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Hello everyone, I am meditation. Today I want to talk to you about the topic: use

The principle of “Okham Razor” makes life simple and delicate.

I remember that some time ago, my friend moved a new home, and I accompanied her to buy some daily necessities.

When you come to the supermarket, it is difficult for friends to make a decision in the face of a variety of products.

Not to mention the various home appliances functions, it is dazzling, it is a pot, there are many types of variety, what steamer, wok, water -free pot, non -stick pot, high -pressure cooker, etc. , Divide the fruits, cut vegetables, cut meat, cut sushi, cut fish, and so on.

Such a more and more subdivided products make people feel that only if they are all equipped to live can they live.

My friend was in trouble, and asked me for help. I told her a sentence: “

If it is not necessary, don’t increase the entity


Imagine that our older generation only uses a kitchen knife and a pot to make extremely rich meals. Do we really need so much?

After listening, it seemed that Maose was open, and it was easy to choose items that were suitable for you.

This sentence is from a simple and effective principle- “Okham Razor” principle

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First, what is the principle of “Okham Razor”.


In the 14th century, the monk Okham William, the Saint Francis of England, proposed a theory, namely the “simple and effective principle”, which is called the “Okham razor” principle.

To summarize this principle in one sentence, it is “

Cut off the cumbersome burden and keep things simple

The principle of “Okham Razor”,

Is a kind of thinking concept

In all aspects of society, more and more applications have been obtained.

At the same time is also a life concept

This principle tells us that when dealing with things, it turns complicated to simplify, making complex things simple.

When we face complex choices, I do n’t know what to do, the principle of “Okham Razor” is the best choice

Einstein said: “If you can’t change the old way of thinking, you can’t change your current living conditions.”

When you change your thinking with Okham razor, your life will change.

2. Why do we practice the principle of “Okham Razor”?

A friend of my painter is a loyal practitioner of this principle. She is a person who understands life and is very delicate. Her life always strives to be simple.

She rarely goes shopping, never purchased items, and useful items never hoard. Only when you go shopping, you can only go to the needed items, and buy it back, so that she has more time to read, create, yoga, accompany the children, and clean up the family.

Her items are always very few but revealing a kind of delicate. Her hairstyle has been unchanged black hair for many years. It is simply put on her back. Sometimes she holds a wooden sister -in -law, which is simple and elegant. She never catch up with fashion, but gives people a more textured and more enduring beauty, which is enviable.

Her home is also simple and exquisite items. The windows are clear and well -organized. It seems that she is much larger than others.

She often says a word, if not necessary, do not buy an item.

My other friend Abado, completely different from the painter just now, is a super shopping mad. Every time she goes to the mall, she will buy a lot of things in big bags. When you encounter various discounts, you move to the house as if you don’t want money.

Her own items, babies, and family seemed to be able to buy it. All kinds of clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and the cabinet can’t be stuffed, so put it in the shopping bag. Therefore, her home is full of shopping bags. Although it was deliberately packed and was placed neatly, it still felt like a warehouse.

What is even more terrible is that after some items bought back, she did not open it anymore. Over time, I even forget what it is on.

She has countless clothes. Every time she goes out, she will pick up clothes. Color, style, matching bags … Therefore, every time I go out, they are like fighting.

Too much material life did not make her life happier, but wasted a lot of money, time and energy.

In fact, a person’s time and energy are limited. If this limited time and energy are wasted by too much material, as we have more and more items, our lives will be more and more material. Tired.

Too many substances will consume our energy. A lot of energy is consumed here, and life will be exhausted. Therefore, many people, although they have accumulated a lot of items, they are not happy in their hearts.

on the contrary,

If a person can not be troubled by external substances, his heart will be in a simple, comfortable and happy state.

Avenue to Jane

In Zen, it is important to learn to choose and give up.

About life,

Writer Ono told us in the book “Minimalism”:

The simpler, the higher the level; the simpler, the more free.

3. How should we practice the principle of “Okham Razor” so that life makes life simple and delicate?

There is a fundamental solution, that is, “

Ruthlessly eliminate all cumbersome

“This is also the” simplified “rule advocated by” Okham Razor “:


Simplification of things is the most effective way to deal with complexity and tediousness.

Specifically, there are three measures to help us:

1. If there is no need, do not buy extra items.

The correct consumption mentality determines the quality of life.

In fact, buying things is also a knowledge. Do you buy it at will, or do you buy according to the fashion trend of this season? Is it concerned about the quality of items, or is it concerned about the price? Is it based on the recommendation of a friend, or according to personal needs?

According to the “simplified” law advocated by “Okham Razor”, we can

Buy only the one that suits you best, and only buy the necessary items.

Losted the habit of non -restrained shopping. Before buying something, ask yourself. Is this thing true for yourself? Is there any alternative? Only the items that are really needed can buy it home.

