Are you still rubbing your noodles with your hands? The purchase strategy of 8 chef machines, liberate your hands for you

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From baking Xiaobai to baking enthusiasts, I stepped on a lot of pits. The pit I have stepped on must not let you step on it! Today I will share the strategy I have made when I buy a chef machine, choose the chef machine that suits you, and let you rub your noodles and liberate your hands.



I have always felt that there are not enough tools since the pits and baking, and kneading the noodles with my hands is too tired. Every time I make a lot of bread to entertain my friends, I really have a hard time. Later, I started the bread machine, and after starting, I felt that the function was too single; I introduced the chef machine again after being introduced by a friend, so fragrant! In the process of choosing a chef machine, I also studied the purchase strategy of the chef machine. Let’s share this dry goods with you ~

What can you do if you buy a chef


The friends who do not play baking must not know what the chef is the machine. Let me first introduce the chef machine to the guy.

Some people also call it a kitchen machine and a multi -functional dishes mixer, which is mainly used for a kneading, egg, and stirring in the production of Chinese and Western noodles. It can often solve some preparations before we bake. For example, we need to pass cream before making cakes, stirring butter cheese, kneading before making bread.


His working principle is that the motor rotates the gear rotation after power -on to correspond to different accessories to achieve the corresponding function of starting the chef machine.


2. How to make the chef machine not eat gray


How to avoid letting the chefs avoid gray? It mainly depends on whether you are often used. If you make a bread cake for ten days and a half months, you can use your hands to buy an eggbeater with your hands, but if you are baking and enthusiasts like me, I recommend that you buy a suitable chef machine.

The powerful function of the chef machine contains the function:

Kneading dough, getting eggs, cream, mixing meat, mixing baby supplementary food, some multi -functional chef machines can also be used in one machine, you can buy some accessories to make noodles, cut vegetables, grinder enema, juice juice, etc.


3. The key points of buying a chef machine

① The body material and self -weight

Common home chef machine body material


Aluminum and plastic

Two types. Another 304 stainless steel, most of which are used by commercial chefs.

If you have sufficient budget, it is recommended to choose a chef machine with metal materials.


In terms of use, the metal body has a certain weight, the studio stability is good, and it is not easy to shake and displace when kneading. The heating and heat dissipation of the metal material are better than the plastic shell. The machine work is helpful for the heat of the motor fan. The solid metal material is not easy to deform when it encounters a small collision.

The plastic body itself is light and light, and the stability of the work is poor. When accelerating the use of kneading and stirring functions, vibration displacement is prone to. Coupled with poor heat dissipation performance, it is easy to occur during work.

The price is also a penny, and the chef machine with a metal body must be more durable, but novice Xiaobai can also buy cheap entry -level chef machines to try.

② motor and power


DC motors are generally gear drivers, small work noise, small machine shake, high service life;

The AC motor generally uses the belt rotation. During the rotation of the belt rotation, it will produce a large noise. The greater the power, the greater the noise, and the machine will shake more obvious and the service life is relatively low.

The torque of the DC motor is greater than the AC motor at the same power. As long as you know that the same power AC motor noise is 1.5 times that of DC motors. And AC motor opportunities are easier to overheat than DC motors, especially summer.

As ordinary buyers, we can’t tell what DC is an AC motor. The simpler way is to look at the battery life of this chef’s machine when kneading. A good motor will not stop due to long -term work, especially good DC motor chef machines. It can work for 2 hours in a full load; and good AC motors, I think it can last at least half a half of the motor. Hours working hours.

③ capacity


How to choose the basin of the chef machine? The 4.8L-7L capacity is dazzling? Looking at the experience of making bread for so many years, 4.7L and 5.2L of daily use are the most. He can and 2 450G toast dough at a time. The 7L pot is too big! Intersection Two egg whites cannot be sent because the pot is too large.

If you are commercial, you can consider starting a 7L noodle barrel. After all, he can stir about 15 eggs with 3 450G toast at one time. It is recommended to start with 4.8L and 5.2L noodle barrels if you use it. (Figure source peach kitchen)

④ gear and control interface

Generally, the gear of the chef machine is mostly 6-10 gears. Usually 2-3 gears can be completed. Basically 5 gears can be met with eggs and stirring. The adjustment method of the gear currently has two adjustment methods: knob and control rod type. The knob type is relatively common, and the operation is simpler and more convenient than the control lever.

The control interface is also available

The knob type, LCD display control, LED Blu -ray LCD control, and intelligent control of microcomputer have little impact on use. It is a secondary choice factor for selecting chef machines.


⑤ noise

As mentioned earlier, the noise of the kitchen machine is determined by the motor. The DC motor noise is small, and the same power AC motor noise is 1.5 times that of DC motors.


⑥ accessory

There are generally three types of kitchen machines. The material of the accessories is generally pure metal or metal+anti -stick coating or metal+enamel coating.

Knead the noodle hook -kneading and noodles. This is the core tool of the chef machine. After all, the chef machine is also emancipated with both hands, mainly for face.

