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“The first brand of domestic milk powder”, “lead sheep in domestic milk powder” – this is


Once label.

However, 2006, in 2007, there were 18 billions, and the stock market was in the market, so that many people were drumming: Loss such a mess, the milk powder is worth buying?

About Beinmei This is a sudden history, and the dad has written an article before. So, what is the problem of Beinmei milk powder? What is the difference between different series? Which series is worth buying?

In this issue, the fifth bomb is launched in a domestic milk powder.

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Score summary

The most expensive red love performance is general, relatively cheap love of 1st score

1 paragraph rank: 1 Aino 2 green love 3 classic preferred

2 paragraph rankings: 1 Ioda 2 green love 3 love plus and red love

3 paragraph rankings: 1 Idoda and green love 2 red love

1, version number



Beinmei’s milk powder series is the most in domestic milk powder. There are 18 products in the official website, and 17 formulations have passed registration.

Stupid Dad wants to understand that the registration registration of the formula is not to say that the company is only allowed to register 3 formula series 9 product formulas? How can I have so much?

In this issue, Beinmei milk powder evaluation, only 9 series sold in the Jingdong official flagship store, including:

Aijia, green love, red love, love, love, love, classic, children enjoy, 佑, 贝多灵



佑, 贝多灵

They are the series of products that Beinmei and the other two maternal and child brands – baby joy, New Feit cooperation.

The latest version of the product pictures of each series of milk powder is as follows:


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Segment number

At the number of segments, crying, classic, children enjoyment is 1-4 segments, and other series are divided into 1-3 segments, and the applicable age is very routine.

2, milk source milk based raw material

Milk source



Green love, red love

Dairy source from



Ireland original original can import


new Zealand

New Zealand original original can

The two places belong to 40-50 degrees “Gold Milk Source Belt”, the pasture environment, dairy variety, dairy breeding and management, and mastulent safety control.

2 other series of milk source from

Heilongjiang, China


made in China

. Although the milk source is better than Ireland, New Zealand, but better than other domestic milk sources.

Milk-based raw material

In terms of raw materials, only

Donoda full paragraph


Fresh skim milk

Most of the other series of raw materials have been added

Milk powder

. Fresh milk raw materials will be better than the milk powder in freshness.

In addition, Beinmei series of milk powder

Never add flavor

Light taste, good performance.

3, basic nutrition comparison


1 Beinmei series

1 segment of carbohydrate content is in line with China National Standard

2 paragraphs and above are in line with the reference scope of the new national standard.

2 only

Love 4 paragraph




In addition to providing heat, there is not much nutritional value.



Other series of various paragraphs

No glucose polymer

(Mathodextrin, glucose solid, starch, white sugar, etc.), the lactose content is high, and more nutritional value is retained.


1 Beinmei series of all sections


The fat content is in line with the Chinese national standard


Red love

The whole paragraph uses may increase the baby’s constipation


Palm oil belongs to deduction

Child enjoy, classic preferred, love 4 paragraph

However, the specific ingredients of the vegetable oil are not marked, so it is not sure whether to contain palm oil, and the stupid dad will deduct points as appropriate.


The protein content is in line with the Chinese national standard.

. The advantages and disadvantages of the specific protein will be involved in the latter characteristic intensive formulation analysis.

Vitamin mineral comparison

Vitamins, minerals are in line with Chinese national standards.

Edinand, green love, red love, 2-3 sections lack manganese; classic preferred, children enjoy, 佑, 2-3 sections

Although it meets the specifications of the current national standard, in the new national standard, it is proposed to adjust the necessary ingredients of manganese and selenium to 2-3 paragraph milk powder. So everyone should still pay attention.

There are no lack of vitamin or minerals in 1-3 segments.

2 three

4 paragraph milk powder, lack of a variety of vitamins and minerals

. However, because 4 paragraph milk powder is for 3 years old, its diet has diverse, and 4 paragraph milk powder has no relevant standards, so it is just reminding everyone to pay attention.

3 Since the new national standard comment is greatly improved

1 paragraph milk powder

The minimum value of the content, and

2-3 paragraph milk powder folic acid

The minimum of the content is equal. Therefore, if the content of these substances in the milk powder exceeds the minimum of “new”, it will be

Additional extra points (labeled +)

. The specific case is as shown above.


4, strengthen formula comparison


11.3% ≤ DHA content ≤ 0.5% (accounting for total fat content), or 3.6mg / 100kJ or more, the baby’s intelligence and visual development is better, and the dad will

Extra points


Love plus 1-3, 1-2 paragraph 1-2

DHA is added higher, get extra points (☆)

. The other series of DHA content is low, it is difficult to say how much role can be used to eat milk powder.

2 at the same time,

Love plus 1-3 segments, 1-2, DHA and ARA, 1: 2, 1: 2

In line with the proportion of breast milk, get more extra points (☆).



DHA / ARA did not add DHA / ARA.

Conventional enhancement formula

1 Regular enhancement formula, that is, although it is not a need for ingredients in national standards, most milk powder will add nutrients, including:

Choline, inositol, taurine, L-carnitine, nucleotide, and dietary fiber

Adding a regular reinforcing formula does not add extra points, only a certain amount is added.

2 Beinmei series

Conventional enhanced formulations are in line with Chinese national standards.

