【Tibetan Tiandao】

It has always been controversial and liked. For those who believe in Tibetan Buddhism or people who are obsessed with Tibetan culture, the Tibetan Tiansan definitely likes and worships the sacred objects. For these people who do not understand or obsessed, Tibetan beads are agate, but there are new and old. The so -called eyes, symbols, totems are just carved with acid and alkali. But don’t think that the Tibetan beads of agate are all true, without fake goods. As the prices of Tibetan beads have risen in recent years, fake goods are frequently out, so be careful!


#天 天#

First, Tibetan Dzi New and Old New Talk.

Those who like to Tibetan beads are obsessed with the Buddhist culture behind the beads. Regardless of the old and the old, it is worth having, the meaning of praying or numerology and the good prayer. But if you do n’t like it, you think that the old beads are antiques, and the new beads are crafts. Anyway, it is reasonable, and I also think that the new Tibetan beads have no value! Unless you wearing inheritance for hundreds of years, wear the new beads into antiques! Otherwise, I personally think that the new Tibetan beads do not have any value!


Second, the true and false of the Tibetan beads.


No matter what or Wenwan, as long as the price is high, someone will definitely make profits. Tibetan beads are no exception. Really Tibetan beads are agate, but there are fakes: plastic, stones!

① The plastic is made of fakes wrapped in the inside. You can easily order it with a lighter, and there is a strong chemical pungent taste. As shown below:

② With the fakes of agate with stone, this kind of fake will never produce weathering and oil moisturizing! Play it and show you below:

③ The inferiority and excellence of Tibetan beads. The high -quality Tibetan beads, after smashing, you can see that the etching texture invades the agate meat, but those who have poor quality float on the surface, and its etching process is quite clumsy! As shown in the figure below:


In short.

If you really like Tibetan beads, it is better to know more before. Learn about the culture, craftsmanship, materials, new and old, true and false, good and bad, etc., of course, you can also consult me.


follow me!

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