Battle egg cage -hair egg liquid, cream

Stir Plasma -Send butter and stir


(Figure source peach kitchen)

The black powder is caused by friction at the mixing head of the accessories and the connection rod of the machine


At the top of the accessories, the design of the black powder is made. The most obvious is to design a small disc at the top of the accessories. It can effectively avoid the fall of black powder.

4. Recommended for novice chef machine

Chef machines can basically be divided into three gears from the price.

The first gear is less than 1,000 yuan. Of course, the product of the chef machine is one penny and one penny. It is also suitable for the early kitchen machine used by novices.

The second gear is a thousand yuan gear, between 1000 yuan and 20,000 yuan. The chef machine of this gear basically meets the requirements of most people. Remember that the main function of the chef machine is to knead, pass and stir! Intersection As long as you are not blinded by “multifunctional”, this price can be picked to a very good chef machine.

The third gear is a high -end machine of more than 2,000 yuan. This type of machines all have their own characteristics, and their expansion functions generally do other feet.

At the beginning of the baking pit, the friends who want to liberate your hands do not need to buy too expensive chef machines. The expensive is unnecessary, and it is easy to step on the pit, so I recommend using a chef machine about 1,000 yuan.

Budget below 1000


I recommend Hai’s HM740

Price: starting at 629 yuan

As long as you search for the words “chef machine” in Tmall, HM740 will inevitably appear on the homepage. As an entry -level cooking chef, he is the highest cost -effective.


The fuselage is a high power of ABS plastic shell+1200W. In order to stabilize the fuselage, the 740 bottom is also equipped with suction cups to prevent chef machines from positioning at work. It is a drum chef, but it uses a metal gear rotation, which reduces the noise of the chef machine when working.

Although he is full of power, noise is still a bit large compared to DC motors.

The 5L -capacity noodle barrel is also used for home use, but it is not convenient to take it out without handle. There are 8+P file operations+LCD display. The most important thing is the smart timing operation. The P gear is a point moving file, which is mainly used to squeeze juice.

The standard of the 740 chef machine is the hook, the egg network, and the mixing paddle

In addition to these, it can also be equipped with accessories such as grinder, mixing cups, juice, and noodle slices.

Emperor CE6001B

Price: 949 yuan

As the Emperor who has been fighting the war with Hai’s in the field of oven, his chef machine is also good, and the price is close to 1,000 yuan.


He is a kitchen machine+1500W high -power AC motor. In order to reduce the noise, the all -metal gear+pearl bearings are used; in order to make the machine not shake at work, the suction cup is installed at the bottom.

6.2L large -capacity surface barrels can produce 3 toasts of 450g at one time, 20 breads of 60g, 20 eggs, etc. A total of 6 gear speed+F gear, the fastest 12 minutes can be released.


File F is the characteristic of this chef machine! After the dough is tapping, it is twisted directly to the f gear. The default low temperature fermentation is 1 hour, and the fermentation temperature is 30 °. You can turn the dough during the fermentation process, so the fermentation is evenly.

The accessories of the Emperor are also equipped with eggs, mixing paddles, and noodle hooks.

The budget is between 1000 yuan and 20,000 yuan


Hai’s 770


Price: 1280 yuan

Hai’s 770 chef machine is an upgraded model of 740, and the fuselage is upgraded to full cast aluminum. The body of cast aluminum makes the machine more stable when working, and it is not easy to shake. The disadvantage is that it is a bit heavy. The high power of 1200W can allow the machine to continue to operate for 20 minutes. Unlike the rotation of the two gear of pure metal, he is a synchronous band+gear rotation, which reduces the output of noise, a little quieter than 740.

The electronic knob+LCD screen is also upgraded to an intelligent regular LCD screen, so that when the noodles, you don’t need to stare at the chef machine at all times.


Some kitchen machines have different accessories and have limited life. The 770 chef machine all upgrade the accessories to 304 stainless steel, and even the barrel is 304 stainless steel. The noodles are 6.5L large capacity, and there are handles on both sides, so it is very convenient to take out the barrel!

Hai’s m5


Price: 1369 yuan


Hai’s also came out of a light -sounding chef machine this year, known as “mute”. Why is he mute? Because he is a 800W DC motor running chef machine, the same power AC motor noise is 1.5 times that of DC motors. It can be imagined where this machine is wonderful. It’s not that the greater the power, the better! Intersection The low power of DC motors is more energy saving, lower noise, and more stable.

Unlike other chef machines, he is an electronic touch operation. There is a 4.5 -inch LED screen, located on the top of the machine, so that we can operate without bending over. the most important is! M5 sets a smart menu for novice Xiaobai! There are five major modes of noodles, passing, meat grinding, cutting vegetables, and noodles. Just click on, it’s done! And the capacity of the noodles is 5L, and it is more than a poke.

The chef of the metal fuselage+DC motor is definitely the top symbol of the bars. Don’t forget that the Haili M5 sells only one thousand in his early one! Fish and bear’s paw cannot be available, then only one can be selected. He is an ABS plastic body. In order to ensure his heat dissipation, he made the heat dissipation holes in two places, one on the back of the motor and the other at the bottom of the machine. The advantage is that this chef machine is relatively light.

