Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Huaizong Zhang Shujing Wang Ying) Just after the Yuyu, it was the season when it was in green. There are many places along the Ximen Tougou of Jingximenougou, some tourists will pick some toon and elm money, and some are still playing a few buckets of mountain spring water along the road. On April 21, the cherry springs on the county road on Mentougou 017, the reporter saw that some citizens drove over from the city to fight water, not only bringing the bucket for water, but also took a whole set of tea sets and alcohol furnaces. “I plan to fight. After the water is drinking tea next to it. ” This is also a new experience in the suburbs of Beijing.

The people in the city came to play, and by the way, the mountain spring. Photo by Wang Ying, a reporter from Beijing News

“The late spring … bathing is Yi Yi, the wind is dancing, and it is chanting.” The events described in the “The Analects” have been yearning for the late spring scene, but the tea scene is drunk at the scene of the water by the spring water. It is said that. “We also drove from the city to play. After the water, we planned to drink tea next to the water, and brought a gas stove,” said a guy next to Cherry Spring.

Prepare the stove next to it, and drink tea directly after the water. Photo by Wang Ying, a reporter from Beijing News

Cherry Spring is next to Mentougou 017 County Road. There is a sign, where a few meters above the brand are Quanyan. Quanyan is not far from the Yongding River and Wang Ping Town. There are also the Eighteen Lake Scenic Spot of Beijing West. According to the villagers, because there are a lot of cherry trees on the mountain, they are named after cherry spring.

谷雨京郊踏青新玩法 樱桃泉旁打山泉水现场沏茶喝

Cherry springs, spring eyes are more than ten meters above. Photo by Wang Ying, a reporter from Beijing News

The guy took about twenty empty buckets and was placed under the spring water to pick up the water. Because the water flow was not slow, soon, a bucket of water was beaten. Hitting, most people need to line up.

The young man took more than 20 empty buckets to water. Photo by Wang Ying, a reporter from Beijing News

谷雨京郊踏青新玩法 樱桃泉旁打山泉水现场沏茶喝

Except for the guy, there was only one uncle who came to the water. The uncle said, “The spring water is delicious, but I still have to go back and boil.” After speaking, Uncle mentioned a 10 -liter barrel and strode towards the spring water. Although a total of 40 pounds, it was easy to pick up the uncle who often came to the water.

The flow rate of Quanyan is not slow, and it keeps water flowing out. Photo by Wang Ying, a reporter from Beijing News

谷雨京郊踏青新玩法 樱桃泉旁打山泉水现场沏茶喝

In addition to the water -bearing people, there are many tourists who pick tonor, elm and other wild vegetables along the way. However, the days of being able to pick wild vegetables are nearing the end. Many tourists say, “It’s the second stubble now, and it will be picked a few days in the end.”

Beijing News reporter Zhou Huaizong Zhang Shujing Photography Wang Ying

Editor Tang Yan school pair Liu Baoqing

谷雨京郊踏青新玩法 樱桃泉旁打山泉水现场沏茶喝

Source: Beijing News

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