3 all versions of the whole


23 milk powder

Nucleotide content

Get extra points (labeled +). But all versions of all versions

Low choline content

4 Belodin

Lack of nucleotide

Child enjoy, classic preferred, 佑 2-3

Lack of choline

4 paragraph milk powder

Lack of choline, inositol, L-carnitine, nucleotide

Characteristic intensive formula

1 Characteristic intensive formula, that is, nutrient-enhanced substances added to some milk powder, including:

Lactin, OPO, CPP, lutein, β-carotene


Wait. Adding a feature-enhanced formulation can get additional points.


: Helps improve your baby’s own immunity.

Classic preferred, children enjoy, love, red love, love

There are additions to the whole section, but the amount is not high, and the red love is slightly higher.


: Calcium and fatty acid absorption can be optimized.

Classic preferred, children enjoy, 佑, green love

There are additions to the whole section, and the amount of addition is not large.


CPP (casein phosphate)

: Ability to improve the intake of divalent minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc and absorption and utilization.

Classic preferred, children enjoy, 佑

1-3 is added.



: Helps to increase vision and protect eyesight.

Green love, love, red love, loveda

All segments are added, and the difference in content in each segment is not large.



: It is possible to securely effectively supplement vitamin A and promote visual development.

Classic preferred, children enjoy 4 paragraphs

There are additions to add.


Classic preferred

Although propaganda is moderately hydrolyzed whey protein milk powder, it is easier to absorb, but the registration is ordinary formula, and it is impossible to see how much its hydrolyzed protein ingredients are in the new version of the ingredients.


Bello Ling did not add any feature-enhanced formula

6, the general comment

According to the above analysis, Stupid Dad integrates an indicator of milk source, milk-based raw materials, basic nutrition and enhancement formulations, which makes meticulous points for Beinmei version of milk powder (full range of 100 points). The specific score is as follows:

According to scores, we can draw the following

Important summary

1, 1 paragraph milk powder

The first, green love rankings, the second, classic preferred ranking

One of the gaps of the top three lies in the raw materials. Edinand’s milk source from New Zealand, and use fresh milk production; green love is used by Irish milk powder, classic optimization is the black dragon river milk, the raw materials are not good.

Another difference is to enhance the formulation. The DHA of Aino is higher, and the ratio of ARA is more reasonable, green, and the classic is preferred in this regard;

However, in the characteristic enhanced formulation, Adodot only added 1 lutein, and green love added two ovary and OPO, and the classics preferably added 3 OPO, CPP and lactoferrin.

2 The reason why other series is not high, or because the raw materials are not high enough, or because the characteristic enhancement formulation is less.

Recommendation: Recommend 1 paragraph of Aino.

However, because the ioda series has not yet been registered by the formula, the milk powder produced after January 1, 2018 is not available. However, as long as it is in the shelf life (which is 2 years), the quality of milk powder is still no problem.

If the treasure moms are not relieved, choose the green love that has been registered through the formula, the classic is also good.

Recommended by the price is not sensitive, 1 paragraph, the price-sensitive recommended classic preferred 1

2, 2 paragraph milk powder

Idoda is the first, green love ranking second, love plus, red love side third

The situation in Adodot and Green Love is basically consistent with 1 paragraph, the only difference is that both from 2 points will no longer add manganese, so the mineral score is deducted.

Classical preferred two sections are deducted due to non-ferrous powder, and the lack of selenium is deducted, and the ranking has fallen out of the top three.

DHA advantages and 2 special intensive formulas are ranked third, but its milk source is relatively general; while the same third place, the red love 2 sections, milk source and 2 special intensive formulations are Advantage, but other projects are not highlighted.

2 Other series of problems, mainly concentrated on raw materials, mineral lacks and enhanced formulations.

Recommendation: Recommended Edinodia. If you mind the formula registration, the price is not sensitive to the recommended green love 2, and the price-sensitive recommendation of love plus 2.

3, 3 and 4 paragraph milk powder

Edinand, green love, first, red love ranking third

The rating of 3 paragraphs is the same as 2 paragraphs, and the reason for the Redida fraction is that the amount of DHA has declined, and it does not get extra points, and it is divided with green love.

The score of the 4th paragraph is also the same as 2 paragraphs, and the love plus 3 paragraphs cannot keep the top three, because the baby can eat after 1 year old, so the plus points of DHA in 3 milk powder have Upset, the score of 3 segments of love plus also declines.

2 The other series of 3 sections is consistent with 2 segments.

Recommendation: Recommended Edinodia. If you mind the formula registration, the price is not sensitive to the green love 3

3 Due to the three 4-segment milk powder vitamins, minerals are absent,

So do not recommend


In terms of price, Stupid Dad selected the price data of Bainmei (including Newfall, Baby Ph.D.) Tmall, Jingdong official flagship store in mid-December 2018 for reference.

Combined with the score, the most expensive red love rankings, the green love performance is better than the red love, and the relatively cheap love is good.

Ok, this issue of Beinmei milk powder is over, will continue to introduce more domestic brand milk powder evaluation, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions, I want to consult, welcome to leave a message, the stupid father will answer you separately.

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Dairy source from


1 Beinmei series of all sections

1 Beinmei series of all sections




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