In summary, the Haili M5 is a cost -effective chef machine. This one is recommended.


Qiao Li QL-7500

Price 1650 yuan

Qiao Li is a chef machine for aluminum alloy fuselage. The weight of 15.5kg can ensure that the machine is stable at work. The disadvantage is that it is too heavy! Not conducive to moving and moving. The operation method is also a mechanical 11 -gear knob, which is very suitable for Xiaobai.


It is worth telling that Qiao Li’s 7500 also uses DC motors. It is 500W power, which will be better than Hai’s M5

The power is less, but the problem is not big, because the pain points of the chef machine are often noisy. Therefore, noise reduction will become a key choice factor for choosing a chef machine.


The capacity of his noodle barrel is as large as 7L, reaching the level of commercialization. Many people may not know what the 7L is. It is about one -time that can make 3 8 -inch cakes, 3 450g toast bread, 2.1kg mixed filling, and 15 eggs. According to my experience, in fact, the amount of 7L is far more than the official subject. If it is home, it is not recommended, because the capacity of the barrel is too large, none of the two eggs and two people’s small dough cannot be sent. Commercially recommended.

Bai Cui PE4900


Price 1890 yuan

Bai Cui also competes with Hai’s in the field of baking. Now he shares a 4900 chef machine. The body of the Bai Cui 4900 is the body of the aluminum. The net weight of the fuselage is 9kg, which is not particularly heavy. It is an acceptable range. It is also the main selling point of “silent”. He is the 800W silent DC motor. Needless to say the point of noise reduction, it must be more energy -saving and electricity.

The capacity of 4.8L is just right as a home chef machine, and there is a handle next to the bucket, which can be loaded and unloaded without energy. 6 types of speed adjustment are used to make the stirring process. The operation of the knob is very simple and convenient. The accessories are all 304 stainless steel, including kneading paddles, mixing paddles, egg paddles, and elastic paddle.

Budget of more than 2,000 yuan

Kitchenaid/Kai Mengyi

Price 3299 yuan

The words of Kaixianyi Kitchen Machine, as long as you play baked, I believe you have heard it. As a foreign chef machine, it is the hottest in our country, and Tmall’s data also tells you directly, so let’s see why he bought so many people.

This chef is zinc casting the whole body, including the packaging weight of 11.8kg. Except for the packaging and some accessories of some accessories of about 9kg, it is not heavy. It is more convenient to move out.

Kaixianyi is a DC motor, and the power official has no clear statement. but! The power of the DC motor does not affect the operation of the chef machine. He must be more energy saving and noise reduction than the AC motor. What is the source worth buying Air04

Kaixianyi’s control method is the 10 -speed speed mechanical control lever, as long as the leverage is mounted to the gear he wants. Its noodle barrel is a capacity of 4.8L, which is just right for home use.

Except for the original accessories (hooks, mixing paddles, eggs), other auxiliary accessories are really too much! This is why many people choose Kaixianyi and buy a chef machine = N possibility. but! Intersection Don’t be confused, sisters! Because your purpose of buying a chef is to knead, pass, and stir. The rest of the multi -functional accessories are to consider the factors. After all, buying accessories also require an additional fee.

Kitchenaid/Kaixianyi mini model


Price: 2299 yuan

Kaixianyi also produced a small -capacity chef machine of 3.3L. Its configuration is the same as I recommend above, but it is more suitable for the family of three. Super small, you can enter.


Price 3299 yuan

While Kitu Kitchen Machine is also a chef machine with a high voice. The biggest difference between him and other chef machines is that its and noodle hooks use bionic double -knife design! Intersection What is a double knife design? It is to imitate the kneading of the people’s hands. The dough made is gluten, elastic, evenly thorough, and quickly form a fluffy tissue. Let the bread we make better taste and faster the film. Especially the bread like Ou Bao, absolutely bars.


The full -cast aluminum body makes it stable when working. The 600W DC motor makes the chef machine more noise reduction in the entire work process. Disposal caused by overheating. The 5L capacity bucket is also very suitable for home use, and there is also a handle with the noodle barrel, which is convenient for us to load and unload.


5. Summary

The full text is written here, I will also summarize it for everyone

Kitchen machines under thousands of yuan are entry -level machines. Everyone is best to pick and cost high. The most basic Hai’s HM740 must be the first consideration. If you want a better performance, the Emperor CE6001B can also be selected. He has the function of original low temperature fermentation.

At 1,000 yuan-20,000 yuan, I pushed the Hai’s M5 light sound chef machine. The price is that he is in his early thousand yuan. The most important thing is that he is DC motor, and the noise is also small. Noise reduction is my only requirement for the chef machine. I don’t want me to make an egg and make a decoration sound.


2000 yuan+high -end chef machine, in addition to Kai Mengyi, Whirlpool, and Kafed, Bosch and other chefs can be selected. But what I want to start most is Kai Shanyi. I am really a patient with Yan Control, I love his face! Intersection

last of the last!

“The dough is good, there is no trouble in life!”

I hope everyone can find a suitable chef machine.

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