For a long time, the bottoming underwear is not exposed. It can be said to be a way of dressing. On the one hand, the bottoming underwear in the eyes of the older generation is a relatively privacy single product, exposed and out of body; on the other hand, the previous bottom underwear is a bit outdated in design. Unable to show a harmonious dressing effect.

However, in recent years, the bottoming underwear seems to be unwilling to be imprisoned by this inherent view and starts to break into Fashion Week to show its alternative fashion. At the Shanghai Fashion Week last year, the trendy underwear allowed consumers to witness the new appearance of bottoming underwear. In Prada’s many series, the top underwear has frequently appeared, some are filled with sexual cold industrial style, and some highlight the artistic sense brought by complex patterns, which interpret the charm of the new generation of underwear.

(Prada 2021 spring and summer series)

All signs represent that the exposure of underwear should be corrected, and the bottoming underwear will also evolve from simple inner products to one of the fashion items.

In the latest cotton -free bottoming underwear launched in the cotton era, we also saw the impact of fashion needs. The bottom underwear uses the unique technology in the cotton era, so that high cotton -containing materials can also carry free tailoring technology, so that the underwear can be followed by “no traces”, and at the same time, the bottoming underwear has a more comfortable dressing experience. In addition, in the design and tailoring of pants, the cotton era has been treated with the crotch, which greatly reduces the sense of restraint, so that fashion wearing is not tied by underwear, and dressing is more comfortable.


Unlike traditional bottoming underwear, its neckline, cuffs, and hem are naturally tailored. Without the needle line, it is more convincing to wear on the body.

In terms of fabrics, the cotton underwear has inherited the brand’s cotton concept that has always been adhered to, and uses 100 high -end long cotton cotton to allow consumers to experience the bottoming underwear of fashionable wearing appeals. At the same time, they can also feel natural fabrics The skin -friendly fun brought. The high -decoration long velvet cotton also has a thin and light characteristics, which gives the unique lightness of the cotton cotton underwear. Therefore, the bottom underwear has no bloated burden brought by the traditional bottom underwear. Even in the cold winter, it can easily create a light outfit.

Not only that, the fabric has a certain elasticity and can tolerate different shapes. Even consumers with a slightly fat body can achieve comfortable dressing and fear of body anxiety.

In addition, cotton -free bottoming underwear can also be used as a “skin jacket”. The popular plain color schemes now make it more fashionable, and even if it is worn outside, it will not make people feel strange.

It can be seen from the new bottom underwear in the cotton era that the whole cotton era is attentive in clothing. It not only retains the characteristics of all cotton skin -friendly, but also deeply cultivates technology, and has developed a unique free -cutting process to create a more comfortable and fashionable bottoming underwear, and further promotes the fashionization of basewear.

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