With the increasing development of network information, laptops have gradually become popular. Due to the large number of online chat software, there are increasing number of users who communicate with voice and videos through the Internet. So how much is the microphone outside the notebook? Let’s take a look at it together.

The microphone is naturally a sensor. It can pick up the sound of the environment to complete the needs of sound recording or online chat. Many microphones are not very smart. It always collects the noise of the environment according to the order, but now some laptops use a microphone array, that is, a microphone is set on the left and right sides of the top notebook. Good noise reduction effect.


In addition to the double microphone, the hero behind the noise reduction is the comparison circuit behind the microphone. This circuit will compare the signals picked up by the two microphones. Once the size and frequency of the sound signal are found The front of the notebook is the normal sound made by the user. The signal from other directions is slightly different in size and aspect. The comparison circuit will automatically filter out such a sound, thereby playing the effect of noise reduction.

Notebook microphone settings

1. Take the sound under the Windows7 system as an example. First, right -click to open the sound icon under the system pallet. Then appear a menu, click the recording device option. Then open the recorded tab of the sound, which is the place where the microphone’s hardware information is displayed.


2. If you find that there is no recording device, it is very likely that it is disabled by the mistake, or it is disabled because of the virus. What you have to do now is to right -click in the blank space of the sound recording interface, and then two options will appear, click “Show the disabled device”.


3. After clicking, all hidden options will appear. Among them, the option of “microphone” will be seen, but it is displayed. Of course, the sound cannot be recognized, but the microphone is not bad.

4. Right -click on this microphone, then a menu appears, the first is to enable, click this enable option. After clicking, the microphone icon is displayed in a green hook, which shows that the function of the microphone is normal.


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