Chanzhen Ginkgo Natural Bubble Clear Cream

Since Korean skin care products have entered China, Chan Zhen has also been loved by more and more MMs. South Korea ’s Ginkgo facial cleansing milk on the Internet has made it among the first -class skin care products. Chanzhen Ginkgo Natural Skin Series contains the essence of ginkgo leaf extraction and various plant beauty ingredients. It can deeply clean the skin, completely remove dirt, makeup and dust from the depths of the pores, so that the skin can be clean and pure. Supplement the sufficient skin of the skin, make the skin tight or greasy after washing the face, make the skin fair and transparent, and the beauty ingredients such as persimmon leaf extraction essence make the skin fair and transparent.


Clarins Mild Foam Clear Cream


French brand Clarins are constantly pushing new in the field of cleansing. This mild foam cleansing cream is full of plant essences such as stars and cotton seeds. The rich and delicate foam can completely clean the residual and dirt of cosmetics. After use, you can feel fresh and velvet -like. Soft, its texture is mild, the cleaning power is very good, the skin is smooth and tight after use, it is suitable for neutral or mixed skin. It is MM’s dream of products.

Shiseido Washing Specialty Suddenly Foam Foam Cleansing Milk

Shiseido’s cleansing series can be described as colorful, and strive to meet the needs of many women. This no -containing color, a soft formula, rich facial cleanser, is to adapt to all kinds of skin. Its peculiar, exquisite, elastic foam can fully deepen the pores and skin texture, take away dirt, protect the skin, and maintain the skin’s moisturizing film, make the skin tender and elastic.


Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser

Efficacy: Deep cleaning, clean, refreshing, brightening skin tone to improve acne muscles


This Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser is rated as the light of domestic products by netizens. As a cleansing makeup remover di -one facial cleanser, its small molecular amino acid can go deep into the pores, absorb the impurities in the pores, completely clean the pores, clean the pores, clean Power is enough and does not hurt the skin, which can prevent acne. It is rich in goat milk and nano -pearl powder. It not only has a good cleaning effect, but also balances water and oil, clean acne removing mites, converges pores, remove blackheads and closed acne, whitening and skinny! Suitable for any skin type!

It is more attractive to me to add French imported amino acids. We have been pursuing the skin to reach a state of water and oil balance. This facial cleanser can be used to remove the moisture without the skin. Like daily sunscreen light makeup, those facial cleanser can be washed well. Adhere to the use of water and oil balance that can adjust the skin and fade acne marks. Without any delicate acne ingredients, when you have acne, you have no discomfort to use this facial cleanser. The moisturizing power is absolutely abrupt, and it can also improve the skin dullness. With 1 bottle, acne and blackheads are visible to the naked eye.

This facial cleanser has to be said that the formula is really gentle. Pure amino acid formula does not contain a little soap base. It has been used for about a month. Without the pores, the pores are a lot and delicate. Every day without acne is really happy, the skin becomes fair, and now Su Yan is also a little fairy.

The facial cleanser of these brands is deeply cleaned, thoroughly removed the pores, and the skin is fair

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