up. Even if there is no comfortable style such as the main steel ring, it has launched nude underwear.

At the same time, Victoria’s secret -style sexy underwear fans have gradually decreased. Even the Victoria’s Secret itself, due to the continuous decline in sales, put away the flower -green underwear advertisements, and chose a more “plain” female star like Zhou Dongyu as a spokesperson, and the publicity photos were relatively stricter.


On the one hand, the production of nude underwear, on the other hand is the reduction of other underwear, “it feels like nude underwear on the market” is naturally not surprising; The comfort of underwear is redefining women’s demands for underwear.

In the small red book, almost all the sharing of underwear is inseparable from the word “comfort”.

Under the small -scale Braless Revolution, more women want to liberate themselves: Why is the sweltering and sticky feeling brought by underwear? Why can’t women’s underwear be more comfortable?

Compared to whether makeup is pleasing to the people or pleasing self, sexy underwear seemed to be more like a product under men’s stare. Obviously, when female consciousness is becoming more and more awakened, this “outdated” aesthetic is out. This is why Victoria is also Victoria The secrets of the secret gradually departed from the mainstream fashion trend.


Bovolva said in “Second Sex”: The reason why today is no longer a feminine temperament is because there has never been a feminine temperament. The nude unisex (gender -free) is also one of the reasons for its popularity in the fashion circle.


Maybe you do n’t know that when choosing a nude underwear, there is actually a trace of rebellion: compared to the sexy underwear that pleases men, it is more inclined to please self -nude underwear.

In Western countries, which is feminist, comfortable nude underwear has long become a best -selling product, but it is not that nude underwear can be happy. In fact, nude underwear has long been a “place for soldiers” in the fashion industry’s correct politics: what color should be?

Nude refers to the nude color close to the skin color, but the nude colors launched earlier are basically between pink and earth colors. For more colored races with darker skin tone, this color obviously cannot become their “Nude”.

The former President’s wife Michelle Obama did not escape the correct magic claws of politics. The skin tone in front of the real version of the real version was not skin tone, and what the nude color you wanted was naked.


In a national banquet in 2010, she was wearing a “nude” dress. The designer described the dress that this dress was “Nude Strapless GOWN (nude colorless shoulder straps)”, which immediately caused a stir: Why is the black nude color white?

In order to solve this problem, underwear brands have pushed out new, and they have designed a variety of nude underwear: different depths, Ren Jun chose.

The first underwear brand Naja, which was first implemented, launched 7 skin -colored underwear at one time, and played a “Nude for All” Slogan. It aims to have a “liquid color color number. All women can have a” “” Nude “underwear. In order to better express their claims, the founders also specially collected various amateur models: amateur models of different races, different skin colors, different figures, and different occupations to interpret their nude underwear together.

A London brand Heist Studios has also released the Nude Project for this. Consumers can upload their photos, and the brand will make corresponding underwear products based on the skin color of different types of people. The Nude Project was launched within 3 hours, and over 12,000 people registered as brand members.

In my country with a unified skin color, the brand does not need to consider such a problem for the time being, but the popularity of nude underwear can at least draw a conclusion: it is feasible to sell sexy to women through underwear.


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