How to choose a filter water pump for 20 cm small fish tank? Little power, it is better not to take up space


The small fish tank is often the choice of the fishermen’s entry, and the filtering selection of this small -sized fish tank is already difficult to choose, let alone the corresponding circulating water pump.

I once answered a few watt pumps for the small fish tank, now I come again


Talk to you about the choice of pump pumps in the small fish tank, what filtration should be used, and how many watt pumps should be used?

The principle of selecting a pump in the small fish tank, try not to occupy the fish tank space as much as possible

First of all, the small -sized fish tank space is relatively small to try to not occupy the water body space as much as possible. If you have to use a pump to form a cycle filter, then the small -power pump is enough.

Below, I will take the size of the fisherman’s time,


What kind of pump should be equipped with a small fish tank of 23 cm long, 17 cm wide, and 15 cm high? In my opinion, this small -sized fish tank with 3 watts of power pump is enough.

Need to pay attention:

We choose the water pump to look at the specific raising, but we are used to measure the power number (wattage). The corresponding power number of each family may have a different size, but the difference is not large, and it can also be referred to.

If it is the corresponding relationship of the standard, then

This size fish tank selected at least 0.5 meters corresponding to the 3W pump pump, which is definitely enough for the fish tank filtering circulating water.

The filtering method of small fish tanks can be selected more, and the waterfall -type filtration is enough.

I have some suggestions here:

Because such a fish tank is not large, I think it is not a good solution to use pump pumps to pump water.


(Of course, this is OK) My suggestion can use a waterfall -style filter or water fairy to meet the filter requirements.


The reason why the small fish tank chooses the filtration system should be that it is better not to occupy the fish tank space. After all, the water space of the small fish tank itself is not large. and

If you add another pump in the fish tank, it is undoubtedly a solution that takes up the fish tank space and affects the aesthetics, so I think you can change the solution: waterfall filter.

The picture above is the pneumatic water fairy.

Obviously, the small fish tank is restrained by the size of the space, and it cannot be raised too much and too much aquarium pets, and the precious fish tank water space needs to be used reasonably.

Although the pumping pump commonly used by some fishmates is feasible in the small fish tank, in addition to the problem of fish tank space occupation, there are subsequent cleaning that need to be taken out of the “troubles” of the fish tank. This is also what the fishermen need to consider.



All in all, small -sized fish tanks with a length of 23 cm, 17 cm wide, and 15 cm high are enough. However, I personally recommend that you choose a waterfall -type small plug -in filter directly, which is motivated. Of course, choosing a driving power waterfall filter, the power pump comes with 3W power is enough.


Our fish tank must not simply consider one aspect, but we need to consider all factors. This includes the early planning of fish farming equipment, taking into account the practicality and aesthetics in use, and the use of subsequent operability and easy maintenance.

Thank you for reading. I am a grass tank fish and shrimp. To learn more about the experience of raising fish and shrimp, stay tuned!

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