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Carbon dioxide is a kind of gase of no smell, no irritation to the skin, and not easy to detect the human body. Carbon dioxide gas can be seen everywhere in life. However, carbon dioxide is also very harmful to the human body. It makes people breathe difficult, even poisoning. The carbon dioxide gas detector is used in the gas concentration detection of carbon dioxide and the alarm of carbon dioxide concentration exceeds the standard. It can accurately detect the concentration of carbon dioxide and display the real -time concentration value and standard signal output on the spot. It has the advantages of stable signal, high sensitivity and accuracy. Suitable for various dangerous places. So what occasions can the carbon dioxide gas detector be applied? The editor of Yiyuntian will introduce it to you:

Application of carbon dioxide gas detector:


1. Animal animal husbandry

Because the quality of air is related to the healthy growth of animals. If the air is turbid for a long time, the concentration of carbon dioxide is high, and it will cause animals to be sick or cause an epidemic of epidemic. Therefore, installing a carbon dioxide gas detector in a farm can prevent the occurrence of animal epidemic.

2. Industry

Carbon dioxide gas detector is also widely used in industries, such as wastewater treatment and safety production, especially underground operations need to monitor carbon dioxide concentration. In industries such as metal processing, pulp and paper, cleaning and solvent extraction, and low -temperature cleaning, carbon dioxide gas detectors are generally used in industries such as carbon dioxide.

3. Agriculture

Carbon dioxide is related to the photosynthesis of plants, so it is widely used in agricultural production. Proper carbon dioxide concentration can increase the yield of agricultural crops. When the carbon dioxide concentration is insufficient, qi fertilizer can be used. It is very helpful.

4. Public places

Personal places, such as conference rooms, classrooms, exhibition halls, hospitals, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, airports, railways, entertainment halls, etc., can be installed with carbon dioxide gas detector to perform ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring to ensure protection People are healthy.

In summary, it is the application of the carbon dioxide gas detector. Of course, in addition to animal husbandry, industry, agriculture, and public places, it has been widely used in pharmaceutical, municipal, sewage treatment and other fields. At present, carbon dioxide gas detector has become an indispensable protective equipment in industrial safety production.

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