“Adhere to advantages, seize opportunities, and embrace changes.” – Zheng Yunting, general manager of Suzhou Simple Shirt Co., Ltd.

With minimalist people, with pure touching, 20 years of men’s shirts, with Bosideng, Hailan House, Meibang, Zhongzhe Mushang, GXG, Urban Revivo …

Simple people, never simple.

With amazing quality and efficiently, the number of developments of 2,500 (throughout the year), with the four major categories of “formal clothes, leisure, business, and work clothes”.

The main attack,

With the design supplementary attack and use the strength to create a “Chinese high -quality manufacturing” business card.

Simple, never simple.

Share beauty and create beauty.

How is the simple person walking on this high -quality manufacturing road?


Next, let us lead everyone into Suzhou Simple Shirt Co., Ltd., and the general manager of the dialogue Zheng Yunting.

The following is an interview record:

Reporter: For the Chinese clothing industry, 2019 is a year full of challenging and testing rapid changes. In the face of complex and changing environmental situations, what response strategies do you make?

Zheng Yunting: In fact, the market orders fell sharply after the year in 2019. The sales of the entire brand customers were very bleak. I made two -handed preparation. First, some foreign orders were received at the beginning of the year. The order is filled with the order of export customers. On the other hand, it has made two operating platforms, and then self -operated brands that do online sales have also made some stocking, so there is no disconnection in production.

Reporter: How do you think of the current men’s shirt market?

Zheng Yunding: In 2019, the entire shirt market is very shrinking. There are very few people wearing shirts on the street. Unless they are in the workplace, most of the casual people wear sweaters and T -shirts. So we expand our market by making a single product like a jacket and shirt, because the coat and shirt may be more similar to fashion categories, and we can wear it at the time.


Reporter: What changes did you make on the company’s business after taking over the simple shirt in 2016?

Zheng Yunting: First of all, the traditional stalls of the past, that is, this line that walked down through the provincial wholesale model. Because we used to have no order customers in the past, relying on a large number of stocks, preparing before selling. Although this looks high on the surface, it has been eaten by inventory. So when I take over, it is a brand, mainly to serve high -end customers, so the risk is small.

However, in the process of serving high -end customers, I found that when high -end customers are not good, its accounting period is also very long and relatively passive. Therefore, it is decided to combine the two slowly, while serving high -end customers, it will also be stored in a small amount, but this proportion must be controlled. Because once the amount of stocking is large, it may impact our funds.

Reporter: What do you think of the clothing flexible supply chain?

Zheng Yunding: We are divided into two pieces of this point. The first is that the fabric auxiliary materials must be particularly fast. This piece is relatively simple. We can use some conventional, the most product on the market to make a ever -changing design, but the bottom material They are all common, so the preparation time of the early period is short.

The second production cycle should be faster. First of all, the orders in our hands must be diversified. We must not be a flexible supply chain order, nor can it be an order for the handling period. It can only be said that we can pick up more prices that may not be so appropriate, but the order with very generous delivery is used as a full -year stock list to supplement during the off -season. The next step is to go online, so that in addition to the continuous gear of production, there will be no emergencies and delivery.

Reporter: What are your investment in product design?

Zheng Yunding: In the past, we were doing business leisure, but it had a disadvantage of business leisure. It was similar to that of the clothes, but we were not fabric manufacturers. Therefore, in order to mention its own advantages, we can only go to the graduate production end. It is different from others in terms of craftsmanship and models. Therefore, we decided to take a fashion shirt, mainly including zipper shirts, hats, and workers’ shirts.

Among them, we have a leading garment dyeing, garment dyeing, and denim in the domestic shirt. Because many fashion shirts are the earliest on the Internet and some niche brands. Its quality may not be so high, and we have transformed from high -end business. The whole quality control is here. We are high -end business shirts. This quality is to produce fashion and casual shirts, so it is connected to us with domestic front -line fashion brands, such as GXG.

Reporter: What is your company’s business philosophy?

Zheng Yunding: Stick to advantageous products, seize opportunities, and welcome changes. The most advantageous part of us is production and design. But if we just do our own production and design at home, then the world does not look like. So we have to embrace the change, stand by the wind, wait for the wind. For example, in 2019, we have devoted a lot of energy to the new air outlet of the new media. Although the results are not obvious, at least we have waited here and standing at this wind. Then there will be new opportunities to come in, and I will be able to catch it immediately.

