The guy asked to stimulate and stuffed a glass stick into the anus? Anorectal doctors are stunned

On the afternoon of January 1, 2019, an anorectal clinic in the Department of Anorectal Hospital of Zhejiang Province hurriedly came in a young man in his early twenties and shouted anxiously: “The doctor will save me soon.” The doctor asked the condition carefully, and the young man described pain and embarrassing: rest at home in the morning. In order to seek excitement, he put one

Thick and long glass

The rod is stuffed into the anus. I wanted to take it out by myself, but I tried it for a long time. In the afternoon, I felt unwell in the abdomen, and the anal tenderness had to come to the hospital.

The doctor first checked the patient’s anus, and found that the fingertips could be touched during the rectal finger test.

Smooth conical thick and hard foreign body

, Its length is long, stuck in the intestinal tract turbulent. Then check the abdomen on the left upper abdomen and a long hard object, the upper end of the umbilical plane

The doctor initially estimated that at least twenty centimeters long in this foreign body, they need to determine the condition as soon as possible, take out foreign bodies, and immediately arrange abdominal CT examinations and handling hospitalization procedures. CT examination results show that a long left lower abdomen can be seen

About 20 centimeters, thicker about 4-5 cm, irregular long bars

The upper edge is above the umbilical level.


After entering the operating room anesthesia,


Deputy Chief Physician to East


Deputy Chief Physician Xu Yan

Tongli cooperated and successfully removed a giant foreign body by hand. The foreign body is a glass product, about 25cm long, and the thickest part is about 5cm. Although the entire operation was not long, all the medical staff present were stunned.

After removing the foreign body, there is no blood stain on the surface, no bleeding in the rectum, and the patient’s abdomen is soft and tender. During the hospitalization observation, there was no fever, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, smooth bowel movements, and no blood. When he was discharged from the hospital, the young man held the doctor with his hands excitedly and thanked him, and said that he would never do this stupid thing in the future.

In fact, this kind of thing is quite common in the world. Not long ago, the American Consumer Security Association released a somewhat strange annual summary -inventory of databases visited by major hospitals in the United States, and then listed in 2017 The American people have stuck in their bodies.

Up to the nostrils, chrysanthemums … Whenever there are holes on the body, someone will not help but owe things in it …

According to Bao Xiangdong’s deputy chief physician, the types of rectal foreign bodies can be divided into three categories: oral foreign body, anal -based foreign matter, and migrant foreign objects.

For anorectal doctors, anal -derived foreign objects and oral foreign objects are often encountered in clinical clinical. Anal -derived foreign body is a foreign body entering the anus.

Among them, sex masturbation occupies the main position in the cause of foreign bodies


Rectal foreign objects can cause intestinal mucosal loss, causing gastrointestinal bleeding; intestinal perforation causes severe infection of septic peritonitis or gaps around the rectal; serious complications such as anal sphincter loss and anal incontinence.

Therefore, for rectal foreign objects, those who cannot discharge or discharge or discharge themselves in time occur in the process of blood, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, anal swelling, fever, etc., and need to seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition and causing serious consequences.

Source: 24 hours of Zhejiang-Qianjiang Evening News reporter Zhang Bingqing Correspondent Ying Xiaoyan

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