How to choose the sewing machine of leather goods? Little friends come up with the knowledge points of a small book

What kind of sewing machine is needed for making bags? Today, I will introduce the types and selection benchmarks of sewing machines, as well as a variety of criminal feet.


Types of sewing machine

The system is roughly divided into three types. First of all, there are multiple functions, and the simple and light “family sewing machine” is compared to the simplicity. There are types of models with a price of hundreds to thousands. Some models can also automatically perform embroidery, edging sewing, buttons and other operations.

The second type is the “professional sewing machine” specially used in a sewing machine with a sewing machine. This kind of sewing machine is actually a model provided to people who work as a tailor. Therefore, compared with the family sewing machine, it is not only stronger, but also faster at the initial speed. The price is similar to the high -end machine for family sewing machines. If you want to make a formal bag, you can also consider buying a professional sewing machine. Because such a sewing machine specializes in the function of the stitching line, if you want to perform a cloth side sewing, you need to use another model called “cloth edge sewing machine”.

The third is a higher -order “industrial sewing machine” than professional sewing machines. Because this type of machine is a long -term sewing factory, a large number of special machines, so it is difficult to compare with professional sewing machines. There are many types of industrial models according to sutured products, and the price is more than thousands of yuan. The professional base is required, and the machine itself is bulky and strong. It can be said that it is difficult to use in ordinary families.


How to choose a sewing machine

There are many sewing machine styles. From the hundreds of dollars that can be purchased by the vending, there are thousands of high -end models of thousands of yuan. You may feel confused when buying. Generally speaking, the bulky sewing power is also strong, and the price is directly proportional to the weight.

First of all, find out what you want to sew. Kindergarten’s schoolbags and other simple things are enough to use cheap sewing machines. On the contrary, if you want to make a formal bag, you need to be sufficient to be used to suture the type of thick material. In addition, consider

Look at the functions that you value. As long as you can stitch straight lines, you still want to sew embroidery. Must cooperate


Pick items. It is recommended that you can visit the store first test sewing to confirm whether the operation is convenient, whether it can suture the fabrics with various thickness, and whether to send the cloth smoothly, and then decide whether to buy it.

In order to be able to use a sewing machine for a long time, it is also important to buy a store with after -sales service. Considering the situation of bad damage or failure, you can buy it in the store that is close to the distance.

Test sewing and stitching tension


After preparing the sewing machine, before the sewing fabric is officially started, the sewing tension is confirmed through the test sewing. The tension of stitching can be said to be balanced and offline. The sewing machine is staggered in the cloth by online and offline


The work, so if the tension is too strong, the staggered part will become inappropriate or run to the wrong position. Specifically, if the suture tension is not adjusted, various problems such as dirt, stitching, and insufficient suture strength will be produced.

The sewing tension will be left or so factors such as sewing machines, sewing fabric characteristics and thickness, and fabric superposition. Before sewing and use the same fabric, stitching, and the same overlap when using the same sewing to test and adjust, it can reduce the failure of the formal sewing.

Adjust the stitching tension

Rotate the online tension adjustment button to adjust the suture tension. After sewing it once, if the online tension is too strong, the adjustment button will be spin to smaller numbers. If it is too weak, it will rotate to a larger number.


Test the sewing to adjust. It should be adjusted to the appropriate suture tension.


Adjustment of needle feet

There is another value to be adjusted before the official start, which is the length of the pin. Except for a part of the sewing machine, the length of the needle can be adjusted by adjusting the upper and lower amplitude of the car needle (1 needle foot).

The length will be appropriate with the thickness of the material. If it is too short, the fabric will be reduced, and the fabric will be extended if it is too long. Generally speaking, the thinner the fabric, the shorter the length, and the thicker the length, the length must be stretched. Because the pinch is difficult to correspond to the curve, it is necessary to consider this factor to adjust the length. In addition, the sewing of the bag will have a longer needle. If the length of the pin is too short, the leather and other materials will be damaged, so be careful.

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