When it comes to fashion, maybe many people think of the strange costumes worn by the show model, or various expensive big -name clothes, in fact, otherwise. There are many definitions of fashion, and for ordinary middle -aged women, wearing common basic models is the biggest fashion, such as small white pants.


Especially for middle -aged women who are over 60 years old, small white pants are a must -have in summer wardrobe. In addition to practical and refreshing, they can be very beautiful when they are right. This time, I will share with you the blogger Sophie’s Japanese clothing white pants. After 60 years old, the middle -aged woman, “white pants” in summer, simple and elegant and temperament, let’s take a look!

1. How to choose white pants


Although white pants are actually worn and easy to control, this is based on the right model and color system. If the pants are not suitable for you, it is easy to cause embarrassment.


There are many white trousers, but when a 60 -year -old woman chooses, it is recommended that the color tone is soothing and soft or pure white, such as milk white, ivory white or rice white. His temperament.


The material needs to be as high as possible as possible. This is because the white system belongs to a highly bright basis. If the material is rough, it will also cause a sense of cheapness.


Pants are the key factor that affects the effects of the upper body of the white pants. A 60 -year -old woman needs to make a choice based on leg shape. After many women are old, they are not as slender as they are when they are young. At this time, they need to use the loose white nine -point cone pants or white wide -leg trousers.

Such pants are both loose and comfortable, but also slim meat and thin, and they are also very practical.

Second, the coloring ideas of white pants


When wearing white pants, 60 -year -old women also need to maintain the simplicity and coordination of color matching.


We can control all color types of white pants look to three or more, so as to create a simple and high -level sense.

Second, most of the black, gray, and large -colored tops are used to match white pants, which can also be subtracted in color matching, while ensuring the classic elegance of the upper and lower colors.

In the end, dressing in summer is a bit bright. In addition to the basic color and earth color, a 60 -year -old woman can also use bright yellow, mint green or light blue tops with white pants like bloggers in Dalian in summer.

On the one hand, white pants can neutralize the coloring system, and the second can also make the shape take into account elegance and age.

Third, shirt+white pants

Shirts+white pants are the most stable classic method in summer. If a 60 -year -old woman does not know how to make it, it is right to choose it.

However, although the shirt+white pants are simple enough, the 60 -year -old woman needs to improve the clothes through these three details. First, you can choose more stripes, wave dots or printed shirts to match white pants. It is not simple to combine with simplification.

Second, when wearing a shirt, choose a comfortable and delicate fabric or transparent material, which can also improve the taste of dressing.

Finally, when using a shirt with white pants, a 60 -year -old woman must not ignore the waistline problem.

If you put it under the white high waist trousers under the shirt, or bring the waist with the waist, you can raise the effect of raising the waistline.

Fourth, thin knit sweater+white pants

In addition to shirts, white pants can also be combined with a variety of tops, such as T -shirts, thin sweater or suit.

The thin -needle shirt feels soft and delicate, and it is also very comfortable to wear. Combined with short sleeves and short versions, wearing in summer is cool and breathable, and it can highlight the elegance and gentle temperament of a 60 -year -old woman.

If you want to further enhance the refreshing sense, then you may choose the “cooling color” in summer, such as light green, grass -green, beige, or water blue.


The length of the thin sweater is long and short. If it is a short thin knit sweater, it is recommended that a 60 -year -old woman gives priority to white high -waisted wide -leg trousers to easily create the visual effect of “upper and lower pine”.

In summer, wearing this is not only long legs, but also set off a good temperament.

If it is a long thin knit sweater, it is recommended to choose a loose style with a 60 -year -old woman. Even if it is comfortable and generous, it can also have a thinner effect on the pants. Or white cone pants.

The above is the white pants wearing for everyone this time. From the above, it can be seen that in summer, white pants are a 60 -year -old woman to create a high -level weapon.

This article is said to be original by Hu Ge. The pictures are derived from the blogger Sophie’s Japanese clothing. If you have any infringement, please contact it. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source.


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