If you do n’t buy unnecessary things, you can save family space and prevent too much useless items to mess up the house accumulated at home. It can also save the time and energy of cleaning and organizing these items.

Buying the best one can reduce the chance of duplicating purchase, save energy and money, and improve the quality of life.


American philosopher Solo told us in “Walden Lake”: “

Excess wealth can only buy extra things. What the soul of a human soul does not need to spend money. “


The goal is clear and simplified the existing items.

With yourself as the center, leaving only items that are useful for yourself.

Abandoning useless items, leaving only the necessary items can not only save space, but also save the energy used to take care of these items.

Under normal circumstance

Your home looks like your life. Your desk looks like your work.

Go to the unnecessary material, leaving only items that are really useful for yourself. This is actually saving your own energy and space.

It will also reduce the consumption of excessive items for our energy, and life is easier and more efficient.


Sometimes, we are reluctant to use because it is too valuable. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose because there are too many items.

How to judge whether a thing is valuable?

The book “Minimalism” tells us: judging whether one thing is useful, not how valuable it is, but for you, whether it is useful.


Useful items are valuable.

Even if a piece of item is expensive, it has never been used. It should be discarded for us, and it should be discarded.

The specific execution method can refer to “

Fire after -the -time list

“. You can take out a piece of paper and try to list the list of things you will buy again if the fire occurs. These things are really valuable for you. So, other things, since it is You don’t need it again, then you don’t need it now.

Only by cleaning up useless things can we know what is really useful, can we start a truly simple and happy life.

The wisdom of reasonable use of items is actually the wisdom of life.



Simplify life, let go of invalid social socialization

Social society is simpler, life is more free

In life, many times, we are tired of socializing the social embodiment. Beyond the intense work, you can’t rest well, you must keep dealing with different people, and you cannot be relaxed at all times.

In order to maintain the so -called “social”, we spent a lot of time and energy, and finally found nothing, and we were still tired.

Human energy is limited. The more time to invest in the invalid social network, the delay should be delayed, and the result will not be lost.


Simplifying life, letting go of invalidity is particularly important.


How to distinguish which are invalid socializing

Intersection We can

Ask yourself the following questions

■ Is this social activity helping work and life?


■ Will this social activity bring you negative energy?

■ Is this social activity practical significance?

The social interaction worthy of maintenance must be helpful to you, can bring you positive energy, and make you feel relaxed

Good connections are not pursuing, but attractive. Only the equivalent exchange can get reasonable help.

Although cruel, this is the truth.

Just like the widely circulated story: you cut firewood, he was let go of sheep, you talked to him for a day, his sheep was full, what about your firewood?

Give up useless social, give yourself more time, read more books, and improve yourself. When you are excellent enough, the world can be wider

4. It only takes three steps to develop a good habit of living habits

So, how to develop a habit?

First of all, we need to understand how the habits are born?

The book “The Power of Habits” tells us that it is essentially inertia, a strong tendency to continue to do what you have done. Studies have shown that if you can adhere to a certain behavior for about 18 months, you will form a strong tendency that is almost always done.

The habit is driven by the base core at the bottom of the brain, which is a golf -size tissue. The base nucleus controls our behavior and runs through instinct.

Habits can allow your brain to enter the “automatic navigation mode”. In terms of neuroscience, you can let the base core take over control from the cerebral cortex so that you can execute it without thinking.

After you understand how the habits are generated, we will

Use the three -step method in the best -selling book “The Power of Habits” to practice and develop habits

The first step is to give a signal.

Use a signal to tell your brain into the automatic running mode and which habit to use. For example, we can tell the brain, let go of the habit of complexity and face, and learn to make simple choices.

The second step is to form a routine.

This kind of routine “can be physical, psychological or emotional. For example, we can remind ourselves that all face will only bring confusion, and finally more and more anxious. Grasp the key points, only choose the most important thing at the moment, the simplest use of the simplest, the simplest use of the simplest thing, the simplest use of the simplest use Methods.

We can use some simpler and effective methods, such as setting goals, planning, and focusing on beforehand. In this way, we will be more targeted in the process of doing things and high efficiency.

The third step is the reward.

Psychologists have verified that as long as the corresponding incentives and rewards are designed, people will take action according to your expectations.

This can help your brain to find whether this specific circuit is “worthy of retention and preparing”.

Repeated practice

This circuit can be strengthened until it gradually becomes an automatic response.


The principle of “Okham Razor” is “cut off the cumbersome burden and keep things simple.”

How to practice the principle of “Okham Razor”:

2. The goal is clear and simplified the existing items.

3. Simplify life and let go of invalid social networking


If it is not necessary, don’t increase the entity












1. If there is no need, do not buy extra items.


4. It only takes three steps to develop a good habit of living habits

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