The blue printed cloth in the depths of Lane is quietly blooming

Xinmin Evening News reporter Xu Yisheng

At the door of Changle Road 637, a blue sign is printed on the “China Blue Printing Pavilion”, which is a two -story old house. The light yellow yellow in the outer wall has been refuted. A few days ago, it was the 100th anniversary of the “China Blue Printing Flower Pavilion” and a Japanese friend Kubo Jiu Bao Masha’s birthday. A small seminar was carried out here.

Entering the circular arch, entering the depths of the hall along the trail covered with pebbles, the dazzling blue -printed cloth suddenly came into view. Clothing, tablecloths, cushions, shoulder bags … All displayed products are blue and white flowers, which are endless. The layout of the room home is also full of this beautiful blue printed cloth. People seem to be in a blue dream, this dream is a long -lost warmth and quiet.

Jiu Bao Matha is a well -known Japanese drama writer and a daughter of Kubo Rong, a Japanese and Chinese friendly person. As early as 1955, Jiu Bao Masha first met the blue printed cloth at a commodity exhibition held by China Foreign Trade Enterprise in Tokyo. In the 1970s, China -Japan diplomatic relations were normalized, and civil exchanges opened. Jiu Bao Maka came to China many times, sitting in a jeep, tractor, or ox carts, and went deep into rural areas in South China and southwestern provinces to collect all kinds of blue printed cloth. Her harvest is a flower version of more than a dozen boxes of blue -printed clothing, quilt, baggage, and mulberry paper carved, and even rare clamps. In the end, she bought a two -story house in Shanghai and opened this blue -printed cloth hall. After opening the museum, Jiu Bao Maka also promoted blue printing cloth in Japan. It opened a specialty store in the high -end accommodation area of ​​Tokyo to promote blue printing cloth, and published various books such as “China Blue Printing Flower”.

Zhao Lihong, vice chairman and poet of the Shanghai Writers Association, had a deep relationship with Jiu Bao Matha. Zhao Lihong recalled that as early as the 1990s, the trace of blue printing cloth rarely saw in urban life. Jiu Bao Maka produced more than 200,000 business cards containing blue -printed cloth elements in Japan to promote blue printing cloth in Japan. “After the age of 30, Jiu Bao Matha is working hard to promote the blueprints. There is no blue printing cloth collected by a museum in China. The love is displayed through the simple blue printing pattern. “The blue printed cloth is gradually integrated with the modern life under the promotion of Jiu Bao Maka. It can become the element of the clothes and the pattern on the bottle opening machine … It can be a bit bit of life. Appreciate the pattern of the blue printed cloth carefully, you can understand the simple and healthy aesthetic taste of the people. The blue -printed cloth is not as precious as silk, but it is not inferior to the achievements of art. It is rooted in the people, exuding the beauty of the spring wind of ordinary workers.

With the efforts of Jiu Bao Maka, the collection of the Blue Printing Pavilion is becoming more and more abundant. Jiu Bao Matha wants to let these archives stay in China to promote the inheritance and promotion of this folk art. The visitors of the cloth museum said: “My favorite color in the world is blue and white, and the flower cloth dyed by blue crickets gives a mysterious connotation and style, charming!”

She specifically invited a lawyer to make a will and transferred all her investment and collection of the Blue Printing Pavilion to the relevant Shanghai departments. The only requirement is that it must not change the use function of the house.

The blue -printed cloth museum hidden deep in Lane has been in the hall for more than 20 years. The blue -printed cloth thermal heat and the efforts of Jiu Bao Maka that had emerged in the 1990s were not dry. However, with the death of Jiu Bao Matha, the Blue Printing Cloth Museum has gradually faded out of people’s attention. The most traditional production skills inheritance in the blue printing cloth also faces the dilemma of succession. The youngest inheritance is 58 years old. “This year marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Jiu Bao Matha. We should not forget her. We hope that more people will enter the blue printing pavilion and feel the beauty of the blue printing cloth.” Zhao Lihong said.

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