Reporter: What kind of planning will your company will have in the next few years?

Zheng Yunding: At the same time, the quality of the factory has the quality of the new media. At present, we have done some Douyin, Weibo and live broadcast. Where is the traffic and where my energy is, of course, it must not be lost by producing this piece.

Reporter: How do you think of high -quality manufacturing?

Zheng Yunding: I think there is a requirement for high -quality manufacturing. We include not only requirements for quality, but also the aesthetic requirements. There must be requirements on the management process. In fact, the core of production is the equipment update, because it improves the quality of the product and the efficiency of production.

Now that the entire environment, clothing orders have changed from large to small and fine, so equipment that improves quality in this regard must be done first, and the second is to consider improving efficiency. Like our factory with a mold transport machine last year, it is very helpful for improving efficiency, but after using it for a period of time, it is found that the quality does not reach the ideal state, because it is sewn by the machine. Exquisite and delicate. So later I eliminated this machine directly, or to ensure the quality first.

Reporter: What are the deployment of the company in intelligent manufacturing?


Zheng Yunding: When I took over at the end of 2016, I directly signed an ERP management software. It was SaaS cloud management software. At that time, I wanted to update some new management methods at any time. The SaaS software is very effective and timid. From the model development of the order, the order receiving order, and the material time of the entire production process to the shipment to collecting money, the entire series is all process. Through this ERP management software, I have made my heart account for my work. I know it, everything is clear.

Reporter: What do you think of intelligent manufacturing to the development of the company?

Zheng Yunting: I think the meaning of intelligent manufacturing is to meet the needs of consumers. In fact, many of our intelligent manufacturing devices may pursue new or pursuing a creative innovation, but for us to produce, I care more about whether it can improve my quality, whether it can improve me efficiency. And some new things, if it is not tested by consumers, I don’t want to do it rashly. I think everything I do in the end is to improve a consumer experience of consumers.

Reporter: How did the company fulfill their social responsibility?

Zheng Yunting: Our company has paid great attention to the upgrading of the entire industry since 2016, including hardware upgrade, software upgrades, hard power upgrades, and soft power upgrades.

The hardware upgrade is actually very simple. Our devices are brand new. Like the quality of all computers is 9000C, the most expensive one. Then the software upgrade is to apply ERP management software.


Hard power upgrades are better in the planning, environment, safety and fire protection of the entire factory area. For example, each room has fire alarm bells, fire extinguishers, spraying, and setting out of the escape exit of each window and open inside of the door.

The soft power is to ensure the social security benefits of our workers and some rest time, human rights and other issues of workers, and to upgrade the upgrade of soft and hard power to turn our factories into a business card made in China.

Reporter: How does the company practice the concept of green sustainable development?

Zheng Yunting: As a production factory, the source of the product we produce is fabric and fabric. Because we are connected with very high -end customers, he requires our quality to qualify, and even the first national standard. Therefore, our choice of fabrics, including accessories, buttons, lining, etc., all found a very first -class factories in China, and do not choose some products that may occur. Sustainability and very compliance.

Reporter: How do you view the platform base of the Chinese Clothing Association to build a fashion garden?


Zheng Yunding: The platform of Fashion Garden, first of all, I think it is very good, because we are all all over the world looking for brand customers, and brand customers are also all over the world to find suppliers. Now everyone has a foothold. Go, they will come to what they find. Fashion Garden has created a very good platform that can be directly faced with docking.

Reporter: What other aspects do you think fashion parks need to be strengthened and improved in the future?

Zheng Yunting: I think it can add a special docking meeting, such as men’s clothing docking meetings, or even shirt docking meetings. The other is multi -channel docking. In the past, we may focus on some docking meetings of brand customers. Help us vote first, such as foreign docking meetings, Internet celebrity e -commerce docking meetings, docking of private domain traffic, and offline shops. Because there are many channels now, it is not just a brand, so I hope other channels, I hope other channels You can also do more docking.

Reporter: What expectations do you have about the future?

Zheng Yunting: I think that a person may have limited strength, and a group of people can go further. Fashion Garden is to combine a group of us all. I think our power should be very strong. Made in China to lead us, make me confident in the future.

Simple people, never simple.

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