How to install aluminum profile sealing

Aluminum profile sealing is also called flat seal slot, which is used to cover the surface pit of the surface of the industrial aluminum profile. It plays a decorative role and can also keep the surface of the aluminum profile tidy. There are many colors of aluminum profile flat tanks, but because aluminum profiles are more silver and white most of the time, the color of the flat seal slot is generally black, white and gray, and some are yellow. Because the slot of the industrial aluminum profile is generally 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, the conventional seal models include B6, B8 and B10. So how is the aluminum -type flat sealing slot installed?



First of all, you must choose the correct flat sealing slot of the aluminum material. The corresponding model of the sealing strip of B8 will not be wrong. Then cut the seal length into 1 cm longer than the profile length. Then trim the two ends of the sealing strip, then press into the slot’s mouth, and use the roller to press and seamlessly fit the groove port of the aluminum material. Speaking of simple, in fact, this is a technical work that requires carefulness and patience, otherwise it is easy to waste sealing materials and time.

Recently, Nanjing Meicheng Aluminum has undertaken several batch of orders for aluminum profile frameworks. In order to successfully complete the task, Meicheng mobilized all employees to use a collective seal to the next time to watch a batch of good aluminum profile output factories. Blooming.

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