Perfectly improved the level of life, Xingliang special customized version 3D suspension waist relying on ergonomic chairs to make a brief review

Let’s talk about the topic first. After I started from NetEase, after starting the 3D suspension waist on the ergonomic chair, compared to the previous hundreds of dollars, the experience was very huge, and then when I experienced this ergonomic chair, I saw it. After NetEase Yan Xuan launched the special customization version of Xingliang, he immediately moved again, so he gave the engineering chair now to his brother, and placed the order to start this special customized version of the 3D suspension waist. Engineering chair.

So this Star Liang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist is based on an ergonomic chair. How is it to get started? Don’t worry, look at the Technology Jun to share with everyone one by one.

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

In terms of jumping out of the box, it is not described in detail here. However, it is more unexpected that this time the 3D suspension waist of Xingliang’s special customized version of the ergonomic chair seems to be significantly simplified in terms of installation steps. Only using a pulley of a pulley, the back pillow & seat cushion and the cushion & The three steps such as air rods are completed, very easy and directly in place.

In terms of appearance, Xingliang special customized version of the 3D suspension waist is incorporated into the element of Xingliang Technology in the design of the ergonomic chair, especially the hand -sprinkled stars painting coating of the waist pad. The version of the engineering chair is obviously delicate and beautiful, and it also increases a lot of high -level beauty.

After watching and experienced this special customized version of the 3D suspension of the ergonomic chair, the science and technology king realized that it is really reasonable to make a penny and one penny. This engineering chair has really worked hard in the material material, which conveys a texture everywhere. It feels that it is very reliable, and it is comfortable to sit and rest assured.

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

In addition to working materials, Xingliang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist relying on the ergonomic chair also has multiple designs for life pain points, such as 3D suspended waist pillows, widening headrests, etc. The following is a detailed channel for everyone Essence

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

【3D suspended waist pillow】

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

If you sit on the office or code for a long time, the waist will definitely feel the soreness. In this case, we often stand up and lean on the back of the chair. The existence of the 3D suspended waist pillow is that when we are on the back of the chair, the waist can be supported and relieves soreness.

Then the waist pillow also supports the height of the 4th gear. The shape of the curved surface can also follow the waist change, which has a great relief effect on the relaxation of the waist.

【Open -wide head pillow】

In the above circumstances, correspondingly, the neck will be sore due to staring at the computer. The existence of the booster -type widening headrest is a relaxation of the cervical spine that gives us. And it can also be adjusted according to our height and constitution, 5cm lift can be adjusted, and it can be rotated at 35 ° up and down, which is very convenient.

【135 ° large elevation back support】

The back support of the engineering chair is bound to be a very important place. You should know that we often lie back naturally when we rest on the chair. At this time, if the back support design is unreasonable, then when we rest, we lie down the chair is not enjoying, but to torture. Xingliang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist can reach 135 ° with the maximum angle of the back support of the ergonomic chair. It is easy and natural. It is very OK for rest. You don’t have to sleep on the table on your stomach.

At the same time, in order to facilitate our rest, Xingliang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist relying on the ergonomic chair also designed the pedal. When not in use, the folding and retracting is placed at the bottom without stopping the feet. Sleeping is more comfortable.

【3D streamlined cushion】

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

The cushion is a place that people and seats often come into contact with, and it is also the place where people can directly experience. Xingliang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist relying on the body’s engineering chair this time also worked hard on the cushion. The landing of the 3D streamlined cushion, the hip of the hips feels very comfortable. You can also adjust the cushion according to the body of the human body. The location, support 6cm slide, ensure that we can have a good experience for the first time.

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

[TUV air rod and PU mute chair wheel]

Xingliang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist relying on the ergonomic chair in order to ensure strong security, it has specially adopted the TUV -certified level 4 air rod. ; And also use the PU silent chair wheel, sliding more quiet and smooth during use, which greatly enhances the user’s experience.

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

In the process of sliding at the same time, if you feel that the handrail is not very good, you can adjust the handrail, regulate left and right, and is very user -friendly. When not in use, you can flip the armrest 90 ° and push it into the table to save space.

The above is the important highlight of the special customized version of Xingliang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist. There should be more highlights here. I will introduce more and dig more here, and leave it to everyone to explore slowly. In terms of work quality and practicality, Xingliang’s special customized version of the 3D suspension waist relying on the ergonomic chair still has a certain advantage in its price. If you pay more attention to the quality of life and pay attention to physical health, then you can consider Xingxing. The special customized version of the 3D suspension waist is a good choice for the ergonomic chair.

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完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

Netease strictly select star ship chair ergonomic computer chair 3D suspension waist -to -office chair boss chair gaming chair back home -available lying -available lying chair to sit and use dual use [National Home Furnishing]

¥ 1899


完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

完美提高生活档次,星靓特别定制版 3D悬挂腰靠人体工学椅上手简评

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